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Short Hairstyles For Round Face

heeqeuriheeqeuri 말레이시아Posts: 346Member


any ideas? T__T
so im thinking of cutting my hair short.
but i don't know what kind of hairstyles suits me.
i mean the more modern hairstyle which teens would have.
because when i searched about short hairstyle for round face it's all
for the adults.not my cup of tea. XD
my hair is curly.but not like instant noodles or's kind of wavy.but bad at explaining.
but it's my natural hair. i keep it long all this while.
my mom suggest me to rebonding my hair and i agree.XD
but today is christmas sooo all shop are closed.

last month my hair was like loong.
but then i chopped it.
so it's shoulder length.
on tuesday i went to a barber.
and she cut my hair more short.
but it's layered.short layered hair. image
but i want a short hair.likeeee.. lee yeon hee.
but w/o the straight bang.
omg im soo bad at explaining.

so please if help me. T_______T
and if anyone have pictures to share of short hair for round faces.
the teens style,or more like asian style. XD
i don't care if it's curly or straight.coz i'll do rebonding to my hair.

KYAAA sorry for the bad english.
ahaha XD


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