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[drama 2009] The City Hall 시티홀



  • epycepyc Posts: 179Member
    edited July 2009
    The joy overflowing this borad is overwhelming... it just shows what a super drama City Hall is. We have a good two months of emotional roller coaster and I am so thankful for travelling this amazing journey here with all City Hallers. It is really some journey that I won't forget.

    Dear Alodia, please accept my sincere heartfelt thanks for your unfailing devotion to KSA which we benefit greatly as CH fans. As someone said already, this is the most well-managed and -organised thread. All City Hallers please take note: Page 1 of this thread is really a huge treasure trove that we all owe Alodia. I am sure we will catch up again at the next KSA project.

    Thanks to Maplephin. You always make my day when a new episode comes out. I won't go to bed until after reading your summary. Hope you are fully recovered now (and we all missed you last week). I greatly appreciate your summary tonight which is exceptionally well-written for an exceptional episode!

    Then there are the resident-City hallers since almost day one whose goodies and posts make this thread a haven: Luv, Saturn, Mead33, mzpakipot, angie_2006, cutiepie, rambutan, Otimelost, etee7114, gracie14, szeying89, saranghae<3, michellephan, cleown, sueyip, bujhitapexoxa89, aRt&musiC<3, gwerty u, yum-O, janegph, ebrigid, frae , and ... jastinel, I feel the KSA love everytime I read your post. She is very lucky to have as a devoted fan as you. And kdramafanusa thanks for your up-to-date rating reports. Sorry to others if I have missed your names. You all make this a very special thread!

    I have to say City Hall among drama fans did not have a smooth ride. It was written off quite early on by several popular Kdrama blogs (most unfortunately due to the scriptwriter/PD combo for their previous Lovers series). The pick up rate among netizens was slow in the early days. However, a great drama speaks for itself. And with the City Hallers' relentless efforts in spreading CH love, we celebrate the ending tonight with almost 130 live soompiers at 250 pages. It is fantastic to see so many new City Hallers joining us in the last few weeks making discussion of this drama even more livelier. I have no doubt CH will like other 'trendy drama' classics, eg MNIKSS, Coffee Prince, will keep on enticing new fans in the years to come.

    No, I am not saying goodbye. There are still so many CH things to do, watching the sub tomorrow, re-watching the drama over the weekend, reading the re-caps in the weeks to come, and waiting for the new KSA and CSW projects. (I have a pile of CSW movies to follow up too.) Goodnight for now image
  • cutiepiecutiepie Posts: 2,562Member


    seems like everyone is happy with ending, can't wait to watch the last 2 eps image

    20090702 sketch vods



    source: SBS

    there are 2 more but won't be able to upload them til tonight
  • giunggiung madrid (greatest dream)Posts: 1,040Member


    edited July 2009
    I can still remember her face when i watched MNKSS here image

    Go Hyun Jung Kim Sun AH and Lee Seo Jin
    mystery 4ever. in my heart ...
  • sueyipsueyip Posts: 3,591Member


    Anyone knows who sang Moon River? Got a funny feeling that's
    Suna who sang that. Sounds like her voice. While walking back
    towards her house, she sang a few lines of the song she performed
    with an old guy (Suna played the piano too for that performance)
    in 2005.
  • michellephanmichellephan Melbourne,VIC AustraliaPosts: 589Member
    don't want City Hall end like that i want it long and long like never end up image
    How sad...but thank for all goodies,screan caps, summary and lovely comments of u guys
    also wanna thank PD Shin nad scripwriter Kim with the wonderful drama especialy
    2 briliiant actors. image.

    I really love the endding first time i didn't understand but after think about that
    i know they don't know each other when they talked on the phone but MR still cried
    when she heard the words from JG,they was born for each other so even they had
    many many problems but at the end they are still together because of DESTINY

    This drama so wonderful and i will believe in DESTINY from now on image

    Finally i can she Suna with wedding gowm my dream came true but i stll want to
    see her with the wedding beside her real husband that woyld be perfect image


    The Special Girl Of My Heart
  • Janie SimplyJanie Simply Posts: 1,516Member


    edited July 2009
    QUOTE (riemha0814 @ Jul 1 2009, 09:11 PM) »

    sorry for quoting the above pic as there is so much to say in this picture sort of like a thousand words image

    the pix reminds me of the setting of "Final Rose Ceremony" image from Bachelor/Bachelorette tv series...
    this one is definitely more romantic as there is this "cloth-line" thingy there as backdrop... I love cloth-line image ... and that reminds me of this vid where mirae was dancing with JG's jacket reminiscing the tango scene or Gumi moment etc or wishing to have another dance with JG again... looks like her wish of dancing has come true in epic 20 image

    the "jacket" dance...

    About the president dancing thingy, we all know the President Ball is a tradition in the States but do they have this practice in Korea presidency as well, just curious...


    just like to use alodia's line ^^ it' FUN to do back reading ^^

    I am enjoying it and discovering so much...such as the term "GUMI" title/couple was originated from mzpakipot image

    QUOTE (mzpakipot @ Apr 30 2009, 09:13 AM) »
    2nd episode is better than the first one...i'm glad they show more GooMi couple. I think it has more dept on what is going with pageant or the political mumbo-jumbo..i wish a nice person will drop by here and do a back from time to time..

    QUOTE (*alodia* @ Apr 30 2009, 07:30 PM) »
    phew! manage to changed all Jo Gooks to Jo Guk

    It should be GuMi couple... since we are trying to change Jo Gook to Jo Guk now. ^^

    oh as for everyone trying to claim Mr. Cha, I think he belongs to no one except this first lady... 'cos she is the one who first introduced Cha to the world us and caused all those sizzling and she is none other than kdramafanusa/Helena, thank you image

    QUOTE (kdramafanusa @ Feb 18 2009, 12:27 AM) »
    ^ He's confirmed.
    Cha Seung-Won & Kim Sun-Ah will lead City Hall. image
    P.S. I'll start a thread for CSW.

    For those who haven't had enough of CSW, visit this thread ^^


    Like everyone I like to thank alodia for the generous job done for this thread.. even though I know you did for KSA sake only image ; I think you must be crowned as the mayor of city hallers here for the superb job. Thanks also to all who contributed as well. Oh, I am at the part of the photobook pages. wow the project is truly a heartfelt one and I am sure it will bring lots of laughters and tears to Kim Suna image


    aigoo, what am I talking about as I haven't even watched the whole series yet... i'm bad, I know, I have the tendency to watch a first epic and then the last epi and then decide if a drama is worth watching... off to watch epi 20 and decide if this drama dvd is a keeper image

    Noticing someone is sneaking in here again even though he mentioned gazillion times he is trying to stay out of this thread image ... Samsooki, just one quick question for you... don't worry it's not a spoiler to you ^^
    Regarding the recapping project, are your team gotta showcase it to us after all 20 episodes are done.. can't you show us the finished product as of now to TEASE us 'cos reading 20 episodes of recapping in one setting is way too long, I mean like reading a noble... post it now please!!!
  • xkikuxkiku Blur&Toot Posts: 307Member
    actually i abit confused about the phone call part between MR and JG in ep20. Why is it shown halfway during their gathering at the fried chicken stall and during toward the ending credit?


  • yum-Oyum-O Inju CityPosts: 197Member
    edited July 2009
    Helloooo.. my dear neighbors… image I just had a chance to get back to my desk and skim through this thread. What’s a crazy day. Wahhh I missed so much goodies, but I’m soo happy to read that everyone satisfies with the ending. image Thank you so much for the recaps, spoilers, tidbits, screen caps, comments and everything and wow 130 active cityhallers!! image I’m so glad we have a happy ending for all characters. Joohwa finally came back to her sense & we all know she will be a cute and funny mom. Omo the kiss of her and Joongdo is a must watch!! I’m glad Gohae finally saved her pride and left Joguk in a classy way. This made me feel bad for verbally abusing her the whole time while watching the ep17-18. (so now we can comfortably discuss the make-up she’s using, right??) image hehe just kidding. Samsooki, you’re genious LOL and epyc, I always love reading your post. Thank you!!

    Suna in the wedding dress?? I think I’m gonna cry when I see the pics. (can’t see it from here) I can’t wait to go home now and watch lovey doovy scenes of my all-time favorite couple, GuMi. I love the writer, Kim, so much. Thank you thank you thank you thank youuuu to the writer, the PD, all City Hall's crews and staffs for placing GuMi, City Hall and Inju city in my heart.

    Love you all and see you later tonight!! image
  • mi23mi23 Posts: 51Member
    edited July 2009
    I can't belive this film ended. OMG. This is the best film, my favourite film. It's very romantic
    I whish they'll have an award. in my opion, they did very good their role. this is the best couple
  • liujadeliujade Posts: 21Member
    The City Hall was a beautiful emotional roller coaster. I'm a little dizzy but I'm getting in line for another ride. Wheee!!!
  • yumei86yumei86 Supporting MC Mong and 1n2d FOREVER!!! Posts: 2,965Member


    I'm in the middle of watching episode 20. OMG i am so sad that this is ending so i dun even dare to press play rite now.
    Thank you so much to every person who share pictures, spoiler and all the goodies of this drama. I really apreaciate it..
    I seriously love this show until i've already rewatch it countless of times including the episode that i've downloded from BON sub.

    thank you so much !!!!going to finish up episode 20 now image
    Lee Seung Gi, Jay Park, 1N2D, Mc Mong, Eun Ji Won, Se7en ----> Airen at heart and Jaywalker in my soul =)
  • etee7114etee7114 Posts: 493Member
    edited July 2009
    Speechless...............for once.

    But got to post this one for laughs!

    QUOTE (mead33 @ Jul 2 2009, 11:10 PM) »
    Did JungDo become the vice mayor?
    Also, did JoGuk buy a bag for MiRae? Was it the basket for putting flowers? BTW, why the basket? is there any special meaning?

    mead33, good question. In Korea, the red basket, that JG put the roses in, is typically carried by rural housewives/wives as a shopping "bag". It didn't hurt that he asked mom to open a flower shop. Or was that part of his plan too? Our JG has a great sense of humor!!

    Gosh! It's 3 am here. I'm still wide awake. Will be back to rave will see the subs fly.
  • liujadeliujade Posts: 21Member
    QUOTE (xkiku @ Jul 2 2009, 11:30 AM) »
    actually i abit confused about the phone call part between MR and JG in ep20. Why is it shown halfway during their gathering at the fried chicken stall and during toward the ending credit?

    The first phone call was a flashback from Jung Do's pov. So I think all we get to see is JG's end of the conversation. The ending credit phone call would be I think the writers way of tying up loose end. There were a few post back that speculated that JG knew SM before he really met her. Our it's just the writers way of telling us these two were meant to be.
  • GuMiGuMi Inju CityPosts: 80Member
    edited July 2009
    A beautiful & fulfilling ending to an amazing drama! The scriptwriter surprised us all even on the last episode is such an amazing way image

    Its the first time I am really going to miss a drama and wish for more. Next Wednesday isnt going to be the same.
    Cant wait till the DVD comes out.

    Im addicted to KSA& CSW. Best on screen couple I ever saw in any K-drama
  • langdon813langdon813 Posts: 19Member


    I couldn't wait any longer so I watched the unsubbed version of Ep 20, and even though I couldn't understand it all, it was absolute perfection nonetheless. I'm still wiping the tears away as I type this! I can't wait to watch it again (and again and again)! I SO wish I'd been in this with all of you from the beginning because I have really enjoyed hanging out here the past few days seeing what everyone has to say. I know there are still many many hours yet to be spent here because none of us want to let go of these fantastic characters.

    You guys are the best, thanks for such a great site, especially this wonderful City Hall thread!

  • icesirenicesiren Posts: 599Member


    edited July 2009
    QUOTE (GuMi @ Jul 2 2009, 03:04 PM) »
    Im addicted to KSA& CSW. Best on screen couple I ever saw in any K-drama

    no kidding! in terms of raw chemistry, they are definitely up there on my list, on par with (or perhaps even better than) Jang Dong Gun and Chaerim from All About Eve. =)
  • qwerty_uqwerty_u Posts: 426Member
    edited July 2009
    i'm still cloud 9 withdrawal right now..i couldn't believe this drama ended today with such happiness! I will never forget this drama, GuMi FOREVER lives in my heart! Wishing to find someone like Joguk in real life. Guk! Joguk, Guk, Jo Gukie!! Where are you Gukie of my life?!?! image image

    QUOTE (liujade @ Jul 3 2009, 03:41 AM) »
    The City Hall was a beautiful emotional roller coaster. I'm a little dizzy but I'm getting in line for another ride. Wheee!!!

    I enjoyed the ride and i will keep coming back for more!
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  • BoltsBolts Posts: 96Member


    edited July 2009
    Beautiful ending. Perfect in every way.

    Currently depressed, though. Nothing to look forward to next week image
  • see-Tsee-T Posts: 226Member was the perfect ending..all in one..flashback and future..suna n csw are really loving couple..i cant imagine how his wife reactc to their romantic scenes..especially with the bts-passionate
  • qwerty_uqwerty_u Posts: 426Member
    image image no wedding rings on their hands??????? did the PD missed that part?? the ending was so cuteeeee!!!!!! image image
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