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How Do You Keep Your Knee High Socks From Falling Down?

For people that wear knee high socks:
I wear knee high socks when its like freezing but then every few seconds it starts falling down and I have to pull them up
apparently one of friends when she wears socks with boots it falls down too

Is there any way of stopping this?
cuz when i have gym and when my socks fall down, it looks like a bundle of saggy cloth on top on my foot or something


  • anjuu62anjuu62 Posts: 803Member
    Daiso has double sided sock tape, I think.

  • mopwnsmopwns Mrs. 용준형 HyukJae's bed.Posts: 1,073Member


    Honestly, all you need is a good pair,
    I wore knee highs for five years for school
    and I had like a trillion pairs
    and I had bad pairs and good pairs.

    Just find a good pair that is stretchy, and not...uh...not-stretchy.
    check out

  • AestasAestas Posts: 2,282Member
    you could try sock glue. i bought mine in japan though. maybe search on ebay?

    i've also heard of using Sock garters. saw them on the Sock Dreams website.
  • ParappaRappaParappaRappa You gotta believe! Posts: 1,836Member


    some of the ones i buy fall down

    some dont

    i guess u have to be lucky or kno where the good ones are XD
  • a o i c h a n a o ia o i c h a n a o i ? ? ? HawaiiPosts: 458Member
    Mine's don't fall down but like all
    the other people can try
    japanese sock glue products.
  • xo_unknown_xoxo_unknown_xo Posts: 261Member
    it depends on the type of socks. usually when i buy the sock, it would be to i have to shrink it by using hot water. you could try that..adding hot water to the top of the socks so its smaller.
  • CaramelSweetieCaramelSweetie PFTTTTTTTT yeah vancouverPosts: 4,357Member


    maybe they're too big for you? or the elastic is loose.
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  • flyxme.flyxme. ???????? Posts: 6,750Member


    maybe you should buy new ones
    that are tight but stretchy..
    or buy sock glue/tape lol

  • orgasmiq.orgasmiq. & maybe you're all that i need. Posts: 356Member
    Sock glue is good.
    If you can't find any, jst use plain glue sticks. Like, not the runny kind o_o .. the more solid ones? Haha, yeah.
    The kind that we have in primary school in Aus xP
  • fiery_rayefiery_raye Neverland <3Posts: 980Member
    i've got some . haven't had the
    chance to wear them yet since
    it's too cold haha . but when i
    wore thigh high socks i noticed
    that if i put lotion before hand
    they stay haha . but that means
    reapplying . so i'm not sure . i
    guess you can try that double
    tape thing someone else had
    mentioned .
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  • skyline_7skyline_7 CanadaPosts: 289Member
    sock glues? i use them for my school uniform =]
    dont know where to get them outside of asia though, sry =[
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  • understanding_fictionunderstanding_fiction gweechanist seoulPosts: 4,102Member
    Sock glue and/or sock tape.
    Huh. None of mine slip down. Some sock sellers sell ones where the top part of the sock is pretty tight, so that it doesn't slip down.
    Overknee socks should also slip down less than knee high.
  • JazzyMinaJazzyMina *~ JaZzi Lee ~* THE U.KPosts: 1,144Member
    Well i wear like skin tights under neath the knee socks so it stays up but yeh XD

    ~ Mina ~
  • joychin89joychin89 <3 <3 <3 EarthPosts: 3,973Member
    The japanese high school girls uses the socks glue to make sure their super loose socks stay.
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  • NoobCakezNoobCakez MelbournePosts: 355Member


    the old fashioned way..
    garters!! ahhaha jksjks.

    sock glue/tape. image
    it's cheap image
    It's not worth waiting for.
  • dolcedor.dolcedor. Posts: 2,626Member


    - Get socks that have some spandex in them.
    - Fold over the top a few times, that might bind the socks to your legs better.
    - Wear boots that fit more snuggly. Try thicker socks?
  • vip_gdvip_gd Forever VIP HKPosts: 11,243Member


    edited December 2008
    mines don't ..
    it's secure and not too stretchy
    i just pull ..
    i hate wearing skirts to school everyday .. *sigh*
    my thighs feel like a block of ice
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