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Cute Things To Do For Your Boyfriend!



  • litoxshortaiilitoxshortaii Posts: 2,783Friend of Soompi
    edited December 2009
    Not sure if these would be considered "cute", but I love surprises and surprising my boyfriend although they're usually not big things. Some of the things I've done:

    decorated his room with balloons and cut outs saying "happy birthday" on his birthday
    I told him I was jetlagged after my 2 month trip to China and wasn't sure if I'd be able to come over the next day to see him. Then I went over before he got off from work and surprised him
    similarly, I told him I wouldn't be able to come over that day and then go over to his apartment and cook him dinner when he would come home from work late
    brought him takeout on other days he'd be working late
    planned a day trip to NYC to watch a Broadway show cause he likes watching musicals and plays
    took care of him when he was sick by bringing him soup, water, tissues and whatever else he needed
    wrote little notes on post-its and stuck them around his room

    He's also surprised me on our anniversaries. I was driving somewhere for dinner on our 6 month when he received a text from his boss saying that there was an emergency at work and he had to go there. I was kinda peeved but we went there and it turned out that there was no emergency at all and he just wanted to surprise me on the place where we were going. His work place is by the harbor and he took me to a restaurant which had a gorgeous view of the water. I was in between touched and mad at him because I really was worried that there was something wrong at his work place image

    For our 8 month, he got tickets to a museum exhibition I had really wanted to go to. (: Before we started going out when we were still getting to know each other, we'd talk for hours and he would draw beautiful designs on my hands and arms (he's really good at drawing and photography) and make stories out of them. We would walk around by the river and talk until 1 AM even though it was freezing cold.

    I did more of the cutesy stuff for my ex: folded 1013 stars (for our anniversary October 13) with a note inside the jar, baked him cookies for Valentine's Day, made him a scrapbook, a trainset with his name and our anniversary number... a lotta stuff that had to do with our anniversary haha. I also got him a hockey jersey for a Swedish team he had been wanting and was hard to find, and hockey game tickets for Christmas.
  • angelteukangelteuk (?? Posts: 444Member
    I planned this on his 21th birthday.

    Since it was his 21th birthday, i wanted to give him 21 random things. Like my used hanjie book, eraser, socks and so on lol but he spoiled it. image Instead, he went here in our country to spend his birthday lol I was the one who got surprised instead.
  • sussus AussiE lANdPosts: 3,213Member
    hehe my bfs like a lil babi.. i do everything for him.. kinda find it cute cos he plays along LOL
  • simpleteasimpletea Posts: 347Member
    My bf told me he appreciates the little stuff the most so maybe the same will go for you guys and your s/o?
    He kept complaining about how he couldn't play trauma center on his ds properly because he needs a new screen cover. Next trip back home, I bought him a new cover. His keychain broke so I bought him two new ones. He made a passing comment about wanting something online so I ordered it for him.
  • binwoo XDbinwoo XD Posts: 11Member
    We're in the stage where we told each other we like each other, but aren't bf/gf

    but, something i do everyday is

    I write him one letter a day. Just a full page hand written letter about how my day is, how i feel, the little details about me, him, us etc etc. He seems to like it so far and I actually look forward to writing to him everyday (:
  • LiandonLiandon Posts: 357Member


    I'd buy one of those disposable cameras, and go all around the city for the whole day taking pictures with him.
    We'd be explorers! :]
  • AMIbunnyAMIbunny Whee! Bay Area.Posts: 4,547Friend of Soompi
    gosh All the ideas sound so cute and creative to me. But If i actually did this for my boyfriend.... he'd be like "WTH" or probably ignore it... or probably wouldn't appreciate it... image

    I find it hard to impress him these days.... (we've been together for 2 1/2 years)

    Some cute things you girls can do is make food! All guys love food image
  • NANI*NANI* Love Life VAPosts: 2,476Friend of Soompi
    I made my boyfriend a black pillow that I sewed together and stuffed with pillow stuffing. Then I sketched out the logo for Venom (his fav. character...don't ask, lol) on felt and glued it on the middle of the pillow. I also glued felt on the bottom, "<3 Monica"
  • michikosashimimichikosashimi o.o &#9829;Posts: 2,701Member
    what cute things can you do for your someone if you're in an LDR?
    MAC, Dior, NYX, Skin 79
  • lienleelienlee Posts: 1,217Member


    edited November 2010
    michikosashimi wrote on 01 November 2010 - 10:45 AM:

    what cute things can you do for your someone if you're in an LDR?

    A video of your day. Vlog tongue.gif
    or video message

  • blahdeeblahdee 신화 창조 Posts: 1,277Friend of Soompi


    edited November 2010
    I get to visit him once a month (his school is 2.5 hours away from mine), and this coming weekend, I got someone to take my friday work shift so I could surprise him and tell him that I was visiting on thursday instead of the usual friday~~ :D (when i told him, he was ecstatic~ he still is~~) hahaha xD

    And he likes it when i wake him up with a kiss on the cheek~ ^^;; and we're both graphic designers (he has a love for Helvetica) haha so i'm gonna buy a helvetica t-shirt to surprise him~ xD

    But he is too adorable~ our favorite food is Khao Poon and today he asked his mom to teach him so he could cook it for me this weekend~ x3 i love him <3 hahaha

    -- my gifts are small compared to his orz TT__TT
    --please check it out~~ =]
  • JJ no BakaJJ no Baka BLOWFISHIES! BAY AREAAPosts: 2,509Member
    My boyfriend's mouse broke, so I bought one and overnight shipped it to him. Does that count? :P
  • goldenflowgoldenflow Posts: 41Member
    today it's my birthday, and last night when I woke up in middle of night, I saw " I <3 U" glowed in the dark in our room wall..

    my hubby made it while I was sleeping.. :wub:

    and now I am waiting for his next surprises..

    I'll tell you later..
  • NANI*NANI* Love Life VAPosts: 2,476Friend of Soompi
    I'd thought I'd bump this thread with new ideas....

    My bf and I go to the same university, so while I spotted his car in the parking lot. I wrote a quick note and taped it to his car. That way, when he's on his way out of school, he'll see the note I left him :)
  • MOOVERDOSEMOOVERDOSE I'm usually sane. Beautiful British ColumbiaPosts: 9,916Member


    edited April 2011
    michikosashimi wrote on 01 November 2010 - 07:45 AM:

    what cute things can you do for your someone if you're in an LDR?

    I don't know if you're familiar with 'message in a pill', but spinning off that idea, I used to hand write my boyfriend letters daily or whenever I missed him. When I complied a huge archive of letters, I sent them to him and told him to read them slowly whenever he missed me.

    A little tedious, but I'm sure he'd enjoy them. :)

  • sussus AussiE lANdPosts: 3,213Member
    umm i always bake him cookies n sweets ... he doesnt realli like cakes but he still eats them for me :P
    i like making things for him... photo collages, made a scrap book for our 1 year... i draw his fav anime series..

    my bfs not realli lovi dovi.. so wen he does like small lil things it realli means a lot to me

    he would randomly text me like 3 am in the morning tellin me he misses me
    or randomli call me late at nite just to talk to me (note we never talk on the fone.. maybe like twice a month~) lol

    or he would randomly Face book me... leave me nice comments

    umm he once bought me this elephant toy cos i thought it was cute..came in like 4 colours...
    the next day he bought me the rest of them n sat them on his bed haha so cute

    he folded me origami flowers!!! made the whole plant n all n put it in a pot plant lol
  • deathsuxdeathsux Posts: 104Member
    I like to mush the palm of my hand into his face and also buy him chocolate bars and pepsi max' when he's gloomy.
  • RekidaiRekidai Ritsuka Fan ? CanadaPosts: 2,288Member


    haha first time made something for once instead of buying :) for my crush; im waiting for him to ask me~ we have a date coming up soon and he alwaysssss makes me want to do things I never thought of doing
    -:) he was sad so i made him a heart and wrote a really personal message about how he makes me feel and some of the conversation we had that makes me smile :) and made him smile :)
    -we cam almost everyday; so whenever hes not smiling i like to make faces at him :) always make him smile and call me a dork~ hehe
    -every morning i txt him in the morning first :) cause he once told me he would never txt me first cause he knows i sleep late and need my sleep and doesn't want me to get mad and wake up to his txt hahaha~
    -he likes it mushy sometimes every time i tell him something mushy at the right time he always tells me he wants to om nom nom me, i usually tell him i miss you if i haven't seen him for awhile :(

    for my recent ex:
    -made dinner; not very happy about it always said its so western
    i think thats all i've done for him; i always buy him stuff when he's sad and he never made me feel like i should do stuff for him.
  • yukinohanayukinohana Posts: 1,181Member


    edited April 2011
    I vacuumed the apartment, washed the dishes, cleaned the trash, organized everything.
    My boyfriend didnt just think it was cute, he thought it was AWESOME
    too bad he doesnt know its his turn next.
  • pakbomipakbomi Posts: 27Member
    Jar full of Origami stars :)
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