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Are You A Tomboy?

~*suiyuk*~~*suiyuk*~ Posts: 43Member
edited December 2008 in beauty & fashion
why? .. since when? ..
So are you a tomboy? ...

Why.. what made you turn into a tomboy? ...
Have u ever been mistaken as a boy?
How tomboy-ish are you?
what will make u turn girly? .. (feel free to post pic of before and after image)
When did you change back to being girl?

sorry if this thread was made already!



  • PoooBearPoooBear 'Super, Team. Poppin', Magic' guide to excellent adventure!Posts: 1,715Member
    edited October 2008
    When I was a kid.
    My mom gave me one of those bowl asian boy hair cut image
    (it seems like that's all little asian kids have though LOL)
    and I wore boy clothes cause I hated wearing dresses >.<
    except when I went to school wearing skirts because of uniform (when I was a kid, back in Asia).
    I seriously looked like a little boy.

    but now I'm all girlified image

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  • WildSevenGirlWildSevenGirl Wild Seven Girl Bayside, Queens, NY. Five Boroughs FTW.Posts: 1,217Member
    edited November 2008
    Lol I've been a tomboy and still am, since kindergarten.
    >_> I've hated pink and girliness for a LONG time.
    xD I have more guy friends than girls.

    I'm SLIGHTLY girlier now; occasional eyeliner, wearing a dress/skirt once a year (LOL), and have some girl clothes now (I have a crap load of t-shirts. xD)

    Still hate pink, super-girliness, skirts and all that though. xD

    Oh and I can't screech. xD

    I also act like a guy a lot. >D
    School has begun.
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  • adorablepanda29adorablepanda29 Posts: 15Member
    I don't look like a guy, but my attitude is so similar to all of my guy friends that they don't have a second thought when telling about stuff that they wouldn't normally tell girls. I guess that I also don't dress very girly. My wardrobe is mainly "find whatever and put it on."

    I guess that my "tomboy"- ness is my personality image
    All you need is love <3
  • NamineNamine chu chu kya kya ? Posts: 4,534Member


    edited October 2008
    i think a while back , i had short hair ....
    but i've always been a tomboy personality, its' just half of who i am
    i'm not polite, i dont want to cross my legs politely, i don't want to sit proper, etc, i speak like a sailor, etc.
    i have a lot of character trraits thats are more manly hahaha!

    just because i like makeup, and girly stuff, doesnt mean i am girly girl you know ?

    why ? idk
    i've gotten along better with boys as a kid
  • poop!poop! Posts: 1,121Member


    edited October 2008
    I used to be a tomboy a while back...

    Why.. what made you turn into a tomboy? well, I've always hung out with boys and rarely any girls so yea...
    Have u ever been mistaken as a boy? Yup, back when I used to cross-dress
    How tomboy-ish are you? I was tomboyish to the pint that I actually wanted to be a boy
    what will make u turn girly? I'm girly now...never thought why I became grily...hmm...
    When did you change back to being girl? I guess when I got prettier since I was butt ugly back then...I should post my pictures in the ugly duckling thread...
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  • CitrusFlowerCitrusFlower land of sweet berryPosts: 5,971Member
    QUOTE (PoooBear @ Oct 30 2008, 06:45 PM) »
    When I was a kid.
    My mom gave me one of those bowl asian boy hair cut image
    (it seems like that's all little asian kids have though LOL)
    and I wore boy clothes cause I hated wearing dresses >.<
    except when I went to school wearing skirts because of uniform (when I was a kid, back in Asia).
    I seriously looked like a little boy.

    but now I'm all girlified image

    haha me too. People use to think I was a boy. I remember when they were giving out gifts I got an action figure when the girls were suppose to get barbie dolls image
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  • celine&amp;#33;celine&#33; MTLPosts: 646Member
    used to be! back when i was a lil kid
    id throw the biggest tantrums when my mom made me wear dresses
    " Sometimes you gotta go through the pain to experience the joy. "
  • slynnslynn Washington statePosts: 429Member
    edited October 2008
    So are you a tomboy? ... Not anymore.

    Why.. what made you turn into a tomboy? ... I don't know. It started when I was in 1st grade, when my mom would dress me up in girly outfits and I'd stuff my brother's clothes in my backpack and change once I got to school. Puberty was hard for me, too. I had a bunch of guy friends, and watching my body change was really uncomfortable and made them uncomfortable too. so I tried to hide it and became more boyish.
    Have u ever been mistaken as a boy? Yes, a few times last year at work. Really humiliating. :/
    How tomboy-ish are you? I love sports and prefer having guy friends. I don't play aggressive sports anymore - like football when I was younger, and I don't skateboard anymore.
    what will make u turn girly? .. Changing my entire wardrobe and just putting effort into how I look every day has changed me back into a 'girl.' Not wearing sloppy clothes and not tying my hair back in a ponytail, and not wearing a hat has also helped.
    When did you change back to being girl? This summer. It took a lot of effort.
  • W0nderB0yUlzzang:]W0nderB0yUlzzang:] ? Sleepy Prince? in your D R E A M SPosts: 345Member
    edited October 2008
    Yeah I've Been A Tomboy Since I Was Little Except Now I Look A Little More Like A Girl.
    I'm Not Really Sure. I Was A Pretty Sensitive And Shy Kidd Before U Know, The All Around Sweet Girl. But Then When I Moved To America, Kidds At School Started To Abuse My Kindness And I Would Cry Often Since Words Hurt The Most. It Seems Like No One Liked Me Just Cause I Was Genuinely Nice :/ I Got Tired Of Being The Nice Girl And Began Developing A New Tough Cold And Boyish Personality And Stopped Letting People Pushing Me Around. And For Some Reason This Made More People Attracted To Me Even When If I Was Being An bubble gum O___O
    I Always Got Along With Boys More Too. I Didn't Really Like Dressing Up All Girly-Girl As A Toddler Too. :]
    Yeah...And I Got Hit On And Checked Out By Some Girls Too .___. *shudder*
    I Was So Tomboyish That I Really Wanted To Be A Guy Since They Don't Have...That Time Of The Month >___>
    Since I Got Into Highschool I Kinda Like Styling My Hair Since I Experimented My Hair A Little (It Seems Like Always Do Something Crazy With My Hair Now Just Like A Japanese Teen XD) And I Started To Get Interested In Guys (Took Me Til Last Year Til They Finally Caught My Attention! )
    In The Middle Of Freshman Year, This Year. Main Reason Is Cause My Mom Won't Let Me Buy Any Guys Clothes Anymore I Was Forced!! Stupid Aeropostale! It's Not My Style Dammit TTATT

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  • MoNkEyMoNkEyMoNkEyMoNkEy HP Comes out July 09! Los Angeles, CaliforniaPosts: 757Member
    edited October 2008
    I had the boy cut when I was little thanks to my cousin.
    We were playing hair salon and I copped off a little piece of her hair, while she copped off my whole left side.

    hahah, I have my hair back now =DD my hair is all the way down the to my stomach. But I dress more like a boy.
    I wear mostly guy shirts with skinny jeans and sneakers, I love styles like that.

    Why.. what made you turn into a tomboy?
    My cousin
    Have u ever been mistaken as a boy? Yes, even when I was wearing a dress.
    How tomboy-ish are you? Not that much. Just with the clothes
    what will make u turn girly? Shoess! Can't have enough!
    When did you change back to being girl? when I was 10, my mom told me to stop acting like a boy and start becoming a woman.
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  • 09080908 No longer active Posts: 1,397Member
    edited August 2009
  • RaixRaix AustraliaPosts: 3,692Member


    edited October 2008
    So are you a tomboy? Kind of.

    Why.. what made you turn into a tomboy?
    I dunno, I find guys' stuff cooler than girls' AHAHAHA Clothing wise, I don't buy guys' clothes or anything, but none of my clothes are really girly. I love having short guyish hair too <3 I don't take care of my appearance that much so it's so much easier for me.

    Have u ever been mistaken as a boy? Yes image Even my friends did. Well, they'd mistake a guy for being me. Mainly cause of my hair xD

    How tomboy-ish are you? I'm like a guy in the sense that I'm really immature sometimes. I'm also really awkward x_x But I'm not even like a tomboy in the cool ways. I'm just messy and loud image I suck at gaming and sport rawr. And I can't hit. xDDD I love talking to guys more than girls though. Cause you just talk about random general things and it's just fun. I hate skirts. But it's not really cause I don't want to wear them. I can't image I LOVE collared shirts, same with baggy shirts =) I can't be bothered with make up. And my only obsession with my looks is my hair. Which is such a guy thing ^^; I do love accessories, when I can be bothered wearing them.

    what will make u turn girly? If my body magically changes.

    When did you change back to being girl? I haven't yet AHAHAHA This question's funny =)
  • eximiuseximius ,??:*:??'? [ VIP ] Posts: 1,419Member
    edited October 2008
    My parents divorced and I've lived with my dad and older brother my entire life (but with my mom for one year).
    I was never able to get along with other girls (I'm still not able to... I have only one girl friend who I've never gotten irritated with), so majority of my friends were guys.

    I've been mistaken for a guy many times. :\ I had to meet them in a park once and while I was walking towards them, they were all staring at me like O___O "Oh god. Who the hell is that? Why is he walking towards us?" Apparently they thought I was a gay guy (tight jeans). ):

    How tomboy? Hm.. I absolutely LOATH shopping, heels, dresses, shorts, skirts (basically anything that goes above my ankles), halter tops, tube tops, etc. And I love love love love video games. ):

    What would make me girly? I've recently started doing my nails with my friend. I've began to enjoy buying jewelry and accessories (that's the only kind of shopping I'm okay with doing).

    I'm still not totally girly, I'm pretty in between. *Shrug*
  • HeroineHeroine Posts: 2,835Member


    I was in elementary, the only thing i remember was that i used to think pink was gay

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  • jaekajaeka y u m e ! Posts: 2,142Member
    edited October 2008
    Why.. what made you turn into a tomboy? ...
    I really don't know. Grew up as an only child, got on better with the boys. :3
    Have u ever been mistaken as a boy?
    Funny story, WHEN I WAS BORN... the doctor announced me as a BABY BOY WTF. D< But was like "OH IT'S A GIRL." Wth.
    How tomboy-ish are you?
    Still a tomboy at heart but I'm a tad bit more girly these days.
    what will make u turn girly? ..
    What made me more girly, we'll say. Getting a boyfriend. D8
    When did you change back to being girl?
    Just recently, tbh. Been with my boyfriend 2 years back but dunno, growing up now~
  • joychin89joychin89 <3 <3 <3 EarthPosts: 3,973Member
    No,i was never a far as i can remember but i do know when i was younger,2 person thought i was a guy O-o. I wonder why
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  • babeyelmobabeyelmo Minnesota, U.S.A.Posts: 530Member


    i use to be a real tomboy when i was in grade school and middle
    then 8thgrade hygiene came, and i started to like this one boy..hahaa..but now i am starting to be a little tomboy again..i was never really girly but now i can wear skirts and not be soo awkward(still dont very like it though) but wear other girly stuff..
    iback guess i just liked to play alot and wrestle with the little boys..haha i hang out with most of the boys in grade schooll..then middle school..i hated to wear skirt felt like i couldn't do anything..and i am a person
    who can't stand around not doing anything i always have to move around..haha/....
    i was mistaken as a boy once but my far distance uncle he saw me and i yelled outto my brother and he was like "who is this boy?" haha it was kind of embarrassing..>_<....
    i can't escape my past but i can change my future
  • lyn-zlyn-z AustraliaPosts: 191Member
    hahaha, well just the other night one of my guy friends told me that I'm just "a really cool guy, with long hair"
    So I guess my personality/humor is relatively guy-ish, but not how I look.
    Credit: Anita
  • stupid_nerd89stupid_nerd89 Posts: 97Member
    I have long hair...But growing up with 2 brothers! Seriously, obviously I'll turn tomboy. Hahaha....

    I'm really weird. I just feel disgusted when I see super girly girls.
  • rnb.edge_rnb.edge_ MelbournePosts: 108Member
    ...arent tomboys also classified as lesbians? Im not saying i think that, but thats what ive been told o.O
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