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How To Stretch Sweaters/sweatshirts After Being Dryed In Dryer.

dulcedelechexdulcedelechex Posts: 156Member
edited October 2008 in beauty & fashion
I borrowed a friend's zipup sweater after homecoming and I had it in my room.
But my mom washed it & put it in the dryer without asking me.
(My friend had asked me not to put it in the dryer cus he didn't want it to shrink.)
Is there a way I can stretch it back out?
Maybe wear it? (Its a guy's sweatshirt so me wearing it, isn't gonna make it any bigger. Hahah.)
I'm scared he'll show up one day asking for it back. Hahaha. :/


  • shl979shl979 the soompi monster nycPosts: 394Member
    I would like to know myself. The damn cloth shrinks but the zipper doesn't, so it looks a little weird. But that's what we get for putting it on high. Tumble dry low is the way to go.
  • tofuxxtofuxx brooklynPosts: 1,408Member
    idk what kind of sweater this is. but for wool.. i got this from google:
  • nicorobinnicorobin New YorkPosts: 147Member
    If the sweater is wool, I suggest washing it in cold water, press (do not wring) out the excess water and press a hot iron on it as you reshape the sweater.

    Wool fibers when magnified resemble fish scales or shingles on a roof. When heated, they shrink up under each other causing your clothing to shrink. However, once wet, the fibers will become elastic again.

    Water will weaken the bond of wool, so carefully coax the sweater back into it's original state - in particular around the zipper area where is it probably most obvious and press the iron on to set the shape.

    Good luck.
    "When I get sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead. True story."
  • smartypantalonsmartypantalon New JerseyPosts: 380Member
    Oh that just recently happened to one of my new cardigans.
    What I did was after washing it, while it was still wet, I stretched it out myself... like literally pulling the arms and fabric in all sorts directions... then I stuck it in the dryer on the lowest heat setting.

    Hope you can stretch out the sweater so that your friend won't find out image
  • lovesicleslovesicles Posts: 2,825Member
    uhmm, i don't think it's reversible.
    did the material around the zipper shrink so the zipper part looks weird?

    maybe you should buy him another hoodie. .-.
    or help him pay for another.. idk.
    oh hi.
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