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When You Say You Do An All-nighter, Till What Time Do You Mean?



  • ticateeticatee Posts: 211Member
    dam i hate all nighters, it's like i can be sleeping at this hour, so why do i do this to myself!?!?! when i pull an all nighter, i try to sneak in 3 hrs of sleep ahahah my classes this semester starts at 8 -__-; so ehh not much sleep. and it sucks because you feel so drained, especially when you're involved in other activities. it makes me dislike school even more.
  • xweirdoxweirdo Posts: 16Member
    An all-nighter for me is when I get no sleep. Staying up to finish an essay or cramming for an exam. XD.
  • marasshimarasshi :D Posts: 3,310Member


    My friends and I tried to pull an all-nighter for our Math finals in freshman year but ended up falling asleep hugging soda bottles (caffeine!). I can't remember pulling any all-nighters recently. I get so tired from the commute (2-4 hours daily, that's to and from school) that I just collapse on the bed before dinner.
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  • xthefirstxthefirst Posts: 413Member
    edited November 2008
    the best was no sleep at all.
    tonight's going to be an all-nighter, what a coincidence! image i've have a paper, a journal on The Prince, and a test on 3 subjects all by tomorrow. also, some more college app stuff to do... >.<
    on the bright side, it doesn't affect me so much in class. image or hasn't, yet..
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  • Uchiha_HaiUchiha_Hai Posts: 233Member
    I've done it so much I'm pretty much pro at it now. And I don't even do the Red Bull method. Straight discipline baby.
  • x3illesttttx3illestttt Posts: 7Member
    when i say allnighter, i mean allnighter. as in i don't sleep that night.
    but thats only cuz i'm a partial insomniac, so i can do these things.
    but a lotta times, i end up sleeping at like.. 4 or 5..
  • PANDAx3PANDAx3 LALAland.Posts: 39Member
    All-nighter is for desperate people like me - who couldn't finish assignments in time / cramming for exams. image Normally I stay up all night when I'm doing my assignments but during exams period, I do sleep for an hour (to absorb the info) - or I don't sleep at all if I couldn't finish.
  • YoohooYoohoo MarsPosts: 975Member
    I'm doing an all nighter right now...It's 7 AM and I've got to head to work in about an hour...

    - Teacher resigned

    - Got a new one

    - New one through our old grades away and school Dean approved

    - New one is crazy and wants 4 page single spaced paper e-mail to her by Monday (Today) Assignment was given on Friday.
  • YoungNSexyYoungNSexy USAPosts: 9Member
    9 o clock in the morning would be the proper definition of an all nighter, but even if i work til 5 in the morning i'd call it an all nighter.
  • emceejemceej beach, californiaPosts: 6,429Friend of Soompi


    edited November 2008
    i only did all nighters during the summer. which is sooo far away from now @_@
    i tried doing it on a school day but i FAILZ. i tried staying up but i ended sleeping at like 2 am.
    then i almost fell asleep in biology. i did have my head down in all classes though.
    but all nighters to me is staying up the whole day with no sleep.
  • lemon1accwlemon1accw Posts: 18Member
    For papers I'm willing to stay up for 24 hours if I need to.

    For exams, all nighters are a BIG FAT NO. Your brain needs to rest in order to process and store what you're trying to learn. The latest would be 11PM for exams because even when my classes are at 12pm or later, I want to always wake up at 9AM ish. Studying in the morning after a good night's sleep is effective for me.
  • BabiebimBabiebim Posts: 341Member
    wen i say all nighters i literally mean no sleep at all. (like 2 days with no night)
    i did that three times in one week last year and passed out T.T
    so yea. i'm limiting my nighters to max twice a month now.

    it's so sad T.T i'm literally sleeping four hours on average... ok. back to the god damn essay.
  • Maddie0407Maddie0407 TexasPosts: 799Member
    edited November 2008
    I haven't pulled an all-nighter yet, and I'm not planning to! I did that before for a science project competition, and boy that was awful. I went for like...24 hours? without sleep.
    I can be a huge procrastinator when it comes to papers, or projects but somehow I work better under pressure. That's a bad habit, I know. image The latest that I've stayed up ever since entering college was like 1:30am. O.o But like, I'm making some improvements with the whole procrastinating thing, so no more all-nighters for me. :]
  • dori doridori dori Posts: 884Member


    it's when i stay up studying
    and then i pack my stuff that i was studying into my backpack and leave for class in the am.

  • sircesirce Posts: 498Member
    Ughh.. I think I will have to do one again today, I'm soooooooooo tired. I procrastinated so much I cannot even do breaks likes these... MUST STOP READING SOOMPI... argh!!
  • creaturedreamscreaturedreams Member Posts: 3,588Member
    When i say i'll do an all-nighter i only mean upto around 2-3am?
    Stranded in New York.
  • dokkaebidokkaebi U.S.APosts: 99Member
    All-nighters mean no sleep all night. Possibly for two or three nights. I think my personal record is 60 hours without any sleep--I was drinking enough coffee and energy drinks and popping enough No-Doz to kill a horse. Also, I started hallucinating by the end of it. XP And then I had to detox offa caffeine during winter break, and it was awful--chills, fever, nausea, pounding headache for 36 hours. I gave myself insomnia. I've had friends develop mono by not sleeping enough. DON'T DO IT, KIDS. YOU'LL HATE THE WORLD. Cut back the partying and give yourself enough time to do your stinking homework, then getcher butts to bed!
  • motheritriedmotheritried Everyday I'm hustlin' TorontoPosts: 240Member
    edited November 2008
    It's come to the point where all nighters are the only way I get work done. I put my work off until the night before it's due and bang that izz out. It works for me and I get pretty good grades. Even in university. S'not so hard. Uhmm, but I'd probably start a little earlier if a paper is supposed to be 15 pages long.
    It's just the radio.
  • Booger FaceBooger Face processed cheese. NorCalPosts: 2,895Friend of Soompi


    QUOTE (DCalypso @ Oct 28 2008, 10:00 PM) »
    I used to be GREAT @ pulling all-nighters (meaning less than 1.5 hours of sleep or none) in high school.
    But ever since college, I can't seem to do them (and get super screwed).
    My friends' are like this too and they say that "we're getting old". image I guess that true.

    Yeah, me too but it's because I have a job.

    When I do allnighters, it's usually for papers and art hwk.
  • mo.NeMo81mo.NeMo81 Posts: 356Member
    uhh maybe 3 or 4am the lastest. yea i suck, but i dont think i can be a zombie for an exam.

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