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How To Protect Hair From Wind?

._.._. Posts: 107Banned
how do you protect your hair from messing up completely in even the slightest wind? or just a slight breeze?

i hate having to use gel/wax all the time since my hair doesn't really require it and sometimes i feel lazy but if i don't, my hair gets ruined the first step i take outside

the weird thing is, i was at my friend's house early morning and he just took a shower, brushed his hair, dried it, and his hair was fine the whole day, barely moved at all

my hair goes all over the place and sometimes even poofs up
what the hell??

anyone know why?


  • YiennyYienny Squidwards Betch <3 In your toilet :)Posts: 215Member
    Try using an umbrella to block the wind image. Or just use stronger hair spray
  • breathenonstopbreathenonstop Posts: 301Member
    >_<; on windy days I just go with wavy hair down so I don't have to worry about things falling out of place =/ I find that if the winds too strong, product does nothing for me x_x
  • helloseanhellosean Vegas, NVPosts: 37Member
    i use hairspray/wax/mousse and my hair still flys everywhere
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 0


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  • chitahchitah USAPosts: 2,281Member
    i'm assuming ur a guy? i didnt think guys had that problem! and does it really matter. girls thinks its hotter for guys to have messy hair anyways xD. but i would use more wax and hairspray and gel! everything that claims to hold ur hair lol
  • crashedanncrashedann AustraliaPosts: 146Member
    You could just tie up your hair image
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  • Milk 'N' CookiesMilk 'N' Cookies idunno Posts: 117Member
    edited October 2008
    Omg the wind pisses me off too, I just use a stranger to block me MUAHAHA
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  • qkrcjdflaqkrcjdfla 26976837 CaliforniaPosts: 1,430Member
    use more wax/gel/hair spray? I don't know, I have this problem too...
  • PogichinoyPogichinoy I &#9829; SydneyPosts: 7,272Member


    The wind is my mortal enemy. *shakes fist*

    Try hair spray, or hide behind a big person.
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  • pheonabee.pheonabee. NY ~*Posts: 79Member
    I loved my hair the other day and the wind blew like crazy attacking my hair.
    poor hair .. ;[
  • lisalalisala Posts: 58Member
    QUOTE (Pogichinoy @ Oct 2 2008, 10:13 AM) »
    The wind is my mortal enemy. *shakes fist*

    Try hair spray, or hide behind a big person.

    HAHAHAH how many times i've literally shaken my fist at wind. image I always give up fixing my fringe and keeping my hair out of my face..which is why I end I look like something out of 'the ring' image

    I also didn't know that happened to guys (assuming you're a guy).
    Hair gum/wax/cement whichever you prefer really does help, but as i have really long hair it takes forever to do because i only want it in the roots
    and yes, some people really do just naturally have wind resistant hair image damn them.
  • WhatevaWhateva BostonPosts: 1,015Member


    Hehe, poofy hair. Use a meatshield... image or... Use some Hair Wax.


  • lovemelody.lovemelody. &#9733; East SeaPosts: 4,394Friend of Soompi


    i have this problem too T-T
    i usually just hold my hair down since i dont like using hairspray/gel/wax
  • Tinaaaa_xTinaaaa_x Roar. Fear me. Vancouver&lt;3Posts: 66Member

    Assuming you're a guy;
    Use strong hairspray,
    or if you like wax, try Gatsby?

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  • NoogenNoogen AustraliaPosts: 26Member

    It will look the same image .
  • KAITOU KID.KAITOU KID. ZERO REQUIEM. MelbournePosts: 1,810Member
    Walk backwards!

    Well, it's like impossible to protect yourself from wind-attacks T_T
    But try to minimise the damage XD. I usually angle my face away from the wind, to whichever way most of my hair goes so at least most of the shape is kept.
    + you can usually fix it up slightly later, if you already have wax in your hair (provided you have a somewhat already messy style, i suppose)
  • o1honeyo1honey TorontoPosts: 2,146Member
    use a hat (y) lol

    i actually don't know.. usually a hat works for me.. but then i get hat dents =(

    umbrella might work too ^^;;
  • Atmosphere.Atmosphere. RELAX. SEATTLEPosts: 12,656Member
    QUOTE (micki @ Oct 1 2008, 04:00 PM) »
    hold ur hair down when the wind blows so it doesnt go outta place!

    Hold the hair down, I think that will mess the hair a bit o.o;;
    Unless if this hair is short, then yeah tying would be good image
    But if it was long, then it will mess up the hair while walking in the wind 0.0
    Cause I tried that before, I looked like someone beat the crap out of me >__<
  • musicsmylifemusicsmylife 714Posts: 1,387Member


    i hate the wind too
    it's like akldjfkl arg. my hair goes everywhere
    and before when i used to wear lip gloss my hair wud get onto my lips.

    but yeaa hairspray i guess
    iono cant really get away from the wind.
  • twig*startwig*star Posts: 480Member
    his hair might be more oily than yours so is weighed down?

    try using a serum. it gives shine but your hair can still move? otherwise i use abit of moisturiser ......

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