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[Drama 2012] Fashion King 패션왕

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[SBS] Yoo Ah In, Shin Se Kyung, Lee Je Hoon, Yuri
littlepig310 wrote on 08 April 2012 - 12:25 AM:

Can anyone tell me what exactly are the quotes that Jang il hung on in front of his desk? and Sun woo mentioned the quotes in the scene of drunken fight between these two men?  thx.

[IMG]http://i43.Richard Simmons/2eziez5.jpg[/IMG]
Fashion King 패션왕
Title: Fashion King / Paeseon Wang / 패션왕
Episodes: TBA
Broadcast Network: SBS
Broadcast Period: March 19th, 2012
Air Time: Monday & Tuesday 21:55KST
Replaced: History of the Salaryman
Official Website: SBS
PD: Lee Myung Woo
Scriptwriter: Lee Sun Mi & Kim Ki Ho

Fashion King tells the story of a young man who makes it big in the fashion industry. Young Kyul (Yoo Ah In) begins his career as a poor, aspiring designer in the streets of Dongdaemun. Shin Se Kyung will play his female counterpart Ka Young. Fashion King will focus on the youths’ experiences of challenges, success, love, and desire.
Provided by hotshotlover30, modified by me.

[IMG]http://i44.Richard Simmons/ycjzl.jpg[/IMG]
Yoo Ah In (Kang Young Gul)
A male in his late 20′s who has never had real goals, or dreamt of a bright future. He let others walk all over him his entire life, and only prayed that he would never cause any harm to hinderance to anyone. In a world where he was told that having a vision for life was foolish, he meets a woman who inspires him to run towards his dreams.

[IMG]http://i43.Richard Simmons/6ifhhe.jpg[/IMG]
Shin Se Kyung (Lee Ga Young)
A woman in her early 20′s who although lived a difficult life but never gave up on hope of better days. She was determined that she too, would one day become a designer just like her mother. One fateful day she meets a new man, and the two of them seek out to fulfill their dreams together.

[IMG]http://i44.Richard Simmons/20qmjuq.jpg[/IMG]
Lee Je Hoon (Jung Jae Hyuk)
A male in his late 20′s. He has always had it all, and never felt like he was missing anything in life. That is, until he meets a girl that gives him something to live for.

[IMG]http://i39.Richard Simmons/10rl7b5.jpg[/IMG]
Kwon Yuri (Choi Anna)
A girl in her early 20′s who looks perfectly polished on the outside, but deep inside, desperately longs for companionship. She worked so hard to appear confident, and developed a thick skin in order to endure her life that is full of pain and heartache. But now, she’s ready to stop pretending.
Character descriptions provided by leesa86 @ allkpop, posted by dalin

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[Morning Wide] Fashion King Lee Jaehoon scenes shooting in NY
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Girls’ Generation’s Yuri & Lee Je Hoon start filming ‘Fashion King’ in NYC
Behind the Scene Video of the Cast in NY
Fashion King Teaser & Behind the Scene Video
Yuri's Work Ethic Praised by "Fashion King" Director
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Girls’ Generation Yuri’s fanclub treats entire “Fashion King” staff to lunch
Yoo Ah In Takes His Shirt Off for "Fashion King" Every Episode!
Girls’ Generation′s Yuri Gives Fan a Memorable Autograph

Episode 01
  • AGB Nielsen Korea
  • Nationwide: 10.0%
  • Seoul: 11.0%
  • TNS Media Korea
  • Nationwide: 12.4%
  • Seoul: 14.8%

Episode 02
  • AGB Nielsen Korea
  • Nationwide: 8.9%
  • Seoul: 9.5%
  • TNS Media Korea
  • Nationwide: 11.5%
  • Seoul: 13.5%


  • hye091hye091 HOTTEST ♥ Posts: 2,161Member


    edited September 2008
    Hi huangsy, thanks for starting the thread!! i have been waiting for someone to create it! image

    It seems that KBS is airing it..

    cant wait for Han Chae Young'return!!

    News in chinese:
    -semi hiatus-
  • huangsyhuangsy Posts: 5,758Member


    News video clips .. later
  • ZealousyZealousy Edmonton, CanadaPosts: 273Member
    Definitely going to watch this one.
    Han Chae Young has returned! XD

  • huangsyhuangsy Posts: 5,758Member


    Press Conference pics .. later
  • inezinez The Castle Of ZoltarPosts: 5,302Friend of Soompi


    Yayy!..Cha Seung Won!..about time he'd be in a drama!! Cool ladies too, fashionistas!
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  • xjennyxjenny Posts: 269Member
    han chae young image looking forward to see her acting again
  • sayroosayroo HARU2SUBS YURILANDIA!Posts: 3,599Friend of Soompi


    waa! HOPE the CAST could be INTERESTING! image
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  • smiley6yrlsmiley6yrl Posts: 356Member
    any news or update about this series? is it still going to air in Nov? So are all the casts confirmed? who's taking over the female lead?
    Special Thanks to fansubbers for the eng-subs & the ladies @ for direct links!
  • renjitehsmexrenjitehsmex aw man. SingaporePosts: 1,628Member
    so is this drama going anywhere now?

  • DemenDemen VietnamPosts: 585Member


    how about Cha Seung Won's new movie w/ Song Yun Ah? Will he surely join?
  • huangsyhuangsy Posts: 5,758Member


    edited February 2009
    Geez, Cha Seung Won replaced Ryu Si Won in City Hall and then Ryu Si Won announced he would act in another drama called "Style".
    Is it the same as this Fashion King ? Then would be like the 2 actors switched drama !!!!
  • kdramafanusakdramafanusa Posts: 10,043Friend of Soompi


    edited February 2009
    QUOTE (huangsy @ Feb 19 2009, 06:06 PM) »
    Geez, Cha Seung Won replaced Ryu Si Won in City Hall and then Ryu Si Won announced he would act in another drama called "Style".
    Is it the same as this Fashion King ? Then would be like the 2 actors switched drama !!!!

    Style and Fashion King are 2 different dramas.
    It seems like Fashion King won't happen any time soon....

  • riehaeriehae Pearl Sapphire BluePosts: 10,369Member


    Fashion King has quite a lot of casting problems.
    Hopefully, this drama will really happen.
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  • dalindalin Posts: 84Member
    edited December 2011
    In the past few days more news about the new cast of "Fashion King" has been reported and I thought I would update this thread since the drama will finally air in March 2012 on SBS. Here's are some of the casting news Soompi has posted on their page...

    Yoo Ah In to Return to the Small Screen through New Drama "Fashion King"   


    "Wandeugi" star Yoo Ah In is making his comeback to the small screen through a new SBS drama called "Fashion King." Yoo  Ah In has been confirmed for the male lead in "Fashion King," which  will start airing March of next year. Sources from the "Fashion King"  say that the drama will succeed "Salaryman Chohanji." 

    Yoo Ah In has seen big success through his film, "Wandeugi," which  hit five million viewers in the box office. He also gained popularity  through "Sungkyunkwan Scandal" two years ago. He will  once again show off his free and individual charm in this new drama. As  he is one of the few actors in their twenties to have both the acting  skills and the potential of great success, Yoo Ah In is already  receiving many proposals for other dramas and movies beside "Fashion  King."

    "Fashion King" is written by Lee Sun Mi, whose previous works include "Love In Your Arms," "Star In My Heart," "What Happened In Bali," "Super Rookie," and more. Currently, Shin Se Kyung is a strong candidate for the female role.

    SNSD's Yuri in Casting Discussion for New Drama "Fashion King"    


    SNSD's Yuri will be the third member of SNSD to embark on an acting career, as she's finalizing her contract for the upcoming SBS drama, "Fashion King!" 

    Yuri recently received a love call for the leading role of the drama,  which is scheduled to begin airing this coming March. The finer details  are being worked out, but the contract will be signed and preparations  for her first filming are expected to be completed by the end of this month. 

    "Fashion King" tells the story of a a young man that finds success in  the fashion industry from rags to riches, having started his career  with bare hands in the streets of Dongdaemun. The leading male role is  played by Yoo Ah In, while Shin Se Kyung is also in discussion as a strong candidate for the second lead role. 

    For a while now, Yuri has been the #1 most sought after star for  dramas but kept them at bay for her other activities, keeping her acting  to a minimum in music videos and sitcom cameos. 

    "I saw her acting through tears in a music video, and realized that  she has skills worthy enough to be put on set immediately. I believe she  is capable of acting the emotions of characters in their teens and even  20's," the producer stated.
  • vena.cavavena.cava Posts: 88Member


    so any news of cha seung won in this drama?
    honestly, he would be the only reason I would be watching this

    Grant even a monster a tiny firefly of love.
  • dalindalin Posts: 84Member
    edited December 2011
    @vena.cava: Cha Seung Won won't be in this drama. It's an all new cast with Yoo Ah In, Shin Se Kyung, and now the confirmed news of SNSD Yuri officially joining the cast.

    Yuri's Role in the Drama 'Fashion King' confirmed  (and First Script Reading With the Cast)


    On December 24th, the first meeting between the stars and staff of  “Fashion King” took place at the SBS Ilsan Production Center for the  script reading of the drama. Yuri, who will be playing the role of Anna, arrived at the SBS Ilsan  Production Center as soon as she returned from Japan. On this day she  joined Yoo Ah-in, who will be playing the role of Young Geol, Shin  Sekyung, playing Ga Young, and Lee Jaehoon, who will be playing Jae  Hyuk. Twenty other actors were also present.

    Lee Myungwoo PD was also at the reading along with writers Lee Sunmi  and Kim Kiho, who worked together on the drama “What Happened in Bali”,  as well as Choi Moonsuk CP.

    The other twenty actors conducted the reading as if they were  actually acting the scene, showing their enthusiasm for “Fashion King”.  Like the unique drama title, the script cover itself captured people’s  attention.
    “Fashion King” will be about youth running towards tomorrow and the  world, experiencing challenges and success, love and desire. However, it  will tell the life of humanity, of learning the obsession of love and  endless desires.

    Original article: http://sports.donga....1227/42894389/2
  • mhelzmhelz Posts: 265Member


    edited December 2011
  • leslie_leileslie_lei blue bracelet...lucky charm Posts: 5,898Friend of Soompi


    I cant w/ YOO AH IN!!!! so darn handsome heool


    we have SNSD's Yuri so i trust the subs will be fast EEEEK haha i cant wait for this drama..♥
    pink sarang
  • dalindalin Posts: 84Member
    Woohoo, nice to see other people joining me in this thread and great to see the mod updating Fashion King's new info in the subject title and in the first post. ^_^ It now feels this thread will get more traffic now that things are starting to get rolling.

    Can't wait to discuss more about this drama with everyone.

    I read on soshified that Yoo Ah-In's manager posted (at An-In's fancafe) that the drama will begin shooting Jan. 3 and they will be shooting in New York in February.
  • heartleaf88heartleaf88 Posts: 2New Member
    Hurray!!! Looks like the storyline would be good considering Yoo Ah In accepted it.

    Is Yoo Ah In an SNSD fanboy? I wonder....
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