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Do You Get An Upset Stomach Upon Eating Breakfast?

Rin<3Rin<3 Posts: 2,304Friend of Soompi


I want to eat breakfast every morning so that I could function well in school but I have a hard time making myself eat breakfast because I get an upset stomach whenever I do eat breakfast. But when I don't eat breakfast, there are times when my stomach growls during first period...and I know that it's not even healthy to skip breakfast in the first place. It causes me to take in about two meals a day, which I don't think is giving me enough nutrition to pass through the day. Is there anyone else with this problem? How do you cope? Do you just skip breakfast, or did you manage to find a way around it?


  • pillowisepillowise Posts: 475Member
    I used to not feel hungry at breakfast since my last meal the night before was too late. So when I ate breakfast, I felt like I was stuffing myself, and it didn't feel very good. I'm not sure if that's the same as your upset stomach. But now I eat things with whole grain and protein so I can have dinner early in the day and not eat much of anything else, and as a result, I'm pretty hungry the next morning.
  • pwn5tarpwn5tar Houston, TXPosts: 223Member
    i sometimes happens to me right before i eat breakfast or get out of the shower. i think my stomach hurts in the morning sometimes cuz its hungry
  • heyloveheylove A Peach OrchardPosts: 742Member


    I get an upset stomach too if I eat a decent breakfast (milk + cereal/bread/typical breakfast foods.) I'm not really sure why this happens, I used to be perfectly fine until around 6th or 7th grade. Now, I skip breakfast and bring a Nature Valley Granola bar when I get hungry around 10am. It doesn't bother my stomach as much.
  • kineinkinein single asian and fit ~ weeEeeeEeEe Orange County, LAPosts: 2,056Moderator


    edited September 2008
    I recommend slowly introducing food ~ take it easy. Start with juice or a banana. Maybe 1-2 hard boiled eggs. Take it slow ~ make sure you grab fiber like veggies and fruits between 10am - 3pm to help clear your digestive tract! What you can also do is wake up an hour earlier and go for a walk for an hour or run for 30-40 minutes before eating. The side effect is it will help you burn some body-fat provided you are healthy exercise and eat enough meals a day.

    If that doesn't work try baby food or hmm rice porridge - korean and chinese people have a water rice type of breakfast.. I don't know the right words.

    Soup! kimchi chiggae never made me sick!! or some kalbi-jjim with rice porridge and some pan-chan.
  • cinnamorollcinnamoroll Posts: 731Member
    this might not apply to you, but is it something that you eat for breakfast that makes you feel bad? maybe you are allergic to something? like milk? lactose intolerance? fruit? eggs? soy? etc.

    i ask that in order to make people aware that they could be allergic to something. because in high school, i found out that i get upset stomach if i drank a certain amount of milk. @_@ i'm also allergic to certain fruit @_@

    well i hope you find out how you can eat breakfast without feeling bad afterwards image!!! good luck!
  • smile-jwsmile-jw hiatus. west coast.Posts: 2,145Member
    I always always have a stomachache in the morning T_T Thats why I only eat a few pieces of carrots, or a fruit x_x
  • kawaikisskawaikiss Posts: 727Member
    i know how you feel!!
    im sooooo not a morning person so i can't eat anything before like...10am
    i get a stomachache too!!
    i know it's bad to skip breakfast but i've been skipping breakfast for like...5..ish years (school days)
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  • PDURRRPDURRR a dull boy. Your Wildest Dreams.Posts: 7,610Moderator


    only sometimes when my stomach doesn't like taking milk in the morning heh

    if not i'll take water and a cracker or half a pb&j
  • YumiSnowYumiSnow How come you're reading this? o.O SwedenPosts: 36Member
    I can't eat when I wake up even if I try really hard too. D: My stomach hurts so much and I'd just take a cup of tea or something.
  • JaponesqueJaponesque London @ Posts: 3,513Friend of Soompi


    maybe you should have a light breakfast, and dont eat cold food in the morning...
    maybe you should have some toast

  • Xiaoba1tuXiaoba1tu AustraliaPosts: 4,007Member


    If you drink milk for breakfast then you could be lactose intolerant.
    If it's any kind of food that triggers your upset stomach then I wouldn't know.

    Try some fruit, tuna sandwich or small portion of leftover dinner.
    It's better to eat something.
  • GlitzNGlamGlitzNGlam Posts: 232Member
    Why don't you try to drink Dengjang (fermented soybean) soup for breakfast?

    I rarely eat anything, but dengjang soup gets me throughout the day. Japanese grocery stores should carry portable instant dengjang soup. Of course, the Japanese call it "meeso".

    People often say I remind them of Lee Hyori, hot sexy Korean babe with style and attitude! ;P
  • little mixed girllittle mixed girl little miss trouble west jaPanPosts: 4,604Member, Friend of Soompi
    when i was in hs, class started at 7:40am, so that meant if i was going to eat, i had to eat around 6:30am.
    i ALWAYS got terrible stomachaches in the morning after eating.

    after getting to uni and starting class later, the stomachaches went away.

    i'd suggest just having some OJ or something, and bringing a bagel or something to eat a little later in the morning.
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  • RaixRaix AustraliaPosts: 3,692Member


    Eating breakfast before school makes me sick =( anytime when i have to eat quick and get somewhere makes me sick. i usually have a really small breakfast as a result. When I don't, my stomach growls insanely loud xDD
  • sillymeboysillymeboy Pennsauken, NJPosts: 532Member
    I normally eat very light in the morning so my stomach doesn't hurt. The only thing that ever hurts me is oranage juice for breakfast and sometimes milk.
    . . . . . . . Sillymeboy
  • NineNine Who knows.Posts: 1,867Member


    I always eat a light breakfast before going to school
    and I don't eat sweets early in the morning... I feel all strange after I eat it.

  • yimeeyimee Posts: 82Member
    This always happens, to me. Whenever I eat cereal, anything similar to that.
    I get upset stomachs during school. Dx
  • simply__jsimply__j Posts: 266Member
    yeah, this happened to me too.

    but for some reason, starting this year, my stomach hasnt been hurting anymore image

    i just ate little by little each day, and i guess it worked!
  • iotaiota Posts: 1,081Member
    Start off by eating just a small breakfast?

    Or, it could just be something that you're eating - milk, etc. For myself, eating certain fruits in the morning upsets my stomach.
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  • rufflezzrufflezz i go vroom vroom Posts: 6,735Friend of Soompi
    When you wake up, wait for an hour or so to eat breakfast. Well, that's what I usually do so I don't have any cramps or upset stomachs. If you want, ask your nutritionist about it.
    I'm currently semi hiatus at the moment due to school.
    *still pm me please, although it might take awhile to reply!
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