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Burn On My Foot From Boiling Hot Water X___x''

tinatran_tinatran_ canada! 8DPosts: 4,988Member


detailed description(s) + disturbing pictures!
hello fellow soompier =)

so, last week, while i accidently burned my foot from boiling hot water. how? well, i was steaming my face with this steamer machine my mom bought me. i poured water into it and turned it on then waited for it to boil/steam. after it did, i picked it up and i put my hand over it to check if it wasn't hot enough to burn my face then put it on my binder, which was on top of my bed. then, i leaned over to the other side of my bed to grab my towel. wrong move, i know T__T'' then the next thing i know, the steamer tipped over and all the hot water spilled onto my left foot.

i couldn't feel any pain right after. but at night when i tried sleeping, the pain started kicking in and i couldn't sleep. so i stayed up and asked a friend about her mom's foot cause i knew that her mom burned her foot from boiling water too. she told me that her mom was using an aloe vera gel. then i remembered that my cousin had a burn too, but it was from her curling iron. my cousin used polysporin for her burn.

since i didn't have aloe vera gel or polysporin, i just stayed up all night to do some research while putting an icepack against the burn. the icepack wasn't frozen though; it was cool. from what i found/read, i have a second-degree burn.
QUOTE A Second Degree Burn damages deeper layers of the skin's epidermis, the wetter, softer tissues underneath the first layer, where the nerves are located. Signs of a second degree burn are swelling and blistering, and it can take up to four weeks to heal. Boiling water will produce a second degree burn. Another example is a blister-causing oven burn. Pain will range from very irritating to absolutely unbearable, depending on the size and location of the burn.
source :

well, here are some pictures.
August 23rd, 2008. two days after spilling the water. as you can see, it turned a bit black/grey-ish. and you could also see a blister (that small dot on my foot). i didn't bother popping it cause i was scared.

^ with flash!
August 30th, 2008. so yesterday, i went swimming with some friends. but i didn't swim! i just sat down the whole time my friends were swimming. and my friends did get my foot wet =___='' there was a long, black blister, but i popped it cause i wore runners to do some jogging there (they had a track outside of the building). i didn't get to take a picture of it cause i wasn't actually thinking of posting a forum about this. BUT ANYWHO, the long pink part was where the blister was. it just peeled off last night? by accident though. so i got clean scissors and cut of the part that was peeled off. it looks disgusting, i know. the black dot was where the first blister was (see first picture!) i think it peeled off cause the polysporin moisturized it too much and it got too soft.

SOOOOO, any comments or tips? X_____X'' i'd like my foot to heal as fast as it can cause i'm apparantly going camping in my big brother's backyard tonight. YES, i know it's sad, but at least we're having fun and doing something while summer lasts XD and i'd like it to heal before school starts cause i want to be able to wear runners without getting it infected.

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  • xsilentangelxsilentangel BostonPosts: 6,534Member


    edited August 2008
    I don't think soompi allows specific medical advice to be given to you...
    But since burns are on your feet, you should seek your doctor.

    Do not run water over the your burn because your skin is peeled.
    It can be infected since it is open so cover it with sterile.

    You should keep putting aloe vera cream on it.
    It'll disappear but there will be more peeling.
    After it disappears, remember to put sunblock on your feet everyday for a year (well you should put sunblock on anyways)
  • NineNine Who knows.Posts: 1,867Member


    Aw that sucks and it looks painful. I don't know much about treating a burn... but maybe try putting your leg in cold water for awhile and see what happens? or go buy some cream that'll cool off the burn. Sorry I don't know much about burns. image But I do hope you feel better.

  • lala4everlala4ever Washington, U.S.Posts: 531Member
    that looks serious. you shouldnt even be asking us. go to the doctor NOW before it gets infected...but i do hope it gets better
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  • loveamiiloveamii ASDFJKL; Posts: 1,195Member
    ouch, that looks painful.

    maybe Vaseline will work?
    i know aloe vera is good for burns too
  • ~ BunnyliciouS ~~ BunnyliciouS ~ Mum OregonPosts: 26,456Friend of Soompi


    edited August 2008
    I once burned my thumb from touching a curling iron when it's still very hot
    my skin was peeling like yours, not as bad and big area like yours, but I could see the flesh.
    and other times I burned my elbow from touching the inside part of my oven door.

    I applied Neosporin and I covered it with a bandage. I applied it day and night (before I go to bed) everyday.
    It cured after about 2 weeks, no scar.
    For your case, I think it'd take 3-4 weeks.

  • plumeriasplumerias myao .. ( ???)??? PhiladelphiaPosts: 1,526Friend of Soompi


    edited August 2008
    Awww ow >_< Make sure it doesn't get infected. You should really see a doctor.
    You should buy some aloe vera gel or neosporin for now and cover it with a gauze.
    You told your mom.. right? image
    I hope you feel better!
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  • _*simplicity_*simplicity Posts: 320Member
    edited August 2008
    i'll say that it'll take a while to heal. i'd suggest going to the hospital or a dermatologist to check it up. i had a huge accident where i ended up getting a 3rd degree burn on my arm and it was bad, like.. real bad. so i ended up going to a ER to check up on it and they sent me to a plastic surgeon o_o. i ended up getting prescribed cream and had to bandage my arm for a good... 2-3 weeks? it was to not get it infected and attempt to make it close up. it happened in november of 2006, and i still have something like it. once it closes up though i'd suggest using maderma. it's a clear gel cream that is known for healing scars

    the day i got my burn in nov 2006 after mishandling a baking tray right out of the oven
    after 2ish years , this is how it looks like right now... it's still healing with some scarring

    hopefully yours doesnt turn out like mine, but check up with the doctor and see what he/she can do. good luck!
  • akanesanakanesan wonderlandPosts: 423Member


    ooo ouch!!!
    i had a smaller burn where it peeled and stuff, I used this burn gel to cool it down + neosporin/antibiotic to make it heal faster.

    but yea, definitely apply neosporin or ointment/antibiotic everyday and reapply throughout so that it heals faster and doesn't get infected due to open flesh.
  • SpiritmSpiritm aka. Beth ? ? ? CanadaPosts: 2,188Member


    ok polysporn and a big bandage so it can get all cleaned out!
    DO NOT use hydrogen peroxide because that will hurt like a pinkberry!
    then go to the DOCTORS!

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  • 5imply_5wt5imply_5wt Posts: 3,064Friend of Soompi
    get polysporin antibiotic stuff.. it's really good at healing burns and it minimizes scars.. also you should get it checked out by your family doctor
  • hisharihishari Posts: 1,779Member


    DO NOT get water in there! You could get cellulitis and maybe even septicemia image happened to me, and it was HORRIBLE. My foot got all swollen and I had to go to the ER and the doctor said if I waited longer they would have had to amputate it image

    What they doctor prescribed was this tube of medication (but i'm sure neosporin could work too) and twice a day I had to rinse the wound with this special formulated water like substance. I don't know what it's called in English but I'm sure you can ask a pharmacist. It sort of cleans the wound cause its got minerals and whatnot. And then I had to wash it in iodine then apply meds and bandage it up.

    If it starts to swell and hurt when you walk/touch it, you need to see a doctor asap!

  • lovejyklovejyk Antoine de Saint-Exupéry ParisPosts: 4,582Member
    You need to go out and buy some some aloe vera gel or vitamin E cream.

    You don't want a nasty scar on your foot for the rest of your life right? It's going to be this brown sludge looking scar, and not some really cool looking white scar.
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