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Ear Thumping!

lmnyuta24lmnyuta24 Palatine, IllinoisPosts: 192Member
Please help me!
Hello everyone! Please help me out with something!

About 1 1/2 year ago, I started hearing this mild weird thumping (like a heart beat) inside my right ear. I thought it was because I listened to loud music and it was going to go away but it didn't because slowly, I started hearing it in my left ear as well and even though I haven't listened to loud music, now both my ears are thumping when I lay down faster and louder. It's getting uncomfortable to sleep. Right now, I'm actually starting to get scared.

I'm going to talk to my doctor about this anyways, but it would make me feel a lot better if any of you can share similar experiences or have any advice if you guys suffered this. Also, if you guys did suffer this, is there any cure?

Thank you!



  • CarolBBCarolBB Posts: 314Member
    umm maybe its ur earwax?
    coz i use to have tht problem too?
    and yeahh..
    just try to use umm those ear picking wax thingy o.o
    good luck image
  • AeroliteAerolite SoCalPosts: 768Member
    edited August 2008
    I think I have the same problem in my left ear. I thought it was because when I was younger, I used to go to a lot of concerts, but that doesn't really explain why I don't feel it in my right ear. Nowadays it's usually affected by loud bass, other times at random. I haven't gotten it checked because I've learned to live with it, and whenever I go to the doctor I usually forget to mention it. I *think* my hearing isn't affected, but it just feels...stuffy? Sometimes when I breathe deeply through my nose I can feel the stuffiness even more.

    I thought it was earwax too and I used this earwax cleaning kit (with a syringe) and ended up getting an ear infection which didn't go away for about 3 weeks, so I'd be careful. It wasn't the product itself, but the water didn't drain out properly/enough. No wax came out so I don't think that was the issue.

    I've been trying to research stuff on this for a while and the *only* possibilities I can think of is that I have poor sinus system (I have terrible snoring problems and the symptoms for sleep apnea) and/or due to my jaw. My jaw shifts slightly toward my right side when I open it all the way...So that somehow could possibly affect my left ear.
  • christinethchristineth Lala LandPosts: 116Member
    That happens to me sometimes.... o.o
    Like, in the morning when I just wake up, I turn on the water to brush my teeth or take a shower and my left ear feels like it's throbbing on the inside. It's kind of annoying but I guess I got used to it too...

    I don't listen to loud music or anything, but I think it may have been because of an ear infection when I was younger.
    I've been so busy, and I haven't been able to go on as often as I would like.
    Please don't take me off your pm lists!
  • HarblHarbl Cigarettes for breakfast. YUMMERS. LondonPosts: 1,261Member


    If it sounds like a heartbeat it could be high blood pressure. I know the feeling though and my blood pressure is fine.
  • some kind of therapysome kind of therapy CaliforniaPosts: 214Member
    ooh, i remember that happening once within the past year. The thumping usually happened at night
    but it'd affect my hearing for a small period of time throughout the day. Turns out i had an ear infection
    i think..? i didn't go to the doctors, but my ear was kind of inflamed and it hurt when i touched it.
    It went down after a couple days.. or a week ish..

  • the EELthe EEL Posts: 64Member


    if it happens only when you lay down at night...

    for me this happened to me off and on but got increasingly worse when i got into grad school. i totally googled, "heartbeat sound in ear"but i couldn't find anything that matched and somehow (i don't know how i figured it out, but praise God!) i realized that bc i was stressed i was unconsciously clenching my jaw when i went to sleep. for some reason this caused that weird sound in my ear. once i started consciously unclenching my jaw it stopped image

    so similar to what the other people said, it could be a jaw issue or even high BP issue due to stress?

    i know the feeling of not being able to sleep bc it's annoying. hope you figure out what's wrong! good luck~
  • KristtinaKristtina Posts: 2,034Member
    i think u have aerwax,ive got this problem some time my doctor just poured some water with medicine and the earwax cameout
  • minmookminmook Posts: 175Member
    no worries, you're not going mad or anything. i had that problem when i was younger and was going to an ear specialist. i dont remember why there was this sound but i remember that my hearing was bad because i had really really bad sinus and to translate what the chinese doctor said, there's moisture in my earm, or really deep in my ear. i'm sorry if you dont understand because frankly it doesnt really make sense to me as well. but if there's this thumping, it eerily takes on the tempo of my heartbeat and it comes back sometimes when i've prolonged colds. or when i lie down. but i'm pretty sure a doctor would be able to explain the whole thing to you nicely
  • Kittykitt129Kittykitt129 Somewhere between sanity and JapanPosts: 519Member
    I used to get it with the bass my Bose system had, for no reason at all, because the speaker wasn't near my ear, not even on the same side.
    We got rid of the system, but it was only for a little while that it would do it went away.
    Do you really wanna know?
  • sefuresefure Melbourne, AustraliaPosts: 282Member
    maybe a cockroach crawled in and its playing drums.
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