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♥ Official ♥ Goong Couple - Ju Jihun & Yoon Eunhye



  • ktopiaktopia Posts: 193Member


    This is a pretty couple!  I'm a huge Ju Ji Hoon fan too but I also would like to see Kim Jong Kook and Yoon Eun Hye as a couple! phew.gif
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  • OmggNatOmggNat Posts: 127Member


    Apparently in a recent interview from last month, Eunhye told people her three close male friends and JiHoon was one of them :D
  • OmggNatOmggNat Posts: 127Member


    I really hope people continue to post on here!!
  • pinkmelody10pinkmelody10 Posts: 9Member
    hello everyone....

    It's a good feeling to know that many still love JJH_YEH couple and miss them doing a project together.
    ... and yeah, let's crowd this page again :)
  • OmggNatOmggNat Posts: 127Member


    :D Yes we should. I think they're really cute together but I don't necessarily think they need to date in real life. It's their choice who to date. I just hope they're still good friends.
  • junnnnna.junnnnna. Posts: 47Member


    - I really missed Ju Jihun; & Yoo Eunhye TO G E T H E R .
    - SuJu <3 Hwaiting.

  • OmggNatOmggNat Posts: 127Member


    I think they should do another drama together! That would be so amazing :) When JJH comes back from the military, I really hope they can do a drama together <3
  • [hello123][hello123] &lt;3Posts: 82Member
    my favourite couple of all time. There's not a hero i like acting with yeh after jjh. If only she acts with PYH, that'll make two of my favourite actor acting with my favourite actress.
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  • elizhkaelizhka Posts: 239Member
    hi new here at goong couple thread! :blush:
    just want to share.. :wub:
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  • MarrahJanineMarrahJanine Posts: 55Member
    HI there! im bringing back my addiction to Goong(Princess Hours).... 
    And have fallen in love again with YEH and JJH :)

    -- --
  • sherlyn275sherlyn275 SingaporePosts: 262Member
    im a bit sad nowadays...
    many ppl are shipping our eun hye unnie with kang ji hwan...
    but im still hunhye bias....
    always behind woori goong couple...
    keeping the faith...
  • seoulologyseoulology Posts: 395Member

    2NE1_16_4.gif  ♥
  • pinkmelody10pinkmelody10 Posts: 9Member
    hi everyone...

    i'm sharing this info from other camp. It's about Goong as the most requested K-drama in Japan and be  broadcasted again from June 23rd.

    So happy to know that JJH and YEH collaboration is still loved by many.:wub:

    ...and hey, let's crowd this page again !!
  • vegaspinkvegaspink Posts: 1,870Member


    A little piece of Goong news

    Voting in Japan...Best Korean Drama Couple is GOONG icon_biggrin.gif


    Credit: chichocs of and the YEH Thread @ soompi
    Source: DCEune
  • OmggNatOmggNat Posts: 127Member


    edited July 2011
    My parents are currently watching this drama. i suggested it a while ago but they can't get to it until now. And I'm rewatching it with them ^_^ this gives me joy. But I think I'll go through a depression AGAIN after my parents finish :( I think this is my favorite drama ever. And I have never shipped a couple with so much love for them. I think it'll be forever impossible for me to like YYH or JJH with someone else onscreen more than them together. They look so good together :D And they had really good chemistry too! 

    I am anticipating for JJH's return from the military service. I can't wait till November when he returns. He's so handsome :) I think he's my favorite Korean actor. JJH and Lee Min Ho are the two most good looking Asian actors~ lol I just went all fan girl. Anyway, I'm glad people still post some things here occasionally, to keep this couple alive. I am seriously hoping to see JJH do a drama with YYH again. I think it would be an instant hit. I was just wondering, since JJH signed with Keyeast, is it possible for them to work together in the future again? 

    They didn't give us Goong 2, now they better give us another drama with them in it xD
  • DipyramidalDipyramidal Posts: 804Friend of Soompi
    Guys: What ever happened to Goong 2?
    I hope when JJH gets out of the army, he will be able to act again! I want Goong 2 to be his project; it's so symbolic.
  • OmggNatOmggNat Posts: 127Member


    I don't think I can ever be able to get over this drama (mainly this couple) fully until they give us another Ji Hoon and Eun Hye drama.

    It doesn't have to be Goong 2 exactly (since it's probably not ever gonna happen -- just being realistic).
  • cymerseowcymerseow Posts: 11Member
    me too kinda bring back my addiction watching Goong Palace again....... i really love hem both so much.....i tried liking other screen couples or different pairing for Yeh but still no one can replace Ju ji hun in my heart for Yeh.@rebby really thanks so much for keeping this thread till now......looking forward for Ju on his comeback but wishing them to be real couple someday.....
  • smashingalousmashingalou ♥ Park Min Young ♥ Posts: 955Member


    [font="'Comic Sans MS"]OOh GOONG DAYS!!!! [/font]
    [font="'Comic Sans MS"]
    [font="'Comic Sans MS"]A time when I'm really loving Eun Hye and Ji Hun to the max!!! And the Bears are so cute!!! Miss them and miss the show![/font]
  • vivaciousvixenvivaciousvixen Posts: 873Member


    I just found out recently that these two were initially considered to play the main leads of "Personal Taste" (yes, I know I'm late LOL)! What I wouldn't give to see them together again. I think that Ju Ji Hoon would've really given justice to the role of Jeon Jin Ho (I think Lee Min Ho did an amazing job, yet it would've also been great if it was given to Ji Hoon).

    It's amazing that people still ship this couple despite the fact that Goong ended eons ago. I know how die-hard Eun Hye-Ji Hoon fans feel about being deprived cause I'm in the same boat. I know some of you may feel devastated that Eun Hye is being shipped with other actors. I've been a fan of the Kim Bum-Kim So Eun couple for so long and while there are still many shippers out there, of course shipping them with other actors is inevitable, yet I'm still holding on to them.

    I'm wishing that they'll get to reunite in the future! :wub:
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