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Concentration Pills For Studying?

greenberrygreenberry ChilePosts: 136Member
or any other type of treatment...

I always get tired by the end of the scholar year and that is bad for me cause i can't concentrate myself in classes and my grades go worse...
Last year I had an excellent Final grade till one month before we finish the year...
and in only one month i received very bad grades and all the effort from the beginning went to the trash.
I know that it was because i felt tired and sleepy all day, although i slept enough and had a good breakfast.

So I was wondering...

Does anyone take any pills for concentration?
Which one? (scientific name)

Or do you do any special thing like exercises for your concentration?

Tell Us!!




  • proFRESHional.proFRESHional. BAY AREAPosts: 1,349Member
    hmm i dont take pills. but im just curious
    when you say concentration pills.. do u mean like steroids? O_o
  • NinsharkNinshark I like crabs Posts: 1,751Member


    If you have trouble w/ concentration, you're just uninterested and it's just about useless to study under that condition; still better than nothing though- unless you build stress while studying 'cause you know you studied badly. No one, not even Asian parents can really force you to do something boring. One thing that could help is to take those breaks when you need them, which may seem like all the time. And studying late at night is probably better, with absolutely no drive to go do other "fun" activities (vid. games, exercise, practice something, draw, w/e...) as I've found- the key to that is just stay awake and yeah, automatic better concentration than during the daytime.
  • sillymeboysillymeboy Pennsauken, NJPosts: 532Member
    Try those six hour or five hour energy drinks. They make you focus better and are especially goods for days that you have to cram
    . . . . . . . Sillymeboy
  • swagarinaswagarina what it do baby boo ❤ Posts: 1,114Friend of Soompi
    edited July 2008
    I take concerta 18mg i think. it's prescribed though..

    maybe you need to try different studying methods? ><
  • greenberrygreenberry ChilePosts: 136Member
    edited July 2008

    QUOTE (EckoHeart* @ Jul 21 2008, 02:19 AM) »
    hmm i dont take pills. but im just curious
    when you say concentration pills.. do u mean like steroids? O_o

    no! hahah

    i mean something a lil bit weaker like something that stimulates the central nervous system? (i dunno how it's called in english)
  • kineinkinein single asian and fit ~ weeEeeeEeEe Orange County, LAPosts: 2,056Moderator


    QUOTE (EckoHeart* @ Jul 21 2008, 01:19 AM) »
    hmm i dont take pills. but im just curious
    when you say concentration pills.. do u mean like steroids? O_o

    Steroids do not boost concentration!
  • 1love1love CaliforniaPosts: 1,062Member
    edited July 2008
    Find someone with A.D.D (Attention Deficit Disorder) and ask them to give you a Ritalin pill or Adderall pill or whatever drug he/she is taking. You'd be concentrating in no time.
  • liveandlaughliveandlaugh Posts: 62Member
    ohhh centrum performance helps alot. haha it has like vitamin b, ginkgo, and ginseng yeppp. you can go to the centrum website.
  • SubwaysSubways olivejuice TorontoPosts: 422Member
    Theres riddlin which is proven to work, obviously. But for a more healthier and non-prescribed choice a lot of people I've heard recommend fish oil tablets, which is really really good for your health and everything to begin with and it also boosts concentration, I my cousin takes it and he says it helps him concentrate a lot, its just like taking supplements too which wouldn't hurt the average person in regular doses.
    eat fresh.

  • JnnJnn The only thing constant in life is change. CananananadaPosts: 5,013Member
    edited July 2008
    i know in china they have pills to help but i was never sure if it was just a con to get money off asian parents. since i myself am interested in these too i have done some research that i'll share.


    my compiled research: please GO TO THE SITE, i am not responsible for anything you choose to take.


    "Centrum Performance is designed to help sustain vitality and may help maintain concentration and short-term memory to help you perform at your best, everyday."

    HOWEVER-in the reviews side effects people experienced included headaches and fatique.


    "Improve your focus
    Improve concentration and memory
    Stay alert
    Reduce performance anxiety "

    **NOTE** that website is a ADHD info and medication based site but the medications are "natural, unprescribed rememdies".


    "Calms hyperactive children
    Improves concentration so kids can focus
    Reduces impulsive, attention-seeking and erratic behavior
    Alleviates behavioral problems, particularly in a social environments
    Reduces involuntary twitching, spasms or noises (all ages) "

    Also on the ADHD site.


    "improve your memory, mood, concentration and cognitive processes"
  • misturrhomisturrho Fremont, BAY AREAPosts: 482Member
    concentration drugs are prescribed and do not take them from someone who ACTUALLY needs it, if you don't need it and you're takin it, it will screw up your brain/kill you cus you don't need that chemical. if you really think you need it, go see a psychologist and see if they say you need it.
  • proFRESHional.proFRESHional. BAY AREAPosts: 1,349Member
    QUOTE (kinein @ Jul 21 2008, 10:08 AM) »
    Steroids do not boost concentration!

    well why do tv shows say that it does? LOL >__<
  • momoko*momoko* bayAREA.Posts: 621Member
    pills are so bad.
    drink a red bull instead

    creds; smileysomsx & spark.

  • StealthGnomeStealthGnome Gnomes CaliforniaPosts: 689Member
    Taking other peoples prescription is asking for trouble.

    Man up and study.

  • chromeheartschromehearts Posts: 1,373Friend of Soompi
    edited July 2008
    steroids for the mind?
    is that considered cheating?

    i mean we aren't talking about children's vitamins here
    you want performance enhancing drugs

    get checked out for ADHD

    or some salmon pills cause i heard omega 3 does some crap to help people think faster
  • SubwaysSubways olivejuice TorontoPosts: 422Member
    QUOTE (momoko* @ Jul 21 2008, 02:29 PM) »
    pills are so bad.
    drink a red bull instead

    Energy drinks are horrible too =P
    eat fresh.

  • Sam SikSam Sik Seomate CanadaPosts: 2,207Member
    Drink orange juice. It's considered to be brain juice! I always have it before a test and it helps if I studied well enough. Try that out.

    Don't drink energy drinks. Or at the very least, don't use it before the test day. Energy drinks always make me tired >_>

  • SophiaSanSophiaSan Autobots SeattlePosts: 4,541Friend of Soompi
    edited July 2008
    ^ oh yeah last year our APUSH teacher told us that those who drank Orange Juice before taking the SATs had higher scores than those who did not.
    hmm some other brain foods: peanuts and bananas. image

    hmm idk.
    maybe take a break and do some stretching exercises?
    drink water and pee ahahah that always refreshes me xD
  • MelitusMelitus A+ canadaPosts: 2,081Member
    energy drinks was necessarily when I have a final approaching. Like you I cannot concentrate, i get dizzy and sleepy.
    However with the help of energy drinks I was more "alive". If you want some tips for doing oral presentation, i take about 2 shot of vodka.
    This i the ease myself and calm myself down. Mixed both and you will get wild.
    se sono rose fioriranno
  • aiwaeaiwae TorontoPosts: 320Member
    in grade 12, my friend and i bought some good old caffeine pills. i also think you should stick it through and don't use pills. those particular caffeine pills worked for keeping me alert, but made me a little sick.
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