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Which Asian Nationality Have Natural Double Eyelids Without Surgery



  • lilbaby06lilbaby06 Posts: 18Member
    edited June 2011
    monkeyshinobi wrote on 10 June 2011 - 11:52 PM:

    Well every asian nationality has people with natural double eyelids and people with monolids. But I think some asian nationalities have more people with natural double lids. It seems like east asians have more people with monolids, while more southeast asians have more double lids. Idk why that is, but i've noticed it.

    For me I know a bunch of Thai people with natural double-eyelids. I am actually one of them lol XD My mom, aunt, my whole family basically has double eyelids. My cousin's is strange, lol she has one monolid and one double eyelid, it's just so weird. She's partially chinese, her grandmother is chinese. So like 25% idk

    I agree with your post, it does seem that South East Asian are more likely to have double eyelid, while East Asian are less likely to have double eyelids. As for China it is a huge country that is a mix of different people from different background so the proportion of double-lid and single-lid is harder to tell, unless we break it up into smaller region to consider . There is always exception to the rule so you will meet people who don't have the trait or have the trait even though they are from that region. Genetics and climate is usually the reason for a specific trait being more dominant. I have live in Japan for a year, in South Korea for 4 months, and in Vietnam for 1 month. I am Vietnamese so I do know quite a lot about Vietnamese people even if I didn't stay there for a long time. I also live in an area where I do encounter quite a bit of Asian so I base it off of what I have seen. I don't think there is anything wrong with having a double lid or a single lid therefore when I am commenting whether one country is more prone to having a double lid or single lid it is neither meant to be bad or good.
  • hellokatie1618hellokatie1618 MinnesotaPosts: 447Member


    edited June 2011
    I'm Laotian and have double lids, and a lot of the Laotian people I know have them if their family is more from the deep south versus near the border of China.
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  • dorkheaddorkhead Posts: 167Member
    Most of my gf are all asian (chinese, viet, tai) and have double eyelids. only 1 girl fakes her double eyelids with her eyelashes. Perhaps it may change through generations living in different parts, like lactose intolerance xD? I do noticed guys having more monolids! Girls dont use eyetape here.

    Amongst friends me and my sis have the most defined double eyelids inherited from our grandma...she had those kind of eyes that the skin goes inwards below the brow and lays ontop of your eyeball...very deep arcade-arch i think? Now we have double eyelids, but after our 4th year our innercorners changed as if we had major magic epi done o.o
    These were our eyes as babies and it not really changed xD! But whenever i gain weight the fat under my brows will bulge and hoot my lids a lil :(. Due to our eyes and other facial features we are often thought of being mixed, i often draw winged lines to look more asian Even when visiting friends in china daddy is always asked if he is our stephdad xD
  • adiavoyadiavoy Posts: 2,281Member


    There are single lidded and double lidded people in every Asian ethnicity. Generally, Southeastern Asians (Thai, Vietnamese, Malaysian, Lao, etc.) have double lids. Chinese people are kind of, half and half? It's kind of random, well, there's bundles of Chinese people so there's lots of variety. I think this would be the same with Japanese people, and I think I've seen more Koreans with single lids.
  • DokeichiDokeichi Posts: 47Member
    edited June 2011
    im chinese :) i have em'

    oh wait.... forgot to mention that im half vietnamnese
  • ladyatakariladyatakari Posts: 227Member
    I noticed them mainly on Vietnamese people.
  • dorkheaddorkhead Posts: 167Member
    ladyatakari wrote on 27 June 2011 - 03:05 AM:

    I noticed them mainly on Vietnamese people.

    o.o true, ive never seen a viet monolids!
  • iliketurdowsiliketurdows Posts: 1New Member
    dorkhead wrote on 26 June 2011 - 06:43 PM:

    o.o true, ive never seen a viet monolids!


    Double like these? Vietnamese btw, and i don't think i've ever met another viet with single

  • awesomemcawesomeawesomemcawesome Posts: 5Member
    almost all malaysian people have double eyelids .
  • prechuz_aznprechuz_azn Posts: 3,043Member


    Vietnamese and Filipino people.

    I have double eyelids and I don't see whats so great about them. I think monolids look really cute...
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  • couturelustcouturelust Posts: 103Banned
    i think it's more of a genetic thing than a nationality thing. i'm 100% chinese and i have really big double-lidded eyes.
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  • LuVaHgiLaHsALuVaHgiLaHsA Posts: 15Member
    I don't think it's based on nationality. It's probably just genetics. I'm Chinese and I have double eyelids. My whole family does too. My korean friend also has deep double eyelids too. I don't think it's by nationality at all.
  • whizzer's_rosewhizzer's_rose gurl_next_door heavenPosts: 1,407Member


    edited July 2011
    chiironiji wrote on 09 July 2008 - 03:16 AM:

    i think... I THINK its more to skin colour than nationality..

    u see.. ppl who naturally have darker skin colour most likely have a double eyelids. *like viets, filipino, etc222

    while ppl who have fairer skin usually have single eyelids such as chinese, etc222

    but if course, there's exception to everything.
    since everyone in the world now is most likely mixed with God knows what
    so yeah..

    im fair, i look chinese, but i have HUGE eyes with perfect double eyelids.
    so yeah.. but im mix with LOTS and LOTS of races, but my nationality is indonesian XD

    I am pure Filipino and I have fair skin- but I do have double eyelids. I think it's not about skin color though- maybe more on ancestry like in the Phils our first settlers were the Negritos (those having dark skin, short) and then the malays (which I think is the majority of where Filipinos of today are from) and indo-aryans. I do believe that skin color can also be affected by climate or geographical location and may not have relation to having double eyelids.

    Malay variety. Tawny-coloured; hair black, soft, curly, thick and plentiful; head moderately narrowed; forehead slightly swelling; nose full, rather wide, as it were diffuse, end thick; mouth large. upper jaw somewhat prominent with the parts of the face when seen in profile, sufficiently prominent and distinct from each other. This last variety includes the islanders of the Pacific Ocean, together with the inhabitants of the Marianne, the Philippine, the Molucca and the Sunda Islands, and of the Malayan peninsula. I wish to call it the Malay, because the majority of the men of this variety, especially those who inhabit the Indian islands close to the Malacca peninsula, as well as the Sandwich, the Society, and the Friendly Islanders, and also the Malambi of Madagascar down to the inhabitants of Easter Island, use the Malay idiom. -wikipedia[6]
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  • onesweetflavoronesweetflavor Posts: 190Member


    I think it depends on the genes. My dad has double eyelids and my mom doesn't but I have double eyelids so yeah. Not a very good explanation but yeah.
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  • IwishIwasKOREANIwishIwasKOREAN Posts: 532Member
    edited July 2011
    dorkhead wrote on 26 June 2011 - 07:43 PM:

    o.o true, ive never seen a viet monolids!


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    In addition to Asians and eastern subarctic and arctic Eurasians, some native American peoples (especially those of Middle America and some populations in South American lowland areas), the Capoid local race of southern Africa, and some of the composite racial groups of Pacific island peoples have high incidence of developed epicanthic folds. The fold occurs less frequently in Southeast Asian populations and in North American Indian groups but occurs occasionally in some European groups, for example in some Scandinavians and Poles.

    While epicanthic folds occur more frequently in Asiatic groups and those peoples genetically linked to Asia, its presence is not universal in these peoples and it occurs less frequently in other groups. The incidence of epicanthic folds varies widely among the nine major geographic races and their local races. Attempts to define racial groups by the presence or absence of such features, by phenotype, rather than by genotype and specific inherited traits, are historically problematic and scientifically unreliable. There is substantial variation in phenotype within geographic races and subraces produced by the gene flow inevitable in an aggressively mobile species such as our own, by environmental conditions, and simply by individual variation due to a number of causes, including genetic mutation and the ‘small-sample’ effects of isolated population groups. Modern genetics rejects the notion of a ‘pure’ race; while the historical origins of some geographic groups are obscure, contemporary racial groups are mixtures of the gene pools of many geographic races. Thus, the presence or absence of a developed epicanthic fold, while an indication of one of a number of genetic origins and an important diagnostic feature of certain genetic disorders, cannot bear the cultural freight often bequeathed to it by history, pseudo-science, and prejudice.

    The association of the epicanthic fold with Mongolians and Asians more generally served to reinforce notions of racial and cultural supremacy in nineteenth and early-to-mid twentieth century European physical anthropologyphysiognomy, and racial theory. Humans with the genetic anomaly now known as Down's syndrome, caused by having three copies (trisomy) of chromosome 21, have limited physical growth and mental retardation of varying severity, and an increased risk of other serious physical problems. Down's syndrome is one of the more common chromosomal defects, occurring on average in 1 in 900 live births. The Down's syndrome infant is quickly recognized by both facial and more general cranial characteristics, including a rounded head, short neck, thin and usually fine hair, flat nose, small mouth, and, especially, slanting eyes with pronounced epicanthic folds.

    Read more: http://www.answers.c...d#ixzz1SAUbP4cS

    Epicanthal folds refer to the folded skin of the upper eyelids which covers the upper inner corner, known as the canthus of the eye. It stretches from the nasal corner of the eye to the inferior side of the eyebrow. Eyes with epicanthal folds look almond shaped or boat shaped. Along with East Asian people, epicanthal folds are common in children with inherited genetic diseases. It may occur to fetuses or new born children of any race before the nose bridge starts elevating. Epicanthal folds can be fully developed or less developed and may change shape or decrease in size with age. 

    Epicanthal Folds Causes

    The cause of epicanthal folds in East Asian people is still in doubt and there are various theories that hold genes, complex anatomy and the environment responsible for this. For other races, the causes of epicanthus folds can be associated with various genetic disorders.

    Apart from congenital disorders, there is no other apparent cause found for epicanthal folds in people from other races than East Asian. In East Asian people, epicanthal folds neither pose any danger nor is the result of any disorder. According to the evolution theory, it may be a necessary variation in human genetics and adaptive feature that helps people adjust with natural local conditions. For example, epicanthal folds are common in people living in snowy regions, desserts, etc. Such eye design helps them protect themselves from strong winds, cold weather, and harsh UV rays. However, why the epicanthal fold trait exists is still unknown by medical science.
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    Have you ever seen normal Taiwanese or Korean people walking around on streets? Most of them have huge noses, small chinky eyes and flat noses and look nothing like those celebrities you see in dramas.And sorry, but most Korean celebrities you see on TV underwent a lot of plastic surgeries in order to look like what you see on TV. I think this should be well-known by all K-Pop-fans.
  • SwEet.DrEaMsSwEet.DrEaMs *CLiCk-B DrEaM LaNd*Posts: 1,458Member


    Indians for sure! Their eyes are amazing!!!
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  • christelle-gchristelle-g ~Pacific Island~Posts: 808Member
    ^Agree. They are lucky people and got beautiful big eyes :rolleyes:

    I'm 100% viet and got one single lid, one double lid. Shame -_- my whole family is double lid. Oh Except my little cousin of 4years, she is single lid.
  • FalloutatdiscoFalloutatdisco Posts: 102Member
    my mom is japanese and has one single eyelid, and one hidden double eyelid.
    i'm half-japanese and have double eyelids (i think).

    by double eyelids do you mean like where the fold never meets at the inner corner, or are they allowed to meet at the inner corner and still be double eyelids?

    these are my eyes/eyelids..
    (brightness/colors are edited, but it shows my eyelids well)
    see how the folds connect at the inner corner? do i have double eyelids?
    sorry, i'm not really sure though. q:

  • monkeyinabarrelmonkeyinabarrel Posts: 1,371Member


    ^yes their double eyelids
    I honestly thought this thread was dead (my suspicions were wrong)

    I didn't believe caucasians could look/get single eyelids until I watched 16 & pregnant with girl named amber

    ep3_del_scenes__seg2_140x105.jpg <--- watch a segment of the show but she looks like she has monolids
  • leithuleithu Posts: 57Member
    Weird I think the genetics behind double eyelids are present in each asian ethnicities' gene pool. I'm vietnamese and the rest of my family has double eyelids. I happen to have the smallest lid height. My niece is 1/2 chinese, 1/2 vietnamese and she has a fuller crease than I do. Her father is chinese, and he has large double eyelids as well has his wife(viet).
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