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Tiffany (snsd) Helps Suju Fan

EconxpEconxp Posts: 368Member
written by korean ELF, about her encounter with Tiffany SNSD
Credit to uknowyunho07 for posting at snsd thread

i was wondering if i should post this here, with all the tiffany anti fans commotion. but i really wanted to share this with everyone, with all the negative post, how about some positive post on snsd tiffany. plz refrain from bashing, this is not meant to cause a stir, if it does, i will jus delete this post.
image image image
thxs s00j & Lishathestain

This was written by a korean ELF, about her encounter with Tiffany SNSD.
{This was translated from Korean to English to Thai and to English again, sorry for any misunderstanding}

English Translations By
Translated by Katty4495
Taken from: zenya@blogshop
Thai Translations By babycute@suju-hwiting
Credit : hiro @ GG-TH

I traveled from Jeollanamdo to the SM entertainment building hoping to see Suju. While I am walking around in front of the building, I see Tiffany standing there. I looked at her, and then she smiled at me. Right then, I thougt it was such a dreadful smile, I remember it clearly, her disrespectful words towards everyone. I looked at her with hatred in my eyes and looked away without smiling back. Then there's 2 guys ran at me and I fell to the ground. The glass that contains water in my hand spilled all over me. I thought meanwhile, Tiffany would stand there and laugh at me.. but no. I saw her ran inside the building and came out with napkins, and handed it to me. I received it without looking at her, and then she dust down the dirt on my knee. I asked her aren't you mad at me for the way I acted? She said No, right now there's a lot of people who dislike me but then it's all my fault, I didn't mean to say anything I said, and really didn't know. And I am still not used to Korean culture. In America, we can play with elders like friends, next time I will be more careful.
When she's done, she smiled with the same smile but this time it feels more delicate, the sadness in her eyes made me felt really bad.

i think that was really sweet of tiffany to do regardless of all the anti fans. Tiffany Fighting!!
im excited for their new album and the wonder generation special <3

Edit: wow the thread jus jumped a few pages, i noticed a mini war goin on, plz stop, continue ur conversation through PM, i posted this to shine some light on tiffany b/c of all the negative we've been hearing, we need some positives. let's keep this a positive and clean thread, i dont wana get this thread close
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  • icecube.icecube. ? ??? ???. Posts: 2,018Friend of Soompi
    Wow ... that's all I can say .. she sounds really nice but antis just take it the wrong way ..
    At least Cassiopeia and ELF are back on good terms with Soshi fans ..
    It's 2PM and our time will NEVER change. "같이 걷자"
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  • ejoongejoong PortlandPosts: 252Member
    aww.. that's TIffany for ya. =]
    Sunshine on my Jaejoong
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  • xcrazy4bananasxxcrazy4bananasx CaliforniaPosts: 68Member


    wth. stupid suju fans. they have no right to hate tiffany. srsly.
    tiffany, hwaiting&hearts;
  • ee-bbeun-eeee-bbeun-ee WISCONSINPosts: 1,843Member


    yup...i can understand her. she's not used to the korean culture.
    she's really a nice person.
    Please don't take me off your pm list. i'll get to your stories ASAP. Writing→Lve.Robot[HIATUS] SM FAMILY imageimage
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  • emjaewhyemjaewhy kwon jiyong's wifey. Posts: 347Member
    yeah i knew that's exactly why she said things like that to elders... korean and american culture is totally different and she grew up in america. i just feel so bad for her... everyone pics at the littlest things and hates on her. she must be having a really hard time... hwaiting tiffanyy! :]
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  • BadboyzBadboyz Posts: 787Member


    1 anti-fan down...
    10000000000000 more to go....
  • dothat36dothat36 I'm a Proud Wonderful ! 5 wonders dreamsPosts: 3,795Member


    This sounds like a movie...
    so detailed and precise...
    must've left a great impression
    on that fan.. hahaha! LOLZ

    ..let's meet in our dreams at 2AM
    "even if we fail, we will fail with pride"
    forever, is how long i'll wait
  • SoySoy Mission... Daebak! Florida.Posts: 7,909Friend of Soompi


    edited July 2008
    She's really not a bad kid.
    I'm glad that one fan's perspective of Fany changed though.

    And a Tiffany fan account from modell @

    Hello Everyone,
    Those who didnt see in sbox, fany fany Tiffany was in America for a couple days this past week. Anyways I took snacks to Tiffany to the airport and a letter to get delivered to Taeyeon, but I missed her by 15 minutes and wasn't allowed to go past airport security and went home sad but left the snacks with the workers to give to Tiffany. When Tiffany heard my story from the workers, she asked them what my name was and sent me back an autograph. Anyways made this thread to inform people of how kind Tiffany is.

    This was back in April when she visited her family in the States.

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  • HJPHJP S♥NE; CanadaPosts: 435Friend of Soompi
    edited July 2008
    anti fans take everything out of proportion, at least now we've got one fan account from the other side to show that Fany really is a good person, haters need to chill and just stop flaming.
  • iBC-NUBiBC-NUB &Oneday <3 AustraliaPosts: 448Member
    Fany Hwaiting!
    i knew she always had a good heart,
    let hope this doesnt turn into
    a bashing thread on her.
    LMAO of @ Badboyz comment.

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  • xjujuxxjujux ???(ELF) ? ??(SJ)&#9829 a full house ~ .... Idol: Yamapi &#9829;Posts: 991Member
    QUOTE (xcrazy4bananasx @ Jul 1 2008, 02:08 PM) »
    wth. stupid suju fans. they have no right to hate tiffany. srsly.
    tiffany, hwaiting♥

    Hm, not all suju fans hate Tiffany. o_o
    And also, this thread was made to clear the misunderstanding of Tiffany, not to make people diss E.L.F. image

    That was so sweet and kind of her <3
    Tiffany is really pretty too image
    I don't know much about her but I hope many people can understand her now.
  • miyama21miyama21 DBSK?WG BIG BANG&#9829;SNSDPosts: 157Member
    wahhh tiffany is so sweet image ... tiffany hwaiting image

  • stayfreemymisery__`stayfreemymisery__` ?ChocoPea? Posts: 2,091Friend of Soompi
    edited July 2008
    QUOTE (dothat36 @ Jul 1 2008, 04:13 PM) »
    This sounds like a movie...
    so detailed and precise...
    must've left a great impression
    on that fan.. hahaha! LOLZ

    rofl i agreee! that fan must be on cloud nine now 8D
    愛我, 24/7 from monday to sunday night.
  • ayneelayneel LondonPosts: 1,327Member


    QUOTE (xcrazy4bananasx @ Jul 2 2008, 05:08 AM) »
    wth. stupid suju fans. they have no right to hate tiffany. srsly.

    You DO NOT have any right to bash ELF.
    Not everyone hates Tiffany. And definitely not every ELF is involved in the clash.

    On the lighter note, that's great! At least Tiffany changed someone's mind.
    It's kind of weird though, did Tiffany know it was a suju fan?
    I hope this encounter will start stopping the hatred among fans and artists.
    credits: stripesoflove @ soompi
  • Yunho&amp;TiffanyYunho&Tiffany DBSK&#39;s housePosts: 68Member
  • pillowboxpillowbox 死去的花是她自己的詩。 Posts: 4,990Member


    personally im no longer a fan of snsd as much as i use to like them. I think it's just the number of girls and the cutesy pop feeling, but Tiffany definitely remains as one of my favorite members. I feel bad for her because Snsd have been undergoing some rough times lately.. i think she has great potential but the culture difference is what kind of sets her back.

    best luck to her and i hope she overcome this rough time.
  • KiSS.THE.RAiN`KiSS.THE.RAiN` Posts: 953Member
    edited July 2008
    That's nice of her image

    And Tiffany is totally
    In America, we do
    play with elders like friends~~

    QUOTE I cannot give you the formula for success, but I can give you the formula for failure--which is:
    Try to please everybody.
    Herbert Bayard Swope
    I like that quote Soy. It tells alot!!~ image

    image image

    credits to EUNSHIHAE & prinnè & _KojiWay
  • annamegannameg wonderland^^Posts: 1,000Member
    QUOTE (Badboyz @ Jul 1 2008, 01:13 PM) »
    1 anti-fan down...
    10000000000000 more to go....


    IMO, im pretty sure everyone has their good and bad sides.
    so why hate on her?^^

    not a fan or an anti btw.
  • seafoodseafood -walkingman USAPosts: 4,465Member


    edited July 2008

    the girl is never a bad person
    she say something that people take as something big
    i never see her as a bad person nor will i ever would.

    tiffany fighting.
    Baby I'm sorry
  • fantasygurl09fantasygurl09 Posts: 797Member


    Yay Tiffany!!!! I knew she was good.
    See people hate her when they don't
    even know the real her. I'm so
    glad to read this article. Finally a
    good article about Tiffany. I love
    Tifanny so adorable!
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