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Jaejoong's Dog!



  • jingaling.jingaling. Posts: 7,637Member


    ^ i think they all have their own cars.

    lmao, what is vick doing, jumping out of cars.
    i would have freaked out if my dog jumped out onto the streets.
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  • heartdropsheartdrops yooruce willis. Posts: 7,052Friend of Soompi


    LOL He better close that window!
    But that dog looks so cute.
  • -s m i l e f o r m e. C a n a d a.Posts: 1,498Friend of Soompi


    omgoshh...the third pic got me really scared...
    hopefully he's alright =D
    OoO Jae has the car that i've been dreaming forr *drools*

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  • nikou08nikou08 CanadaPosts: 174Member
    LOL !
    Poor Jae XD
    His Dog Is Freaking BIG ._.'' but cute hehehe image
    Whoever took those pix is hellah lucky TT-TT
    DOT DOT DOT . . .
  • omgpaulinaomgpaulina BAM! neverland<3Posts: 206Member
    AHAHAHAHA image
    that's adorable :3 dangg his dog is huge o-O'
  • annamegannameg wonderland^^Posts: 1,000Member
    QUOTE (octieu2005 @ Jun 28 2008, 01:22 PM) »
    Is he the only one who's got a car in DBSK ?

    father LSM gave each of them lexus IS^^
    and i think jae has a BMW,
    yunnie and chunnie own other cars too i think.
  • StupidGurlStupidGurl honey honey~ HawaiiPosts: 678Member
    awwwww, that's cute.
    and the last picture is really good. o__o
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  • FreshhFreshh ???||??? Posts: 6,469Friend of Soompi


    LOLOL i can totally image the look on jaejoong's face!
  • MOOVERDOSEMOOVERDOSE I'm usually sane. Beautiful British ColumbiaPosts: 9,916Member


    Oh no! I hope he didn't hurt himself! image That's pretty random, why would his doggie want to jump out of the window?

  • kiwistarkiwistar Posts: 2,655Member


    that's a funny dog image
    i hope it's not hurt ^^;;
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  • Uyen DuongUyen Duong yours truly, IN MAH ROOM! :DPosts: 2,949Member
    Aww, so cute <3~

    When he jumped up, I think he flipped backwards D: Aiya~
    Jaejoong must've been like OMG! XD

    I like Jaejoong's shirt O_O..
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  • eru.poperu.pop ? 2 / N / E / 1 ? Posts: 1,404Member
    the bonus picture haha
    he'd be a great victoria's secret model
  • DBSK Posts: 6,276Member


    Aw. So cute! Joongie!!!!
  • repeat_on_echorepeat_on_echo HogwartsPosts: 3,173Member


    Ahhh, that's still so sad image Pooor Vick!!!<3
    But JaeJoong, ohhhhh man, sexy. image
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  • IdaIda YG&#39;s CampPosts: 3,256Member
    Being curious, what is the breed of the dog?


    He's back and I am here.
  • ★__ICECRèME★__ICECRèME 1tym for your mind :) Big Bang&#39;s house :)Posts: 48Member
    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Awww, how cute! image
    Jaejoong looks pretty sexily cute himself~ hahaha XD
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  • JaeHoLoveJaeHoLove MalaysiaPosts: 1,124Member
    Jae Joong must be really worried to see his dog hurt.. I hope Vick was not injured.
    I guess Joongie learnt a lesson that day? Never leave the window open..LOL!!
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  • paola_grace_27paola_grace_27 tweeet and plurk mode. philippinesPosts: 288Member
    OMG!!!!! i love your last pic!!!!! jae jae with the wings!!!! god! *sohot*

    anyways... jae joong so sweet wit his dog!!1111 ah!!!! he is soooo adorable!!!! *squishes*

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  • Atmosphere.Atmosphere. RELAX. SEATTLEPosts: 12,656Member
    LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL POOR DOGGIE! omg sorry I had to laugh, it jumped and landed on the street in funny way XDD I wonder why it was so desperate to jump out the window XDD poor jaejoong though :[ he must've freaked out >__<;;
  • gingerginger i'm a monster!!!!!!!!!&a Seoul, South KoreaPosts: 7,002Friend of Soompi


    Er, that was really funny. Jaejoong's dog WOULD try to jump out of the car window while Jaejoong was driving--it's one of those events that is just very befitting of Jaejoong.

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