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Hong Kong Celebrity Families



  • swtaznangelswtaznangel Bay Area, CAPosts: 2,283Member


    Whoa... a lot of these were hecka new to me. It's pretty surprising. I spy some cute guys. ^.^
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  • strawberrynkiwistrawberrynkiwi Posts: 4,157Member


    Should totally change the topic name to: Prove that you only need connection to get into the Hong Kong entertainment industry


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  • silver-typhoonsilver-typhoon ❤❤Molecular Genetics❤❤ CanadaPosts: 702Member
    Weren't Hawick and his dad in the same drama... Kindred Spirits or something... that REALLY long running soap from HK (I feel old just remembering I watched it)
  • im` l0vEdim` l0vEd x3 CALiPosts: 2,573Friend of Soompi
  • monicaaaamonicaaaa CanadaPosts: 1,330Member


    edited June 2008
    omg i didn't know lau dan is hawick's father!!!
    and john chiang brothers with paul chun!?!?!? wait..why are their last names different..
  • BrandNewMeBrandNewMe Posts: 190Member
    wow this is a really interesting thread... love it.
    thanks for posting..
  • Luv12Luv12 MalaysiaPosts: 725Member
    wow these r reli interesting facts
    nvr knew sum of thm r connected
    oh anw thx 4 sharin
    + semihiatus
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  • bebemuibebemui hello Toronto, CanadaPosts: 3,501Friend of Soompi


    omg i had no idea hawick lau was lau dan's son! and john chiang and paul chun brothers?!
  • kfreakkfreak concrete jungle where dreams are made ofPosts: 6,636Member


    edited June 2008
    QUOTE (silver-typhoon @ Jun 27 2008, 03:26 AM) »
    Weren't Hawick and his dad in the same drama... Kindred Spirits or something... that REALLY long running soap from HK (I feel old just remembering I watched it)

    lol, yep,
    and their role in the drama is father and son too!
  • PeekabooitzmePeekabooitzme Posts: 2,963Friend of Soompi


    edited July 2009
    Kevin Cheng and Vinci Wong are cousins.


    TVB host Vinci Wong Yin Chi. Vinci Wong is the only son of Wong Chung Tung, President of WKK International. The Wong family's wealth is estimated at $1 billion (HKD).

    Credits: jaynestars

    image image image image image image

    Anne Heung is the aunt of Vinci Wong. She is his mother's cousin, so therefore she is his aunt. Heard she left the entertainment industry to study law.

    image image image

    Jenny Hu (b. 17 November 1945), also known as 胡燕妮, Jenny Woo or Yanni Hu, is a Hong Kong actress of Chinese and German origin best known for her leads in Shaw Brothers productions throughout the 1960s and early 1970s. She was born in Canton from a Chinese father and German mother. Her son, Terence Yin (尹子維) is also in the film industry.

    Credits: Wikipedia

    Terrence Yin's mom looks so pretty when she was young. That's where he got his good genes from.

    image imageimage

    How his mom looks like right now.


    Picture credits: lovehkfilm & hkmdb

    Her son Terrence Yin. He is an Alive band member.


    Scroll down for more.
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  • yeeyee Posts: 11Member
    wow interesting didn't know that Anne Heung are relate to Vinci Wong!!
  • AL_NT_ATTAL_NT_ATT a mixed up worldPosts: 1,217Member
    edited June 2008
    i think terrence yin is son of jenny hu, hong kong actress in 60's and 70's, if it hasn't been posted yet 'cause i didn't check xD.
  • PeekabooitzmePeekabooitzme Posts: 2,963Friend of Soompi


    edited July 2009
    ^I already posted it.

    Here is Bernice Liu and her brother, Caleb. He's not in the entertainment industry.


    Cecilia Cheung and her brother, Ronnie Cheung (on the far right) and her half-brother (in the middle) by her father.


    Myolie Wu and her 2 older sisters.


    Steven Cheung and his sister, Jan Cheung.


    Cecilia Cheung and her mother, Davies Shally.


    Scroll down for more.

    Credits: asianfanatics
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  • minkiiiminkiii Posts: 480Member
    soome of them i knew from reading it some where. but then others i didnt know. thankx for the info.
  • jhojho zBanned Toronto, CanadaPosts: 4,856Friend of Soompi
    Niki/Kathy Chow and the 2R sisters are sooo pretty!
    I didn't know that Dicky Cheung and Leslie Cheung were cousins O_O
  • jicksjicks i come with the rain Posts: 1,543Member


    edited June 2008
    Heeeckk!!! I am a die-hard HK entertainment freak but there were quite a few of these relations that I didn't know about ><!! *smacks self in head* Thankyou for the enlightenment =)

    Had no idea that Leslie (RIP) & Dicky were related. Nor Griselda & Tavia. Or Esther & Kenny. It feels like it's easier to get into the biz if you do have a relative connection who already has a foot in the door.

    Nicky & Kathy Chow are freaking gorgeous beings.
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  • puchaapuchaa Posts: 671Member
    i didn't know Esther and KEnny are related either!!!!

  • mizz_Jmizz_J Posts: 6,870Friend of Soompi


    Whoa..these are really interesting
    I never knew some of them are related
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  • PeekabooitzmePeekabooitzme Posts: 2,963Friend of Soompi


    edited July 2009
    Nat Chan and Louis Yuen are half-brothers. They have the same father, different mother, but have different last names.

    Nat Chan:


    Louis Yuen:


    Cecilia Cheung has a brother name Parkman Cheung who is also an actor. Michael Wong has a brother name Declan Wong who is an actor also, but I couldn't find any pics of their siblings.
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  • xtehdebxtehdeb jae<3 &#9829;Posts: 4,488Member
    whoa i didn't know that alot of them were related DDD:!
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