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Snsd Girls Are Rude?

...i'm not an anti, so don't even bother. :P
So we all know what happened at the Dream Concert,
things got pretty violent.
If you don't know what happened,
basically anti-soshi fans turned off their glowsticks and stopped cheering as soon as SNSD came on.
Then, soshi fans (mainly male) threatened to hurt the male idol group members, and they started ripping down posters.

Girls Generation/SNSD/Soshi is receiving a lot of bad attention recently.
Mainly because of their supposed bad attitude.
Some of their victims include Super Junior, SES, Tablo from Epik High, SS501, Big Bang, DBSK...etc.

1, Super Junior
In the case of SUJU, on the Taeyeon-Kangin radio program “Chin Chin”, -Taeyeon said a cuss word that eventually Kangin had to take responsibility!
Specifically she called him a “retard” in korean it’s a cuss word. In return Kangin had to defend for Taeyeon and tell listeners she accidentally mispronounced the word, and that she did not say that on purpose.

We all heard how Taeyeon received over 300 hate comments that day!

Later that day Soshified began attacking SuJu members KangIn, Eeteuk, Sungmin and DongHae.

2. SES
SNSD commented that it would be difficult to follow S.E.S. because its members are artificial.
And they added that SNSD is this generation’s beauties. (source)

3. SS501
-When Tiffany saw Park Jung Min, she said he looks like he’d have 10 bank accounts and that he looks funny from far away.
-During the program, Tiffany also exclaimed “omg HIM”?! when she saw Park Jung Min. She has no right to be an MC.
-SNSD fans made fun of SS501’s Kim Hyung Joon, saying “he looks disgusting.” They also made fun of Park Jung Min.

Same as what happened with SS501 and SUJU; some members of SNSD did not use formal speech when talking about DBSK and calling their names, like saying “Xiah Junsu” instead of “sonbae”.
- Jessica guest starred on Park Kyung Lim’s Outing. Park Kyung Lim asked Jessica who her favorite artist was and she said DBSK. Then Park Kyung LIm asked which member in DBSK she liked and she said “Jaejoong”, not using formal speech to say his name.
- Tiffany showed how witty she was by saying DBSK’s wave of red balloons looked like insects.
- SNSD fans were upset about the CF that SNSD did with DBSK so they accused DBSK of sexual harassment to give DBSK a bad image and creating a buzz in the internet.

5. Big Bang
SNSD made fun of Tae Yang’s real name “Dong Youngbae”, saying “What kind of name is that? It’s not even “Dong Young sang” (videos).”

6. Epik High- Tablo
Taeyeon was on Kangin’s Chin Chin radio when she saw Tablo at the computer. She said, “Doesn’t he look like a leet “오타쿠”?
(For those who don’t know what leet means, you can look it up in “Urban Dictionary”. But leet is an internet word that has evolved into referring to gamers or computer hackers who are stuck in front of their computers. But in Korean, it also has negative references to the Japanese.)

7. Happy Shares Company (만원의행복) show program
SNSD members were rude to the program PD (producer & camera man), intentionally hiding Yoonah (the guest) and giving her food to eat, which is against the rules on the show. When they were finally caught by the PD, they shook their head and said, “We didn’t do anything” and then at the end, blatantly admitted that Yoonah ate something.
The PD said, “For someone who is young, you shouldn’t do this, Yoonah.”
Yoonah replied, “I’m 18,” while blinking her eyes innocently.
Yuri, who was standing in front, said, “We are old enough ~” while Taeyeon grabbed the back of her neck and pretended to fall to the ground, expressing that what the PD said was not “fair”.

8.Discriminating on show programs
On a weekend café program, SNSD called a trot singer “Sparkles” (referring to the bright sequined clothes they wear) and said, “Get money from Sparkles~”. The members delayed the serving the singer, saying amongst each other “I don’t like Sparkles”. They made their contempt for the singer evident while showing favoritism for some baseball players also at the café.

9. YoonA Disrespected Tei
YoonAh guest starred on Tei’s “Island” radio program. Tei greeted her with a full bow but Yoonha just gave a small bow as if greeting a B-list singer. Tei is not a B-list singer; he is one of the top ballad singers in Korea.

10. Wonder Girls
- Soshi fans went to Wonder Girls’ fan signing
One SNSD fan went to the Wonder Girls’ fan signing and asked Sunye to sign “Right now is Girls Generation”. This fan also dared to post a picture of Sunye singing this online.
- Remarks related to Wonder Girls
Whenever SNSD asks “Do you like Wonder Girls or SNSD?”
they grow cold and silent towards people who say “Wondergirls”.
- SNSD girls did mic tests while Wonder Girls was rehearsing.

credits; i copied this directly from asianfanatics, and i first heard it on POPSEOUL.
NELL, epik HIGH; big BANG!
lee ji hoon <3


  • ladyasholieladyasholie edpoo<3 aux toilettes.Posts: 209Member
    edited June 2008
    im quite surprised...
    im not an anti of soshi.. but some of the stuff just seems fake & some true.. ehh. the one i know for sure is real is the one with Suju & Wonder Girls.
    ^i heard the radio (chin chin) ... & i felt soo bad for leader min who SIGNED the thing w/o saying anything.. image

    *i like dong youngbae's name. TT___TT lol. there's nothing wrong with it.
    -this will lead to more 'fights'.. especially after what happened @ dc.
  • choco.pie218choco.pie218 ? ? ? ? in a dark, confusing cloud.Posts: 185Member
    edited June 2008
    more catfights are going to result from this.
    soshi fans are going to fend their girls and then there are those who will fight with the soshi fans.

    mods should close this, please? (or like someone said below...just merge with something...)

    (although...some of the things listed up if they're true, then i guess snsd isn't as angelic and polite as i thought...)
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  • shinny3shinny3 New YorkerPosts: 537Member
    I'm speechless image
    SONG IL GOOK <3 Yunho!!!
  • TaiTsukiTaiTsuki 916Posts: 839Member
    Im not a fan or an anti
    but this negative feedback is not the way to be an idol group at all

    2PM. We aren't 7 people. We are one.


    "2PM Family. Jay, Chansung, Khun, Wooyoung, Taek, Junsu. Whenever we are running and one of us falls behind, we always carry them on our back."

    - Junho

  • Jamieâ„¢Jamieâ„¢ Posts: 4,047Member
    edited June 2008
    I think all these threads about this issue should be merged into one topic

    anyways, I read all of that.. and it's extremely exaggerated imo
    for instance:
    7. Happy Shares Company (만원의행복) show program
    SNSD members were rude to the program PD (producer & camera man), intentionally hiding Yoonah (the guest) and giving her food to eat, which is against the rules on the show. When they were finally caught by the PD, they shook their head and said, “We didn’t do anything” and then at the end, blatantly admitted that Yoonah ate something.

    LOL tons of artist have done that on HSC

    and I'd believe these "rumors" if there was an actual example (eg. video) of them saying/doing these things..
    credit: .myloveONYOU. @ shinee forum
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  • hellocattyhellocatty G-DEN ? Posts: 1,398Member
    wow, I'm surprised that Tae Yeon would say something like that about Tablo because Tablo is a huge fan of Tae Yeon and she seemed to really like him.

    =/ but popseoul is kind of vicious but ahh...

    there is no REAL way for us to distinguish which is fact or fiction but if any of it is true then just wow...
    you’re the sky,
    ________________i’m the sun
  • tiffanitrixtiffanitrix ? KWON Leadah ?? ? xCATHY&#39;s pocket...groping WooYoung. &lt;3Posts: 1,923Member
    but you said your source is popseoul?
    they exaggerate a LOT don't they?...

    but yea. i agree that this should be closed. its only going to cause more bashing..
  • kiyundy.kiyundy. Shinhwa Changjo CaliforniaPosts: 8,677Friend of Soompi


    read this over as asianfanatics already, all i have to say i dont know but reading these make me angry & about how sunye signed it for the fan, it seriously pissed me off image and u dont know if its true but calling hyungjoon disgusting makes me the madest ):
    avi:Yoyo siggie: kiyundy | March 24, 1998 -- present
  • bonbonsbonbons The MUA D.C. baby&#33;Posts: 5,754Member


    ahaha this is going to create some drama here~
    not a fan of SNSD, not a hater either. so =\ they can do whatever they wanna do.
  • reverie_reverie_ SJ FANDOM.Posts: 720Member
    the original source is popseoul?
    dont believe it at all.
    and they called ses artificial?
    where on a program? i think it would've become
    a bigger issue if they did.
  • _pine.tree_pine.tree Posts: 260Member
    some of those sounds REALLY exaggerated, from what i know wonder girls and snsd actually do get along and respect each other because each group has something the other doesnt.

    and yeah, the happy share company thing, shouldn't even be up on there, practically everyone in that show does that
    IPB Image
  • seafoodseafood -walkingman USAPosts: 4,465Member


    hmm i think this thread should be close because i can just feel the bashing coming =/
    Baby I'm sorry
  • LaBelleLaBelle Miss A "No oh No oh I can't Breath" <333 Posts: 18,744Member
    edited June 2008
    arent those from POPSEOUL and SHENYUEPOP No WONDER!!! they're will write anything to make snsd look bad!!!
    if u want to know the real story u better watch all snsd vid 1st then you will know which is the real one
    and those list all just silly OMG hahahaha esp the Tei part and WG one pleeeaaaaasssseee
    popseoul and shenyuepop are happy to see the fans fighting and they're #1 ANTI-SNSD

    the SES one where's the link of the vid? if it comes from that show with yoona and soo one u shuld watch it it's very funny show
    and none of yoona said insulting shoo all just for fun and i dont think those are the EXACT words =___=
    all i know when yoona said to bada that she's a fan of ses bada said sumthing like "you only said it because we're in a program show/camera"
    but that's all just jokes

    Tablo one
    did u see taeyeon like super like him and a big fan of him

    bigbang one
    all i know tiff mentioned his name Dong Young Bae and he's got a great voice want to sing with him >.<

    and the others *sigh* kinda tired to seeing ppl taking source from those 2 sites XD
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  • _loner__loner_ Posts: 912Member


    im not a fan of them or an anti fan.
    but i didn't like them at the start either.


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  • tlatnwkstlatnwks Ambler, PAPosts: 696Member
    i think a lot of those are fake.
    The Soshified one, I know for a fact is a lie.
    Tablo and Taeyeon both respect each other so she wouldn't say that.
    For 만원의행복, almost everyone has done something like that.
    Yoona also said that she is a big fan of S.E.S~ and some of them got surgery themselves.
    idk... but I wouldn't be surprised if some of those things were a little true.
    but yeah, esp. since people are still talking about DC. I think this is gong to cause something.
  • ohhreallynowohhreallynow jjong♥ah Posts: 1,815Jjongaholic


    ooh boy, here comes the Soshi fans that will defend their girls to the end and the antis that will bash them to the end.
    drama, drama, drama.

  • kimjiha3kimjiha3 fany town, CaliforniaPosts: 340Member
    mods just close this before disaster erupts again
    banner credits to Pinkosa, icon credit to kimjiha3
  • $+@r_lOve$+@r_lOve United StatesPosts: 862Member
    edited June 2008
    ughh..can we just not o.0

    & dont we have like 500 threads over this whole snsd issue & i thought this "war thing" was over why bother?
  • asthuaasthua Posts: 620Member
    This will be closed when Jaeho sees it. TRUST.
  • SoySoy Mission... Daebak! Florida.Posts: 7,909Friend of Soompi


    edited June 2008
    lol number 2 about yoona, was from a variety show, where they did a game similar to X-man's of course. (there was a pre-debut article where they asked SNSD who they wanted to be like, and Yoona even said that they would want to be like this generations' SES)

    So i could probably make a list like this for every single artist out there, lol this list is just a reason to hate the girls.
    lol like Shin Haechul said, you're not their parents, you're not their sunbaes, you're not their manager, don't treat them like you own them.
    Suju's manager even said that the girls were cool with Junjin & Suju (oh gawd they've been together in the same company since pre-debut, they're a family). So i don't understand why fans are nitpicking everything the girls are doing, it's the entertainment industry, you have to say things to get known and be known. I'm sorry if they offended you guys for calling them this or that, but when SES and Shinhwa themselves are fine with the girls, it just makes me wonder if these are personal attacks because it doesn't seem logical for fans to care more than the artists themselves. Once again, lol if I had free time and wanted to, I could make the same list about any artist up there, and say they were being disrespectful.

    That's my two cents.

    Big Bang comment, Tiffany has said multiple times that she's close with Big Bang, and especially Taeyang, and calls him Youngbae all the time, his real name. A lot of these translations are extremely off and very much so exaggerated.

    The Tiffany stuff about SS501, I've never seen before, except from this article, so I don't know where that's from. If she said it, well then I guess it doesn't matter now, since the Girls did apologize on their official site and said they were be more considerate.

    As for the stupid fans doing stupid things, lol what does that have to do with the girls themselves being rude ? I still don't understand that.
    FYI, Wonderfuls & SNSD fans are actually quite cool, except for a few stupid fans that make things a rivalry, so yeah.

    Double-standards suck.

    oh and for the last time. SOSHIFIED is NOT SNSD's fc name. They still do not have an official fan club, so the article is fail for mentioning soshified ?

    and the final cherry on the sundae.
    SNSD posted on their official site (they haven't done this for a while.)
    And have sincerely apologize for whatever inconsiderate things they have done, so get over it.

    To Everyone Who Loves SNSD:

    Hello, this is SNSD..

    This is the first time we’re leaving a message on our website.
    We should’ve done it earlier… T_T

    Since we’ve debuted, we’ve been receiving lots of support from you guys for the past ten months. The reason that we’ve been so successful is you.

    In retrospect, we have lots of good memories to relive, don’t we?
    The debut performance that we’ve been waiting and dreaming about for so long… Our first fan meeting that we held right after the first performance… The first time we reached #1, which made us cry so much… The ‘new artist award’ that we aspired to when we were trainees… Into The New World, Kissing You and Baby Baby. ^^ Despite the busy schedules we were happy.

    We thank our fans for giving us such happy memories. ^^

    Our busy ten months were full of precious memories… but there were moments that we now regret… And our hearts are heavy… Those regretful moments made us more mature and learn a lot… Our inappropriate comments and actions, our failure to use more proper and respectful language and so on have hurt many people, to whom we sincerely apologize. We will try to be more considerate in our behavior.

    We want to thank everyone who loved and believed in us. There are no words to describe how thankful we are for our fans who waved pink balloons wherever we went. To return your favor, we will work harder and sing with all our hearts.

    We are preparing to show you a new side of SNSD!
    For people who support us, we are studying hard and trying our best to better ourselves… Please look forward to it~

    Be healthy and happy! ^^ <3

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