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How Much Would It Cost To Get A Haircut And Dye My Hair?

assdass92assdass92 New /yorkPosts: 73Member
how much would it cost to get my haircut?
I want get my bangs cut
layer my hair more on the top
and dye it like a redish-brown color
and my hair is like med-long hair


  • xCATHYxCATHY Posts: 1,177Member
    it depends on the salon?
    every place has its own set cost.
  • xstarBURSTxstarBURST no. somewhere in a box.Posts: 4,728Member


    it depends on the stylist/ salon you go to.
  • .oOLimOo..oOLimOo. Posts: 1,353Member


    You can do it yourself pretty cheap. Scissors are a couple bucks and hair dye is 3 dollars at the least. I cut and color my own hair, saves money image

  • sushiwhoresushiwhore Oldie Washington~Posts: 10,313Friend of Soompi


    bangs arelike 8-11 bucks at a salon and hair stuff can range from 30+ o_o

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  • flyxme.flyxme. ???????? Posts: 6,750Member


    it depends on the salon
    i have prices from a japanese salon..
    $20-$30 for haircut
    $30-$50 for coloring
    depending on the length

    you could just get a haircut
    for $8-$20 at a small barbershop
    and just dye it yourself for like $8

  • Blu_Velvet_SeaBlu_Velvet_Sea Posts: 4,117Member


    edited June 2008
    yeah totally depends where you go, but I would think 70 and up?
    For me I had med-length, got an angle bob cut, with bangs + dye and it was a little over 100 (plus tip)
    I had an intermediate hairstylist.
    It turned out good though, but I don't think I will ever pay that much again. lol

  • loversixteenloversixteen Posts: 2,955Member


    definitely the length of you hair. the longer it is , the more expensive. and also because of what kinds of salons you go to, the materials they use. and also taxes.
  • punchmydreamspunchmydreams Posts: 319Member
    my friend who is going into cosmo says

    .for dying.=the MORE hair you have the more it will cost=.
    .for cutting.=it'll depend on how much the salons charge=.

    and IF they HAVE to bleach your hair it'll go into the red-brown color'll cost even more!
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  • asdf.BLAHHasdf.BLAHH zbanned minnesotaPosts: 2,370Friend of Soompi
    Depends on the length of your hair & the salon.
  • jinnybluejinnyblue so. calPosts: 297Member


    Lol, how much would it cost at a cheap place like Fantastic Sams or Supercuts? I'm on a budget ^^;;
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