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Does Your Face Fit The Golden Ratio?

stylistikstylistik ChicagoPosts: 647Member
edited October 2008 in beauty & fashion
the perfect face =O
“Personal beauty is a greater recommendation than any letter of reference.”
- Aristotle

There is no doubt that physical beauty is a highly-valued quality throughout the world. Whether we wish to believe it or not, appearance is the first layer of our character, and people pass judgments on us based on this superficial aspect of our bodies. In spite of our many proverbs – “Never judge a book by its cover,” “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” “Beauty is only skin deep” – we are constantly told through literature and popular culture media that the outer shell represents what is inside us.

The primary focus of beauty is the face. We look to the face to interpret people’s emotions, to extrapolate personality traits, or to determine their sincerity during discussions. In fact, whether we do it consciously or not, we often communicate complex ideas solely through our facial expressions. Physiognomy, the art of judging people’s character from facial features, also contributes to our obsession with appearance. In his article titled “The Naked Face,” Malcolm Gladwell writes about a face analyst who said that George Clooney’s upturned chin indicates stubbornness. Reese Witherspoon’s narrow pointy chin indicates that she is emotional. Lindsay Lohan’s high forehead is related to intelligence [LOL WHAT?!]. And Jamie Foxx’s protruding forehead implies creativity. Though people generally don’t investigate facial features with such specificity, many opt for surgical procedures to change their images. They don’t want to be perceived as submissive or obtuse in a job interview. They don’t want to appear tired and depressed at parties. They want to look like the person they want to be, which again raises the issue, “How much of us is represented in our faces?”

Dr. Stephen R. Marquardt, however, attempted to quantify beauty scientifically by developing the Golden Decagon Mask.

This two-dimensional visual of the human face is based upon the Golden Ratio (also known as the Divine or phi ratio): 1:1.618. This special number is believed to symbolize perfect natural harmony and appears in Renaissance art, ancient Greek architecture, music, and nature. Using this proportion, Marquardt uniquely positioned forty-two Golden Decagon Matrices, which are the same shape as the Primary Golden Decagon Matrix but vary by multiples of phi, in the framework mask. The closer a face is to this template, the more aesthetically pleasing the face is. Now many plastic surgeons use this model when enhancing their patients’ facial features.

Ok so I tried the template on my face...and I definitely failed image Oh well who cares? image

Anyone else want to post theirs?
(You'll have to know some photoshop to do this on the computer =( sorry guys
*edit* if you don't have photoshop, you can try various face ratio calculators online. Here's one I found:

Remember the golden ratio = 1.61803399

By the way, it's also known that Angelina Jolie's face fits the template perfectly.

Oh & I found Kim Tae Hee's golden ratio face:

Interesting tutorial I found online:

& the male's golden ratio face is on the right:



  • jones10021jones10021 New York, NYPosts: 47Member
    I think the model matches you face pretty well. the means you face is esthetically pleasing. image
  • Mrs.WinchesterMrs.Winchester Old School Member where crazy people escapePosts: 2,572Member
    mmm i couldn't find the template O_o i feel pretty stupid. lol
  • stylistikstylistik ChicagoPosts: 647Member
    ^ umm the template is the picture I provided in the post...
  • _ATELIER_ATELIER ♥ ♥ ♥ ATELIERPosts: 3,963Member


    that's a veryyyyyy veryyy structured face =_=
    i already know mine doesnt fit,

    denzel Washington has that face lol.
  • GO!zillaGO!zilla i hate you cal polyPosts: 3,676Friend of Soompi
    op is trying to commercialize her pretty face.
    haha jk. image

    (if you look at hollywood stars, most of their face is symmetrical)
  • Zodiacgrl89Zodiacgrl89 Posts: 206Member
    Kim Tae Hee can be perfect because she is plastic. If you look closely the eyebrows are off.
  • LaZClaraBearLaZClaraBear ???<3 Posts: 5,699Member


    QUOTE (Zodiacgrl89 @ May 22 2008, 04:38 PM) »
    Kim Tae Hee can be perfect because she is plastic. If you look closely the eyebrows are off.

    sigh.. shes not plastic -__________-;;;;;;;;;;
    and no my face dosnt fit the golden ratio.. I've tried this before T_T
  • hun_wun_galhun_wun_gal Posts: 2,131Friend of Soompi
    just because it doesn't fit EXACTLY doesn't mean your not pretty the closer you are "theorehtically" you're prettier but then u have to have the personality to go with it image Plus symmetry is also a key, the more symmetrical the face the more pleasing to the eyes.

    OP: i think ur face fits it pretty well too ur's just a little off angle.

    Weirdy RicieMinwoo SmilieAndy BabySexy JinnieDongwan HoneyCutie Sungie
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  • vanillapuddingvanillapudding Posts: 143Member
    edited May 2008
    heyhey the face in this mask looks alot like angelina jolie doesn't it?? big lips, laugh-lines and all... image

    edit** oops my bad you already said it xD

    too bad my chin is too long to fit this golden ratio
  • Sasha100Sasha100 NoR*Cal for lifePosts: 666Member
    I hate these kind of things..I mean seriously if your pretty, your pretty. Face ratios and crap don't mean anything..IMO.
  • x SaRaNg HaE xx SaRaNg HaE x I adore you. ? 626, CAPosts: 6,699Friend of Soompi
    My nose is too big and my lips are too low. -___-a
    But my face shape fits the mask.
    credit © j00n
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  • KiLLAH!KiLLAH! jc♥ Bay AreaPosts: 2,195Banned
    the template looks kind of gross :\
    ew. but i definately know my face doesn't fit.. ahha. my face is too big, fat and oddly shaped o__O
  • XingdaXingda Posts: 776Member
    are those... cheekbones sticking out of the temples?? eew
    edited May 2008
    well let me just say this....Angelina Jolie and Kim Tae Hee's faces fit this golden ratio. However I do not find them attractive at all. I guess most people consider them beautiful, but I think I've seen better.

    Basically I believe this "golden ratio" can be used in a racial (racist) way. Just like how back then they measured skull/brain size to determine intelligence (eugenics I believe) which was really just a way to continue segregation in the US.

    Some specific proportions in the bodies of many animals (including humans[58][59]) and parts of the shells of mollusks[4] and cephalopods are often claimed to be in the golden ratio. There is actually a large variation in the real measures of these elements in a specific individual and the proportion in question is often significantly different from the golden ratio.[58] The ratio of successive phalangeal bones of the digits and the metacarpal bone has been said to approximate the golden ratio.[59] The Nautilus shell, whose construction proceeds in a logarithmic spiral, is often cited, usually under the idea that any logarithmic spiral is related to the golden ratio, but sometimes with the claim that each new chamber is proportioned by the golden ratio relative to the previous one.[57]
  • PDURRRPDURRR a dull boy. Your Wildest Dreams.Posts: 7,610Moderator


    ah i remember this in physiology haha
    theres one for like proportional bodies as well lol

    i doubt i fit it
  • TamiTami New YorkPosts: 980Friend of Soompi
    This mask is...interesting and fits many people from many different time periods who were found attractive (Nefertiti etc) but some believe it's flawed and slanted towards a very anglo-looking beauty
  • meilovemeilove For the love of Mei <3 Virginia *Posts: 8,572Friend of Soompi


    edited May 2008
    my cousin told me this once.
    i'm not surprised it fit kim tae hee
    she is beautifulllll

    i want to do my face but idk how =(( someone help meee
  • je_amourxje_amourx THINK BIG Posts: 3,391Member


    I find it creepy if everyone fits the "Golden Ratio".
    We all got to shift a little, have some flaws to make us "human" and beautiful. image
  • xCATHYxCATHY Posts: 1,177Member
    i had the golden ratio as a math project in 6th grade
    my group tried it on our faces
    i failed the most out of all of them LOL

  • treeshaatreeshaa San Jose, CAPosts: 554Member
    I tried it. My eyes and nose were okay, but the rest of my face is.. small/long.
    Technically speaking, my face isn't perfect. image
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