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Does Your Face Fit The Golden Ratio?

stylistikstylistik ChicagoPosts: 647Member
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the perfect face =O
“Personal beauty is a greater recommendation than any letter of reference.”
- Aristotle

There is no doubt that physical beauty is a highly-valued quality throughout the world. Whether we wish to believe it or not, appearance is the first layer of our character, and people pass judgments on us based on this superficial aspect of our bodies. In spite of our many proverbs – “Never judge a book by its cover,” “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” “Beauty is only skin deep” – we are constantly told through literature and popular culture media that the outer shell represents what is inside us.

The primary focus of beauty is the face. We look to the face to interpret people’s emotions, to extrapolate personality traits, or to determine their sincerity during discussions. In fact, whether we do it consciously or not, we often communicate complex ideas solely through our facial expressions. Physiognomy, the art of judging people’s character from facial features, also contributes to our obsession with appearance. In his article titled “The Naked Face,” Malcolm Gladwell writes about a face analyst who said that George Clooney’s upturned chin indicates stubbornness. Reese Witherspoon’s narrow pointy chin indicates that she is emotional. Lindsay Lohan’s high forehead is related to intelligence [LOL WHAT?!]. And Jamie Foxx’s protruding forehead implies creativity. Though people generally don’t investigate facial features with such specificity, many opt for surgical procedures to change their images. They don’t want to be perceived as submissive or obtuse in a job interview. They don’t want to appear tired and depressed at parties. They want to look like the person they want to be, which again raises the issue, “How much of us is represented in our faces?”

Dr. Stephen R. Marquardt, however, attempted to quantify beauty scientifically by developing the Golden Decagon Mask.

This two-dimensional visual of the human face is based upon the Golden Ratio (also known as the Divine or phi ratio): 1:1.618. This special number is believed to symbolize perfect natural harmony and appears in Renaissance art, ancient Greek architecture, music, and nature. Using this proportion, Marquardt uniquely positioned forty-two Golden Decagon Matrices, which are the same shape as the Primary Golden Decagon Matrix but vary by multiples of phi, in the framework mask. The closer a face is to this template, the more aesthetically pleasing the face is. Now many plastic surgeons use this model when enhancing their patients’ facial features.

Ok so I tried the template on my face...and I definitely failed image Oh well who cares? image

Anyone else want to post theirs?
(You'll have to know some photoshop to do this on the computer =( sorry guys
*edit* if you don't have photoshop, you can try various face ratio calculators online. Here's one I found:

Remember the golden ratio = 1.61803399

By the way, it's also known that Angelina Jolie's face fits the template perfectly.

Oh & I found Kim Tae Hee's golden ratio face:

Interesting tutorial I found online:

& the male's golden ratio face is on the right:



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