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Body Inspirations [female]

rainetterainette Posts: 252Member


edited January 2009 in fitness & sports
so when you feel lazy come have a look.
**edited by the mod**

DISCLAIMER: Minors should be advised that this thread contains exposing pictures. You are viewing this thread at your own risk. Please turn away if you do not want to be exposed to images of a sexual nature. There is nothing pornographic here, but if you don't want your parents catching you scrolling through a page that contains a photospread from a men's magazine, then don't browse!

1. No sexually explicit images.
Lingerie and swim-wear are tentatively allowed. However, images in which the model may be posing suggestively, anything borderline pornographic, and anything the moderators deem to be inappropriate, are not allowed.

2. Absolutely no images of girls who are seriously underweight or have eating disorders such as anorexia or bulimia.
Excessive exposure to such images can be psychologically damaging, as they encourage the false belief that such body weights are both desirable and reasonably attainable. While this thread is meant to encourage one to work toward a healthy weight, the emphasis should be on losing weight in a healthy manner.
*Please note that any violators of the above rules will receive a warning.
Please also note that the moderators exercise ultimate discretion over what constitutes an inappropriate image.

I saw this in a (forgotten) forum. And i think its pretty good image
So yeah, this is where you post up your body ispiration (jessica alba, jun ji hyun...)
for the ladies!
Whenever you're feeling lazy and finding excuses not to exercise/eat less junky food, come and have a look at all of these amazing bodies over here image
Please avoid having the same idol... TEE HEEE image

SO, I'll start off with MINE!

Jessica Alba for sure image


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