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[official] ☜♥☞ Joongbo Couple ☜♥☞ Newly Wed's 1st Open House



  • red143red143 Posts: 2New Member
    Congratulations.... Joongboers!!! wow 1600 pages and still counting i am really excited on what will happen this 2012.... it seems like it is the year where our two favorite HJs will be spreading their love:wub:  can anyone confirm that Hyunjoong have a  fanmeeting this early january?? any new from there?:blush: .... because of reading all the spazzes here I rewatch our beloved joongbo last month.... :lol:   and why thus shillang don't promote his Marry you/me song? will he be start promoting this january??? just wondering because I dont see any news from allkpop :wacko: .... lets spread the love siblings!!!!B)
  • hbhjlovlikthishbhjlovlikthis Posts: 284Member


    B0hemian_Sprite wrote on 31 December 2011 - 09:16 AM:

    i feel very, very stupid for asking...but what does the "purple love" mean...? >_<

    Hehehe... I'm also very curious to your question and still waiting for the answer.
    I only know Joongbo themselves liked purple colour. In WGM they often wear something purple.
    But meanwhile I found this on internet:

    Purple is royalty. A mysterious color, purple is associated with both nobility and spirituality. The opposites of hot red and cool blue combine to create this intriguing color.
    Pantone selected the color Blue Iris (PANTONE 18-3943) as the
    [url=""][i][size="4"]2008 Color of the Year[/size][/i][/url][size="4"][i] telling us: "Combining the stable and calming aspects of blue with the mystical and spiritual qualities of [b]purple[/b], Blue Iris satisfies the need for reassurance in a complex world, while adding a hint of mystery and excitement." [/i]


    image AND FOREVER
    fudgeorange[Deleted User]sandraa_vera
  • shuchenshuchen Posts: 106Member


    just wanted to share... :wub:

    JoongBo playing Go Stop(?? :unsure: :sweatingbullets: :mellow: )


    The Ramyun Story :P


    I really love what HJ said... he wasn't just saying it for tv..he meant what he said at their "farewell"... :wub:


  • khj501khj501 Posts: 8Member
    To the world.....
    Joongbo fighting!!!

    To the world.....
    Joongbo fighting!!!
  • JoongiieeJoongiiee Posts: 15Member


    ssangchu_forever wrote on 02 January 2012 - 02:14 AM:

    happy new year to everyone!!!

    I've been silently following our couple progress after WGM and I cant help wish that my our intuition about the couple is true... they always make me giddy and die of happiness (and kilig) whenever I rewatch their episodes...

    I actually learn about WGM through BOF, because I found KHJ very pretty. I did a little research, then I bought DVD so that i could watch the whole episode non-stop for 1 and 1/2 days (Im curious on how he is in reality) , and i cant believe I got hooked on them. I thoroughly believe that HJ did fell for HB back then. On Xman days, i think he is already attracted to HB without him knowing it, then as he spent time with her, he totally fell for her. I believe it may have been more awkward for shillang since he is very shy and he may realized that his attraction on her may revived to full blast.
    (as we all know, boys are surprisingly shy in front of the ones they like)I've seen their progress from total awkwardness to super closeness. And because of that, I guess I could call myself a certified joongboholic. I always try to keep up with spazzes (thanks siblings for always keeping us updated). I like their coupling since they are more real for me... not overly romantic like a kdrama, not trying to be too cute, not pretentious... they were just being their true, honest selves... as KIM HYUN JOONG and HWANG BO HYE JUNG. and that for me is very important since they say it is reality TV. I like everything natural and not scripted.  and because of that reason, I dont wonder why this couple will have many followers. you could actually sense their love bloom episode by episode. and everytime I watch them, I feel like I'm on my teenage years again. I dont know, but this actually the Joongbo effect in me. I really believe that what they had is a "SINCERE LOVE" for each other.

    and here are my fave cuts of joongbo in WGM:

    1. I gotta admit that my fave scenes where when shillang shows his jealous/possessive side over buin
    . (there is far too many to list)
    I also love the fact that it was he who always initiates the skinships between them. :blush:
    3. I like how he always says he hates cheesy mushy things but ended up doing those things voluntarily for HB ( I guess love could really change a person in a wonderful way)
    4. I super love the ant episode where it totally shows how close shillang and buin is especially in the part where HJ is on HB's back massaging her. (believe me, I find that back massage very intimate, so I asked my husband who is not into any kind of dramas what he thought about that part. and I remember he said that if the two arent a couple in real life then it will be very awkward to do that massage as HB is lying on the floor, and it cant be help that in that kind of position, a lot of skinship would take place. and here is the best comment from him: a normal unattached guy would never do that to someone he doesnt have feeling with.) and that, my fellow joongboers, is a point of view from a guy. and as i thought about it, if i were on HB's shoes, I will never allow any man to do an intimate massage with me if he weren't "my man" in reality, meaning, it just shows that they are really a couple on-and-off screen.
    the epic yeobo slip (barely a slip because he did it more than once... on the japan episode, in the car going to the farm, the farm serenade,and also when he called HB on the phone... and oh! I also like the "BABY, YOU OKAY?" slip  too... kekeke :wub:  (he must have thought he wouldnt be heard and understood since it is a whisper and he spoke it in english.)

    and here are my fave joongbo moments outside WGM:
    In CTP episode, when HB's BFF Junjin showed up, HJ seemed a uncomfortable and a little worried and keeps on looking back and forth to HB and Junjin (It seemed to me that he is already showing his possessive side hereupon hearing from junjin that he came for andy and HB)
    2. during BOF bts, there is a fancam showing HJ saying "Yallaponthai". No matter what the "antis" and the other shipper says, We all know he used that term to refer to buin in the ssangchu olympics  during the fake farewell episode. and in another BOF bts , he is playing "falling slowly" on his guitar and he seemed to much into his thoughts that he did a NG... hehe... (must be missing his buin so much)
    3. in SS501 fanmeet, shillang was asked what is his ideal type, but he refused to answer saying he recently got married in Korea. (See... believe me?  I think he really thought he was married with HB for real the whole time...kekeke) I find it amusing coz he said it infront of all of his fans... just imagine how courageous he is. he is very proud to be married to HB. :w00t:

    oh well... I hope i didnt bore you with my ramblings, I just couldnt contain my happiness for both of them... specially since I say Marry me MV... so cheesy, so Joongbo. It only proves that his memory of his on-screen marriage life in reality TV (WGM) means so much more to him. It actually is a treasure for him to include all those memories in his song...

    what hits me is that, if this is a propose song and it is for another girl, I think it will be very rude to include your memories with your past wife. Well, that wont be the case if IT IS a propose song for the past wife... kekeke ;) so it made me believe in them even more....:wub::wub::wub::wub::wub::wub::wub::wu

    >>>>>>sorry wasnt able to post screen caps... I'll try to do better next time....

    and to the troll who keeps trying to ruin the mood, your welcome here, just visit our joongbo thread anytime your ready for another heartbreak...;)

    what episode is the part when he said "BABY, YOU OKAY?".  Please tell meeeeee?:)
  • jobibeejobibee philippinesPosts: 188Member


    edited January 2012

    Ssangchu Chinese fans are JJANG!

    gahd, I can't contain myself! Too much excitement, too hyperactive!


    Hyun Joong Signed Joongbo/ Ssangchu Poster


    Credit to meiliss060806 @ twitter!

    Hyun Joong Signed on Hwang Bo's Arisong poster at Beijing TFS Fansigning


    Credit to n_h_0_4 @ twitter!

    He even wrote SSANGCHU on it!

    And notice how he didn't write on Hwang Bo's face!

    Awwww sweet Shillang!
    "He liked her; it was as simple as that."
     Nicholas Sparks

    Joongbo Love is a Love that will live F.O.R.E.V.E.R.
    For Joongbo Fanfics, visit my blog.
    YongSeo/ Goguma Couple


    image image

    image  image image 

  • hjhblover2hjhblover2 Posts: 140Member


    Ssangchu Chinese fans Are out of this world good..It was killing me that i couldn't get in to soompi for some reason..

    I love the fact that they keep signing each others stuff like my friend rispas said..This year is going to be a good yr for Ssangchu/joongbo fan God willing...

    I hope someone will post the fan accounts.I would love to read them like i always do...
    Sometimes love comes around And it knocks you down.
    Just get back up When it knocks you down.</b>
  • cadiyimcadicadiyimcadi LondonPosts: 66Member


    This is great news looks like our couple ready to come out of closet and soon maybe very soon it could very well be in the soeul fan meeting our shillang might confess what we all have been wishing and hoping for..well done to ssangchu chinese fans.. 2012 already making us joongboers smile .. holding my breath and waiting for more Great news from our lovely couple..thanks nh04 and jobibee for sharing this awesome news
    Keep smiling and believing
    To the World
    Big hugs to all
  • maricrismaricris philippinesPosts: 360Member


    my god its 2012 :w00t: already and we are still here! 2008 to 2012 . i'm so happy that they are still gaining fans, who would've thought that when they jokingly said to meet in london on 2012, right?? and its 2012 already.

    are the old timers still here? :sweatingbullets:

    and yeah I STILL BELIEVE :wub:

    XtinaMaria's YT account

    I Love Shinhwa
    Hwang Bo ~ S.E.S ~ Super Junior ~ DBSK ~ FTTS ~ SS501

    chonsa's JOONGBO blog here
  • naomznaomz Hwang Bo is the only one PERFECT for Kim Hyun Joong! Posts: 1,581Member


    JoongBoers are getting bolder and braver no wonder JoongBo themselves are getting bolder and braver too! It's just January 4, but here we are with new spazzes! I can just imagine the upcoming spazzes we have in our year! Yes 2012 is our year! 2012 is JoongBo Year! So brace yourself, fasten your seatbelt, get your popcorns ready, okay i know i;m not making sense, but what i just want to say is that, this is just the beginning. THERE IS MORE TO COME! and it's going to be BIGGER! wait til we reach the climax of our favorite love story! and of course its happily ever after ending :)


  • roadsidelionsroadsidelions Ssangchu IslandPosts: 53Member


    edited January 2012
    ZOMG this is amazing! :w00t: Thank you Ssangchu Chinese fans, Hyunjoong, Mr. Jeong, meiliss060806, n_h_0_4, JB siblings @ SH, jobibee, EVERYONE for making this such a happy, happy day!! JOONGBOERS ARE JJANG!!! :wub:

    Looking forward to reading the fan accounts!

    *grabs popcorn & waits patiently*

    ETA: Wow! Didn't have to wait long at all. Massive thanks to Scorpio, Hyunika & Gerry for sharing! :wub:

  • sandraa_verasandraa_vera Posts: 7Member


    usakochiba wrote on 29 December 2011 - 08:56 PM:

    Hey, two posts in one day kekekekekekeke

    I saw this picture and immediately thought I'd post it.

    *quoted image*

    aprovechando, alguien por aca que hable español? solo para no sentirme tan solita     :phew:

     here we go 1600 pages :)

    Hola!! usakochiba, ya no te sientas sola yo hablo español!!
  • missm0ngmissm0ng Posts: 7Member, New Member


    hello..and happy new year,,
    i was just watching AGAIN the fake farewell episode.. 

    and this come to my mind...
    is this the reason that shillang come back as a MAN and not flower boy style??

    buin said that ..shillang is the coolest guy when he win the wrestling during chuseok special episode..
    then..during shillang interview..he said that..ohh..buin like this side of me..
    ( i thought taht the side they means is..shillang man side..which he win during the wrestling..i may be the coolest for a guy win the wrestling..)

    so..the conclusions is..shillang comeback with a more man buin love that side of shillang..shillang is the coolest guy..h0h0..

    keep waiting...for the wedding the world..joongbo FOGHTING!!!

    opppss..i forget to  say this..
    the day that i am so happy to read in this soompi..ather than after marry you single

    when all the joongboers  give their full commitment to accomplish the 1600 pages..
    every times, i opened the has anew posts..wowww..i really love it...haha

    tq so much for all the spazzes..congratz as the 1600 pages..:) ( maybe it too late..??
  • yasinnayasinna Posts: 35Member, New Member
    edited January 2012
    Joongiiee wrote on 04 January 2012 - 04:48 AM:

    what episode is the part when he said "BABY, YOU OKAY?".  Please tell meeeeee?:)

    At Farm Episode...when they visited Old Grandma...the Grandma said that "being old is a crime"...HB laugh at it but HJ didn't & his face full of worried watching HB reaction then HJ said "You're Defeated" in korean then he whisper "Are you Okay Baby?" in english to HB....aaah his voice is so sexy when he said baby hehehe ^^
  • boboXmaiXboboboboXmaiXbobo Posts: 2New Member
    Hi hi,

    I've been a long time Joongbo fan lurker and thought I step out this one time to share something a video that was mentioned
    a few pages ago.

    My link
    This video was when Kim Hyun Joong was the show Secret and what caught my eye was what was talked about during
    the time of 4:20, along with Hyun Joong's expression.

    Another time was at 5:16 when Hwang Bo's friend, Eun Ji Won said at 5:16

    Well hope this is a good kind of a shy person but back into lurker mode :ph34r:
  • MaLa0910MaLa0910 Posts: 29Member, New Member


    I literally joined soompi just so I can stroll through this thread! There's just something about the two of them that's priceless. I'm actually re-watching their eps on WGM again for the nth time and it still never fails to put a smile on my face..aish those two ♥

    ^ that signed poster!!!! OHMYGAH. Great way to start of 2012 =)
  • -riarz--riarz- Posts: 25Member


    jobibee wrote on 04 January 2012 - 06:15 AM:

    Ssangchu Chinese fans are JJANG!

    gahd, I can't contain myself! Too much excitement, too hyperactive!

    Hyun Joong Signed Joongbo/ Ssangchu Poster

    Credit to meiliss060806 @ twitter!

    Hyun Joong Signed on Hwang Bo's Arisong poster at Beijing TFS Fansignin

    Credit to n_h_0_4 @ twitter!

    He even wrote SSANGCHU on it!

    And notice how he didn't write on Hwang Bo's face!

    Awwww sweet Shillang!

    OMGGGGGG!! SSANGCHU!! Haha! I nearly fainted!:wub::w00t:
    If he wrote SEGYERO, that would be TOO OBVIOUS but still, he always can't contain himself haha!

  • ily10ily10 Posts: 6Member
    @jobibee....thanks for your post.... :Pcan't stop myself from smiling and dancing around.. :wub:

    :wub:~~~still believe and will wait patiently with my popcorn~~~ :wub: :wub:

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