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[official] ☜♥☞ Joongbo Couple ☜♥☞ Newly Wed's 1st Open House



  • naomznaomz Hwang Bo is the only one PERFECT for Kim Hyun Joong! Posts: 1,581Member


    Mine's going to be a little different. It's not exactly "My Favorite JoongBo moments". It's more like "My Favorite JoongBoer Moments with JoongBo" :) and i'm still thinking if i'll edit it later with pictures and videos. So here they are in no particular order kekekekeke....

    1. When HwangBo went to Cebu in May 2009 and did the segyero with the Pinay JoongBoers! I believe that was the first time she did it with JoongBoers and posed for pictures too :)

    2. At the Thailand airport When HwangBo went there for her fanmeet and charity event. Remember she was wearing the infamous black General Idea cap? Her airport fashion was similar to one of Shillang's that one JBer even made a psed pic of them? the one that freepunkt showed shillang last august here in Manila.I believe HB was giving us subtle hints about them.

    3. Taiwan airport, when Shillang saw a JB poster and he looked at it, smiled, and tapped it!

    4. Singapore airport, when Shillang grabbed a JB poster out of the hundreds of posters there. Then later on you can see him in his car looking at the jb poster ^_^

    5. At the IMM FaceShop store in Singapore, when Shillang, grabbed a JB picture he's been looking at the whole mini event, and then smiled when he realized what it was and gave it to his manager. lol!

    6. At CrownePlaza's elevator, when Shillang was in Manila for his charity concert. We caught him on his floor, and we shouted segyero and did the sign and he replied by doing the sign and bowing to us. ayiieeee!

    7. The JB dolls that a JoongBoer made for them that are placed in Shimsontang's shelves, and the plant that bubblezzangs sent buin. I just thought it was sweet for HB to put them there considering she knows those items are from JB fans.

    8. During HJ's hi5 event here in Manila last August and he saw our JB hats. You could see that he did check out all those pictures!

    9. Same hi5 event, when cati_21 did the segyero and Shillang responded with segyero too! aaaaahhhhhhhhh and it was caught on cam! Just goes to show he's so well aware of our SEGYERO SIGN! yea beat that! LOL!

    10. When Buin came here in Manila to check on her adopted son, we posed for pics with her and she posed with the segyero sign with us as well :)

    I LOVE ALL THESE MOMENTS! They just prove us that WE ARE NOT BEING DELUSIONAL and that we are not just making up stories. JoongBo themselves shared those memories with us!


    Happy New Year tomorrow my fellow Wild Fancy Peeps!



  • shesaysshesays East Coast, USAPosts: 362Member


    edited December 2011
    WE DID IT!!! :w00t:


  • pinkskullcandypinkskullcandy Posts: 4New Member


    edited December 2011
    Hello Siblings! WE MADE IT TO 1600 Project! Congratulation! to all of us! In line with that I would like to share something. This are gathered info from previous spazz and shows of our couple. Those people who in one way or another made a significant impact on our couple…So, here:


    Jung Hye Young--- Shillang’s Omma at PK---Buin’s Close Friend

    Eun Jiwon---- KBS Secret with Shillang----Buin’s Friend

    “At this part narsha was been asked about who between HJ and heechul that she interested with..
    narsha said that she want to be close with HJ..then jiwon butt in and said that HJ doesn't want to..while HJ laugh and shake his hands and head to deny that..ahaha..if you notice that jiwon said it rather naturally and it looks like he mean it..or is it just my mind turn into delusional?? haha..and HJ seem shock cause its sudden..myb he didn't expect that to come?
    this one also give us the hint that there's something fishy going on between jiwon and HJ..we know jiwon is HB friend right..?
    and look they both sit beside each other..that shows they're its possible that jiwon know something about them and said like that on behalf of HJ..ahahaha..seems like more to come since his back in action now..kekeke..
    waiting for the next epi of secret cause they will reveal HJ secret..myb we can expect some good news?”

    Park Soo Jin—Rumored as Shillang’s Ex GirlFriend---Buin’s Compassion Friend

    “Park Soo Jin, that was previously speculated as HJ ex-girlfriend when he admitted in Strong Heart that he had a 5-month relationship with a girl from an idol group.”
    Tom Cruise---Shillang’s wants to be reborn as TC---Buin’s Crush/Idol
    Hyun Jun---Shillang’s Baby Bro ---Buin’s Favorite Brother in Law/ OhBama/ Radio Guesting/ Credit in HJB Album

    Yong Jae from 4Men

    “On March 13, 14 at the SH Theater, 4MEN (Young-jae, Shin Yong-jae, Kim Won-ju)'s first individual concert [The 3rd generation] was carried out, and ended amidst much talks.

    Having usually been a fan of 4MEN's, SS501's Kim Hyun Joong had revealed that he wanted to go watch the concert just 30 minutes before the 2nd part of concert on the 13th night at 7pm, through his manager.
    Just after releasing ticket sales in a week, all tickets for the 3 concert stands had been sold out, despite not having any invitations for a good spot (to view concert), Kim Hyun Joong expressed his acceptance even if he wasn't sitting beside sound amplification systems (to get good audio), and just enjoyed the concert happily.

    Now...with so many ...many coincidences between the two of them....this news sound like another coincidence...bcos Hwangbo knows one of the member of the 4MEN or to be said know him very close. In fact coincidentally....this evening i was watching the rerun of Music Bank...and then appear 4MEN...singing their new song from their latest album, i think.. This men group was formed in 2001....and it was supposed to be 4 men but then one of the man did left the group.....that is why now left 3 men...hahahaaaa.

    HB was on Hyun's Music Party radio 2/12/10 with Heo Seok and 4 Men, no picture yet. But guess who
    know 1 of the members of 4 Men pretty well ( Kim Young Jae)? I thought that I recognize him form some
    of HB's pictures. This is Young Jae, credit: 4 Men's soompi forum this coincidence or just plain..Going to 4MEN concert for the sake of someone? And who knows that someone also give her support to the 4MEN oppas and attended the concert. Strange HJ got into the concert 30 minutes later....scared being recognized????? Came in...In the dark...????

    Check out from 4MEN.... their latest songs, I'LL BE voices and singers...I am sure..HB omma loves to go to their concert too.”

    The Greatest Love ----No need to further explain---this is Joongbo in a TV Drama

    HAHA---Strange Closes with Shillang as showed in Running Man ---One of Buin’s Close friend in the industry

    Hyorin---Shillang was with her during Happy Together and was comfortably interacting with each other---Buin’s Sworn Sister, Got close to Hwangbo during Ohbama, as was seen pictures together in Idol Olympics.

    Kang Dong Won- Shillang is Jealous of this Guy. Period.---Buin’s Ultimate Crush. Period.

    Park Kyung Lim--- she was the MC for HJ's first debut "Break Down Showcase" a fan meet for his fans on his birthday June 6, 2011----If not mistaken She’s also a Close friend to our dear Buin.

    SeoTai Ji---Shillang’s Idol, reason why he worked hard to be a singer---Buin---she played SeoTai Ji in MG episode---is that some kind of coincidence in a million times!? Lol

    Hong Soon Hyun---Shillang’s Guest in his MV Lucky Guy---Saw an early day’s picture of her and Hwangbo if I’m not mistaken…hehe

    Choi Hwa Jung---Shillang’s most detailed interview at SBS Power FM’s---Buin’s Good Friend.

    Bong Sun---Shillang was with her during SECRET and was very comfortable around her, at home, very at home lol. Buin’s Close Friend/ the one who called during the kiss mission part of the fake farewell.

    Jung Ryeo Won---With Shillang at Gummy’s MV---Buin’s Friend/ Chakra Member.

    Yon-sama---Keyeast CEO ---Buin first mention Bae Yong Joon during WGM “The Winter Sonata” during the winter mission.

    So there you go….Not only in accessories, clothes, styles but in everything our couple is always connected… I know I failed to put everything up but please feel free to add some more if you guys can remember some…

    Thank you to Ssangchu Heaven Family…. Bubblezzang for the overflowing happiness and everyone! sorry but I'm always a silent lurker hihi

    Thanks for all the help KIani and BabyG and everyone!


    Credits to those who posted some of the spazz that I included here ^^ sorry I wasn’t able to link you back…I have to scan from 1500 to start with this….Thank you! You guys are great!

    borrowed some of the photos, credit to the owners ^^
  • BabyG12BabyG12 Posts: 247Member


    edited January 2012
    YEAYYYYYY !!!!!   

    WE MADE IT ..... 1600 PAGE 2012 ... MISSION ACCOMPLISHED ..

    CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL OF US ... AM PROUD TO BE JOONGBOERS AND IM PROUD OF OUR FRIENDSHIP AND SOLIDARITY ..... thanks sibling for lending helpful hands and to sunbae nims for supporting us ....

    When @luvhjxtoo sunbae came out with the idea  .. and we discussed it .. we were contemplating whether we want to give a go or a no. I remembered we were at page 1590 i.e 23 December 2011 .... we did simple calculation ... to get to 1600 page we need about 20 posts X 10 pages = 200 posts in 8 days ... which we considered as ridiculous? hard? Impossible? But @luvhjxtoo sunbae said .. thats THE CHALLENGE ....TO MAKE THE IMPOSSIBLE .. POSSIBLE .. we dont have any tactic to apply .... but we only have the competitive spirit inherit from URI COUPLE ... to achieve the hardest while having fun and laughter .. ssorry if during my pleading, begging, demanding, threathening .. some of you got offended ... emmmmm Im just not good with words .. sunbaes said Im blunt and can say things without an ounce of guilt .. emmm Im sad? ... no Im not ... coz no matter what .... they said they still LOVE me ....

    When we were at page 1595 on 29 December 2012, or 20 posts X 5 pages = 100 posts in 2 days .. when I thought we will not going to make it .. I came to a realization .. the spirit of working hard ... the thought .. the process ... thats what matters ... thats what Buin taught us too ... WE WIN THE SPIRIT .... WE WIN IN TERMS OF SOLIDARITY .. above all we made it just in time .... and what a way ... a special way to start the BEGINNING OF A NEW YEAR. Fighting !!!

    So ... Goodbye 2011 ...


    And ............. Welcome Purple 2012


    To uri Shillang and Buin .... and to my JoongBoer family ... every where around the world .....

    Never Get Discouraged ..
    When things Go Beyond Your Expectation, Always Remember ..... That The Greatest Glory In Life Is Not Wining .... But Rising Every Time When You Fall.

    So dont forget ...
    One Who Wins Without Troubles ... Gets VICTORY ... But .... One Who Wins With Lot Of Troubles Gets GLORY ...

    Love everyone around you ... love more and never hates because .........
    Some People Come In Your Life As Blessings, And Others Come In Your Life As Lessons...

    Never look at problem as hindrance to move ..... instead look at it as an opportunity to prove ......
    Things are .. as they are. It is you who label them as beautiful or ugly .... good or bad ... black or white ..:D


    I Love U
    I Love U
    I Love U
    I Love U
    I Love U
    I Love U
    I Love U
    Don't be so confused, I love other alphabets too

    Luvs  ... hugs ... and kisses ... :wub:

             S E G Y E R O !! JOONGBO Forever !  


  • _pyn__pyn_ Posts: 1Member
    Greetings Everyone ^O^
    My first post but I've been lurking here for months , hihihi ^^;
    Hv a sister around here so I just watches her posting everything XD
    What Joongbo did to me ~
    I'm a 16 girl and this couple showed me how true love works ! LOLOL
    But yeah its shows me how monkey loves are seriously nothing compared to a marriage love ^^;
    I owe them and everyone here a lot ~~
    I'm in trial to spread the Joongbo love , 
    so Joongboers Fightin !! p^O^q 
    (Seriously I did this last night to contribute for the 1600.. but now its already 1600, heheh ^^; lol overslept)

    HAPPY 2012 Loves ~

  • bebelabbebelab JoongBo LandPosts: 161Member


    edited December 2011
    Awww CONGRATULATIONS, JOONGBO PEEPS!! 1600 pages of pure JB LOVE :wub: :w00t:


    May 2012 be as awesome as we wish for it to be!


    You are my ONCE in a lifetime.
    *credits to tinchiq and sell19 for the avatar and banners*
  • AlilbitgothAlilbitgoth Posts: 175Member


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    By: me  feel free to use it joongboer's

    Congrats everyone for making it to 1600. I wanted to make my contribution and so I had to figure out what I wanted to say so I decided to offer my psychoanalysis  on the couple. I mostly lurk but I will try to be more active in the future.

    Fresh Woman

    I decided to name my post this because of my newness to Korean entertainment industry. Plus Rain is my reason for the interest at 1st which started in 2010.    

    Like most of you, I too became a KHJ fan from BOF which I watched early this year. Also like most of you, veteran fans directed me to WGM to find out the 411 on him. Of course he’s gorgeous but it was his personality that drew me in. I like to surround myself with eccentric people, people who are leaders and not followers and that is one of many qualities I love about him.
      I wanted to offer my take on the couple with what I call a fresh pair of eyes. At the time I was watching this show, I had no previous knowledge of the fandom, history, rumors and double SS world. All I saw was a man and a woman, thrown together and trying to make the best out of an awkward situation.    HWANGBO: While watching this show, I totally sympathize with her. She is a woman who clearly knows what see wants and is looking for a man that can take care of her and has stability. When paired with a younger man, she’s uncomfortable because she views him maybe as a lil brother at first, someone whom she can teach. Women are often taught that you date and marry older men because they tend to be more knowledgeable in the world therefore, they can teach you. Of course we worldly women know that is BS, LOL!   When a woman is dating a younger man it is never taken seriously because it is seen as if he is her boy toy and or he is using her hence, why they kept revering to KHJ as “kid groom” even though he was an adult. Sorry but 23 is not a kid no matter how he acts.

    Clearly we see her sort of try to distance herself emotionally from KHJ but as time went on and they began to notice they had more in common than they thought and the walls came down.  Instead of just staying in her head, she decided to just go with it and not think so much. That is the allure of the youth, spontaneity.

      KHJ: You clearly see that he is very guarded against strangers and has to get to know you before he opens up. He clearly had a problem with her still lookin at him as a kid and not a man. Which is usually the case with older women and young men relationships so of course, he decides to step up his game and be more romantic. I don’t know, maybe a serenade in the garden and paper cranes will do.   

    For a guy that doesn’t like public displays of affection, he makes challenges for the loser to act cute and kiss the significant other. Ummmmmmmmm……. Oh did I forget he finds ways to touch her, how about a message, here let me help you or just grabbing her hand. I’m sorry but you can’t tell me he wasn’t interested or falling for her.

     It’s been my experience that when men are interested romantically or sexually they are the first to try to initiate intimacy, whether it is a hug, kiss or holding hands.
      What he didn’t realize is that he hadn’t met the one that he wanted to show his emotions to until HB. That’s why he didn’t do public displays of affection with his pass girlfriends but he totally did it on WGM.   So after the last show ended I was sad and wanted to find out more about them and find other fans who loved them as much as I which led me to Ssangchu heaven and the rest as they say is history. I am a fan of KHJ but I’m also a realist. Even if he doesn’t end up with HB, the woman he does end up with will be a lucky woman. He is a human being and he will not be single forever.   

    Thanks to all the joongboer’s and their spazzes for giving me something to look forward to. Also for all the JBPS that I’m using for banners LOL! Cause they are just too fabulous not to.

    So without further ado, here’s my fave moment, while I do love all the ones you all posted and mostly are the romantic moments. This moments kills me every time and I’m surprised no one posted it.


    KHJ showing her how to write his name with her butt :lol:

    Happy New Year Everyone!!!!

  • roadsidelionsroadsidelions Ssangchu IslandPosts: 53Member


    edited December 2011
    Woooooo~ yeah! Congratulations Ssangchu Family! WE DID IT!!






    @naomz -- I LOVE your post! Might have to print it out to refer to whenever news & hints run low in future. :D

    Now I need to share more from lk, who's been making a video timeline for our couple.

    To all siblings who posted @ soompi.Bravo!Bravo!

    Roady,pls help!Timeline 2009

    SS501 New year interview (Haha!Shillang & I think they did the mission to Buin at the end)
    090113 Sang Sang Plus BOF cut
    090202 YSMM interview & song
    090302 piano & shy smile (from 21:30,Buin!He did it again)
    MBC Section TV Hyunjoong Interview (Buin's style,socks spazz)
    090331 GoodBye Yoon Ji Hoo special talk
    090331 Kim Hyun Joong - Because I'm Stupid (Buin!I'm waiting for you!^^)
    09 05 07 Arirang tv (I like how they're teasing HJ, "seongsuk")
    090523 Music High with HJB (must see from 40:25!^^)
    090611 SS501 on Sukira Kiss The Radio Show (@3:20,white dress,backview!^^)
    090615 SS501 promo (JM get hot)
    090701 HK clip (just my WF,Buin were there)
    091030 SS501 Music High (hehe!5 men & a lady,I found all HB related.6 clips in total,here is no.1)
    091107 Chocolate SS501 1, 2 & 3
    091107 Champagne (6 clips in total)
    091107 Kim Hyunjoong's ideal girl cut 1, 2 + slow motion
    091110 SS501 Power Time Radio [eng sub mention of WGM]
    091121 Buin chocolate (@6:43 I heard many times,not "the top" but "Top choice"hand covered her heart means..she is not telling the truth?^^)
    091201 Buin YS & KJ strong heart (5 clips in total)
    091215 Kim Hyun Joong strong heart (7 in total)
    091212 HK Persona (HJ staring at ssangchu t shirt,see how HJ & JM reacted!^^)

    Sorry siblings!This is the best I could do so far & I will take my time to finish the rest.Thanks SH & meme for this wonderful home!And to all JBRs!Happy New Year 2012!
  • GAgaGAga Posts: 15Member
    Wow congrats guys..1600 pages mission accomplished.....:w00t:

    Less than 12 hours to 2012.....Lets celebrate it..

    #MyMostValuableThingIn2011 is I found JoongBo (around February) like everyone said, the rest were just history...  :P

    I'm waiting for another big surprises in 2012..Thank you JoongBoers to keep this thread alive and all spazzes...

    Lotsa Love for You all..!! X.O.X.O


  • ily10ily10 Posts: 6Member
    we did it!!!!


    :wub: :w00t: :wub:
  • SandraW2779SandraW2779 Posts: 54Member


    edited December 2011
    Congratulations on reaching 1600 pages

    It's only a few hours till New Year, so

    [IMG]http://i40.Richard Simmons/15nnknd.jpg[/IMG]
  • pamunesspamuness Posts: 15Member
    edited December 2011
    happy 2012 awesome people!


    just because they made me smile
  • -riarz--riarz- Posts: 25Member


    edited December 2011
    luvhjxtoo wrote on 30 December 2011 - 08:30 PM:

    haha...I'm securing my spot on the infamous  page 1600, keke..

    but while this page is still pending...gonna leave this here....for now...
    ..When they received MBC BEST COUPLE (DEC 2008)
    *quoted image*
    *quoted image*

    WARNING...under construction babyg says...and she knows what kinda mood I've been in lately, haha...

    Haha! I really LOLed here!:D
    Yey for our 1600th page!

    I was at Greenbelt 3 (Makati, Philippines) last night with family when I saw this restaurant called:
    I can't help but smile and remember our couple.:wub:
    2011 was personally a sad year for me due to a lot of things but discovering JoongBo is one of things that made me happy.
    (And yeah, seeing KHJ at TriNoma last August! Oh how I wish I could see HB soon too!)
    I admit I'm kinda new to this ship, just this September 2011, but I'll certainly fight for them and help protect them against negative forces (haha!)

    Once again, thank you my dear sisters for the updates and pics and spazzes! :w00t:

    BTW, are there male joongboers here?
    My husband is actually one!

    But he's not here hehe;)
    I just share updates with him.


  • [font="'Palatino Linotype"]WHOAH!!! OMO!![/font]w00t.gifw00t.gifw00t.gifw00t.gif
    [font="'Palatino Linotype"]
    [font="'Palatino Linotype"]
    [font="'Palatino Linotype"]YAH! DIDNT I MENTION THIS BEFORE: URI JOONGBO FAMILY IS JJANG!!![/font]biggrin.gifbiggrin.gifbiggrin.gifbiggrin.gif
    [font="'Palatino Linotype"]
    [font="'Palatino Linotype"]YOERUBUN, CHUKAHAMNIDA![/font]
    [font="'Palatino Linotype"]
    [font="'Palatino Linotype"]JOONGBO FIGHTING![/font]wub.gifwub.gifwub.gifwub.gifwub.gifwub.gifwub.gif
  • roadsidelionsroadsidelions Ssangchu IslandPosts: 53Member


    edited December 2011
    Before 2011 disappears I need to thank Hwangbo and Hyunjoong for the happiness they've given me this year. I'll always be glad I decided to watch WGM, through which I discovered two beautiful souls capable of making me smile and believe that love exists after all. Must be part of the positive forces and magic they inspire that I found them at just the right timing in my life. :)

    I wish them a year of good health and much happiness in 2012, and hope they continue to find fulfilment in their work and daily lives. No matter what they do they will have the strength of their many fans and supporters behind them.

    To finish, I'll share what is probably my very favourite of their 100th day photos..


    :wub: :wub: :wub:

    Love and Peace to All!
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