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[official] ☜♥☞ Joongbo Couple ☜♥☞ Newly Wed's 1st Open House



  • dearHOLLISTERdearHOLLISTER Posts: 3Member
    edited May 2008

    oooh i think that they are gonna be the couple that you get attached too! i cant waitt
  • AlecRubyAlecRuby The Bel-TownPosts: 1,485Banned


    QUOTE (LaZClaraBear @ May 11 2008, 11:54 PM) »
    I thought Hwangbo said shes 80er on the show... O.o

    yeah she is born in 1980, i think if it was correct, during the drive to their home, hyun joong might have asked hwang bo what year she was born in. he probably guessed 81, but she said 80 and he was like surprised or something like that, that's why hwang bo was moving around in the seat and laughing really hard, because she said "lotto" which i guessed means she got a pretty young boy as her husband.

    credit: yanasot
  • Lighto_YuchunLighto_Yuchun Goong MPosts: 2,051Member
    I love JoongBo couple <3 Can't wait for their episode to come out!
    Seeing their caps/preview made me excited alread...ahh!
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  • MuizeMuize Posts: 461Member


    edited May 2008
    I thought about naming this couple too but i named them as "HyunBo" hehehe. When i first heard of them to be on this show, i was like "OMG! will they get along?" cos they seemed to be so different and HJ,persoonaly i thought, was quiet.
    At the Jeju airport, while watching, i said to myself "Oh my, someone's gonna say something about their awkwardness and compare them to Alex+shinae for sure"..sigh. But things are getting better. On yacht, HJ was more open playing with HB, the way he grabbed HB's shirt when she fell was so funny like he doing with a guy ^___^
    Preview for next week, i saw more laugthers of them and it's really interesting...can't wait!
    BTW, Thanx for the cap, hope next week they will be present on the show more

    i don't think age does matter but personality does.
    ~~~Let's fate decide their paths~~~
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  • appl4appl4 Posts: 1,504Member


    although they look awkward.. in the first meeting.. but i hv faith in this couple.. they will sure entertain us..hoho.. !!! because of hwang bo..
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  • phunyaruethaiphunyaruethai somewherePosts: 63Member
    actually i think Hyun joong is blunt but that's what i love and hwang bo is very outgoing and i like when she laugh
    they will make a good couple for sure
    i also love their awkwardness
  • AlecRubyAlecRuby The Bel-TownPosts: 1,485Banned


    i can't wait for the next ep when joongbo go to the beach and playing together at home.

    i think they will definitely grow, people need to get pass the age thing, because looking at hwang bo, she doesn't look that old next to hyun joong.

    keep up the great comments, i may decide to come back and make some artworks of them.

    credit: yanasot
  • littlemisssunsunshinelittlemisssunsunshine peaceful Posts: 2,071Member
    they're both just naturally funny and outgoing.
    sexy boy is just sexy and you know.. lol
    this is going to hilarious. xD

  • S O U R*S O U R* addict. Flor-ee-duhPosts: 337Member
    they were so awkward at first but i wanna see them warm up to each other later
    omg she's only 45kg????
  • sarahilalsarahilal MalaysiaPosts: 134Member
    edited May 2008
    eventhough this is a joongbo couple (which i am really excited to watch later!!) thread.
    but i would like to know what happened to saori and Hyungdon or hyundon?

    i know alex had to go because he has to promote his solo album and stuff.
    i was really sad when he said he had to leave and Shin Ae was crying..

    but i cant wait for joongbo couple:)
  • ikayikay Again & Again PhilippinesPosts: 3,100Member
    lol.. i'm starting to like this couple.. ^^
    joongbo.. image
    i like hyunjoong's hair when they came out.. xDDD

    avatar/sig by me
  • kaelumkaelum Gd&#39;s ClosetPosts: 385Member
    edited May 2008
    it seems like they are awkward with each other,
    but their awkwardness is cute >.<
    i wanna see more of them
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  • MuizeMuize Posts: 461Member


    edited May 2008
    I'm not so sure but i try my best so there'll definitly be mistakes so take my apologize....
    Thanx to this site for korean transcripts:
    Without you, i have no clues what they said cos i can only read some korean but can't listen image"

    this is what i can guess some of their conversations:
    (interview about what they thought of their couple: HJ didn't expect his couple would be hwangbo (correct me pls) and HB ...i can't remember but you might read it somewhere already.)
    HB asked him to drive cos men did better than women and HJ said he was so tired from shooting MV then she asked if he wanted her to drive..."No" he replied.
    HJ asked HB where to go. She said she didn't know either so .....

    HJ: Going to Hotel?


    HB: (embarrassing)


    HB asked him " we're married, what should i call you?" he answered that his ex-gf (or something) called him "Ya/야"..odd what does this mean???
    Then HB said something like after marriage you should/had to work hard to earn more money and he innocently said "Yes! this month i've already had two jobs"..(i can't stop laughing, he's adorable!)..then HB bursted out laughing

    HB wondered if they had to stay in one room, HJ said he could do it (means he can stay in one room with her) so if he could the she could too HB said.
    About their clothes, they hadn't seen them before. HJ didn't like and wanted wearing "couple shirt", HB asked then what they should do or would she wear it alone so HJ asked her what she thought about it..."it's beautiful" she replied.... Therefore, HJ said he had scissors and then like you guys have watched

    "누나 죄송한데 여기 V로 한 번 더 잘라 주세요" this is so polite as far as i know.
    HJ asked her to cut it even more V in a so polite way and then, as you saw, she laughed out loud rolling on the floor....
    HJ brought comics books with him to go fishing too!...
    I'm not so sure about this: HB said if she fell into water, come help her. Then HJ said if she fell, she'd survive that was life vest for (confused? means he wouldn't jump into the water to help her cos she was wearing life vest...)

    at the end in interview, HJ said he wanted to show HB that he caught some fish but he couldn't catch one....
    ~~~Let's fate decide their paths~~~
    Nadal won Olympics gold medal!!!!!! Genius! Vamos Nadal! Happy ~^^~

  • love4dbsk&amp;sujulove4dbsk&suju E-N-G-L-A-N-DPosts: 2,908Member
    lol a couple from xman
    hwang bo is still pretty as ever
    but how is HJ gonna be able to manage this as well as his schedule?
  • AlecRubyAlecRuby The Bel-TownPosts: 1,485Banned


    wow, great to see more supporters of this new couple. and thanks 4EITA for providing the screecaps of joongbo when they were on xman. I didn't have a clue that they appear on xman, that's another great way to kill sometime by watching that ep.

    does anyone what ep they appeared on together?

    i think joong is rather quite funny when he is talking to hwang bo, or she wouldn't be rolling every and laughing her head off. it shows that there are definitely chemistry between them, just how much? we'll have to wait for that.

    as for joong's schedule, i don't think he would take on this show, if he knew that he couldn't do it. i think he will appear on this show for quite some time, crosses fingers.

    thanks again for supporting this thread...

    more comments please!

    credit: yanasot
  • phunyaruethaiphunyaruethai somewherePosts: 63Member
    thanks so much Muize i hope someone will do subtitle so i can understand i'm dying to know what they talking about
    it would b nice if someone could do the summary or sub it...since i can't understand korean at all plzzzzzzzzz
    as i read it from Muize i find hyun joong and hwang bo make a cute couple
    i think the way hyun joong say to her is very cute. yeah... he could be really blunt sometimes
    i hope next episode would be less awkward(now they might be awkward but in a cute way tho)
  • BuNnIeMomiJiBuNnIeMomiJi Posts: 783Member


    lmao hyun joong is so blunt XD Leader is always in his own little world. I'm defintely looking forward to this couple image
  • lilmariah35lilmariah35 In love with Yamapi NEWS is RA-BUPosts: 316Member
    everyone, thenks for sharing pics and links!!!! I love this couple!!
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  • AlecRubyAlecRuby The Bel-TownPosts: 1,485Banned


    I didn't know they were on X man. Now I must watch it!

    They are so cute. Does that mean they are staying in the same room?
    can't wait until this weeks epi is out!

    credit: yanasot
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