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[official] ☜♥☞ Joongbo Couple ☜♥☞ Newly Wed's 1st Open House

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♡Kim Hyun Joong (SS501) & Hwang Bo (GENERAL)♡


For more information about their whereabouts and biography make sure to click on each of their images.

Official MBC site: WGM
Broadcast: Airs every Sunday at 6:10PM Korean time

MBC We Got Married is a show where participating celebrities are coupled as husbands and wives to portray the lives of newly-weds. on 11th May 2008(episode 9), SS501's Kim Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo joined the show as 'older wife-younger husband' couple, thus bringing a new situation and a different air to the show.[/color]

You can find all the clips here!
Thanks to ranyforest @ youtube for the list.

Just several pictures to enjoy!

image image
image image

General Info For Joongboers

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Thanks for their collaboration since the opening of this thread: To all Joonboers and specially to Muize, subwfreaky, Chonsa, hellobello, JoongboSkittles, jaejoongie, Rikkimargarette, Witchwitch09, blurryfella87, Rebby and everyone who contributed on this thread.

For more information on the couple and the variety show refer to 'We Got Married' Thread.

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    edited May 2008
    ohh i never knew her real name was "hye jung" - why did she ever cap it down to "hwang bo"? XD sounds so....err...manly? XD XD XD

    i watched the ep image they seemed to have fun together, although very awkwardly lol

    looking forward to future eps <3 HJ is always hilarious <3
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  • vanmailaemvanmailaem Posts: 13Member
    it looks very interesting, where can i watch this? utube?Can anybody tell me? Thankx
  • kfreakkfreak concrete jungle where dreams are made ofPosts: 6,636Member


    edited May 2008
    is this couple like the romantic type?
    sigh* i miss Alex and Shin Ae,
    but maybe this new couple can be great too..
  • mintifulmintiful ????? SoCalPosts: 3,531Member
    i like this couple. image
    lmao. awkward leader. <3
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  • voyagervoyager Posts: 203Member
    I don't really understand what this shows about...

    Can anyone explain please? image'

  • cReAmPuFfs320cReAmPuFfs320 CaliforniaPosts: 116Member


    AHHH i love this couple!!
    theyre soo awkward it so cutee! image
    but i think as time goes by theyre going to be a very interesting and funny couple to watch! image
    i cant wait for more episodes to come out!!!!!
  • x teeheex teehee Posts: 1,418Member
    I haven't seen the episode yet, but I think this is going to be an interesting couple. ;D
    icon credits to ㄴㅏ 는 ㅎㅖ진 ^^
  • ohhreallynowohhreallynow JayWalker Posts: 1,804Member


    hyun joong looks sexy driving that sports car

  • repeat_on_echorepeat_on_echo HogwartsPosts: 3,173Member


    AH, I wanna watch it so bad!!!! Haha, image
    Hyun Joong's nickname definitely suits him, ahhh<3<3
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  • evelyn168evelyn168 Joongbo&#39;s WardPosts: 4,253Member


    I had a good laugh watching them cause they seemed so awkward at first. But I think they're joking around a bit more towards the end. I can't wait till next week as they walk along the beach.
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  • candyl2454candyl2454 So Nyuh Shi Dae is <3 USAPosts: 341Member
    i wanna watch.haha.
    i luvv dem both.dere funny.
    but it will be even cutier if dey pair up hyun joon with tiffany!!!
    but i still like these to together
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  • Rachel Lee.Rachel Lee. BITTERDRAGON. Posts: 1,975Member


    what a SEXAY couple. hwangbo's so g. i love her. & hyunjoong's a cutie. image
  • sahsah BlackHolePosts: 34Member
    ooohh.. I'll love to see the young husband, older wife coupling too!!
    I'm sure they'll be funny too. cus hwangbo's the funny kind of gal..

    can't wait for the subbed episodes to come out!!
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  • hwangb0&lt;3hwangb0<3 Posts: 35Member
    edited May 2008
    I love when she driving the car up to him, isn't she sexy image. As u can c, I'm one of her fans image Excited to see them, though I want her to couple with Junjin from Shinhwa at least in 1 show
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  • kassumakassuma Posts: 1,456Member


    i hope both can get over thier akwardness and have more fun exploring a noona-dongseng romance
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  • damseldamsel in tackey&#39;s bedPosts: 178Member


    they're such a cute couple! i watched their part and i think they are fun together even though at first they look awkward esp. HJ, but i think it's alright since it's their first day together, can't wait to see the next episode.

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  • KimWonSaDanKimWonSaDan U.S.APosts: 790Banned


    Thanks for these amazing replies on JoongBo, I thought starting this thread will have a lot of bashing on them, since people think they were too awkward.

    thanks again for the support! i hope that they will continue their fresh relationship into something more natural. i mean give them a break, who rarely goes on a tv show acting like real married couples for the first time not knowing much about the other person they are being paired up with?

    i really like hwang bo's personality, she is really real and has a cool laugh. no wonder people always called her general bo in xman. i like her a lot because she is different from most korean actresseses these days.

    hyun joong is so nice and formal to her, i just love the part when he ask "noona, excuse me, but can you cut the shirt more of a V shape?" that was classic, hwang bo was totally rolling on the floor. "We are a couple right? No need to say excuse me..." ahahahahahaha.... love it!


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  • LaZClaraBearLaZClaraBear ???<3 Posts: 5,699Member


    I thought Hwangbo said shes 80er on the show... O.o
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