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Super Lash By Apple.

Possibly the best kept secret in mascara?

So my friend just told me about this brand and as make up junkies, neither of us had heard of this brand before. But she got one from her friend who said this brand is popular in Mexico and I guess is just starting to come to the states? Maybe not. But apparently in her opinion, the best mascara she has ever used. And she has tried all the popular mascaras; DiorShow, FiberWig, Greatlash, etc etc. And none of them seemed to live up to the hype. I didn't think they did either so I just gave up trying to find a good mascara because they all weigh my lashes down and and my lashes are too fine to hold a curl for too long. So she tried this brand, and it hit ALL the right marks. It volumizes, lengthens, curls, holds, EVERYTHING. And it's made with natural oils that you normally wouldn't find in mascaras like AVOCADO oil. And get this... it's only $2.50!!!

I'm pretty much sold. But I still want some opinions. Has anyone tried it before? Any particular major drugstores I can find it in? I seem to only be able to find it online for now.



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