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Is There Any Other Option Besides Braces?

LovinSoshi14LovinSoshi14 Posts: 227Banned
and veneers..
My parents refuse to pay for veneers and the dentist dude says I'm too young for them (I'm turning 17 too, wtf? Im almost an adult lol)

I dont want braces at 17 image image but my teeth are like crooked...isn't there like some kind of surgery that could just INSTANTLY put my teeth in the correct order and then they just give me a retainer?

what are the other brace-like option besides braces and well false teeth / veneers? ^^


  • xstarBURSTxstarBURST no. somewhere in a box.Posts: 4,728Member


    Invaslin? i think it was... But that's just a pain in the butt and more $$ than braces. Just get braces it's worth it, I had them for 6 years and i like my straight teeth now. Plus, your family's insurance (if they have any) covers the cost of Braces which makes it even more worth it for you.

    17 isn't close to being an adult.. imo 21 is.
  • Classic ExampleClassic Example Miscellaneous Los Angeles, CAPosts: 4,437Member
    Oh if only it was that easy. I know plenty of people older than you that have braces. Just give it a try...
  • JAMIEEJAMIEE CaliforniaPosts: 913Member
    there's invisalin.
    i heard it's really expensive though.
    don't be embarrassed about getting braces just because you're 17.
    a lot of older people get them these days. there's no age limit. just try it!

  • sukenjusukenju USAPosts: 30Member
    I'm pretty much in the same boat as you... I'm getting braces in 2 weeks and that's my 16 1/2 birthday. Ack... But it's better now than never.... ><;
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  • YamaSushi7YamaSushi7 ???? Washington StatePosts: 1,878Member
    You could just try and wear a night-gaurd at night when you sleep.
    Those REALLY worked because my dentist let me skip wearing braces.
    But this might take a while depending on how crooked your teeth are.

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  • duh123duh123 Posts: 1,379Member


    if you are afraid of what people may think then you can get the braces that are attached on the tongue side of the teeth instead of the more common one that is on the front of the teeth. getting braces isnt that bad, i have teachers who still have braces in my highschool. its not uncommon to see more older people with braces nowadays. i got my braces at 16 and that was a year ago. its really not that bad. i felt the same way as you did with not wanting braces so late. but i ve come to realize, its really worth it. having slightly crooked teeth wont take long to fix with braces if you go to a really good dentist.

    i think everyone who doesnt have perfectly straight teeth wished that there was a way to instantly get their teeth straight then straight to retainer. i m sure theres some plastic surgery way to do that but i m not sure.

    and like others have said theres always invisalign. my older cousin uses invisalign as his retainer too which is pretty cool but its expensive. its more than the cost of regular braces.

    i think if you dont want to have metal in your mouth then you should choose invisalign. hope this helps.
  • klx13klx13 CA, USAPosts: 1,952Friend of Soompi


    You ARE too young for veneers, also, with veneers, you have to get them replaced every 10 years or so. It's also expensive. And if not done properly, they can also cause pain in your gums.

    Braces are a good option. I know a LOT of people my age (20's) who are getting braces for the first or even second time. It's totally normal.

    Also, I asked my friend about invisalign and the those braces on the backs of your teeth (she's a dental school student right now), and the invisalign is only good for slight changes. Also, invisalign can be performed by any dentist, not just orthodontists. Orthodontists are actually trained and know more about how to fix your teeth better. And those other braces (forget what it's called), they aren't that great because they cut up your tongue and it takes a while to get used to, and also it's tough to brush back there. She herself is getting regular braces (for the second time), and now I'm considering it, too.
  • Sasha100Sasha100 NoR*Cal for lifePosts: 666Member
    MY sisters 19 and she has braces. Plus Invisalign is really expensive and its not for people with crooked teeth, just for poeple with minor problems.
  • amydienamydien Toronto, CanadaPosts: 2,908Member


    It depends on how crooked your teeth are. My dentist made me skip braces and just made me wear retainers because my teeth werent so crooked. I wore them at night and when Im at home.
  • chitahchitah USAPosts: 2,281Member
    if they're not that bad, i saw there's like trays that u can wear and over time it'll fix ur teeth. apparently its much cheaper O_o. and u wear them at night or something
  • little mixed girllittle mixed girl little miss trouble west jaPanPosts: 4,604Member, Friend of Soompi
    why would you want veneers?
    it's not some simple procedure, and if the doctor messes up, then your teeth are messed up forever. (and yes, 17 would be too young)

    if your doctor isn't recommending braces, your teeth probably aren't as crooked as you think they are.
    i would say that you should wait and research your options and talk with your doctor.
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  • Noel_WilliamsNoel_Williams Posts: 95Member
    I had Invisalign. I got it because it was an alternative to metal braces. I wanted to get this upper tooth to move back and align itself with the others. Instead, I needed to move the bottom out, and there is a hole where I got an exertion years back. Invisalign will close up that gap. So, in all, 18 months equal $5,400.00 for me. And that's the best price I could get. I went to about five places, and that's the lowest. But this is two years ago, so perhaps the price has dropped. Invisalign seems to be a great alternative if you ever consider it; but it's not for extreme cases, like many mentioned already. Just minor changes and shifting. Good luck.
  • emceejemceej beach, californiaPosts: 6,429Friend of Soompi


    my aunt is a dentist. she does Invisalign.
    although it's expensive =(
  • ProductofChinaProductofChina Posts: 251Banned
    Option 1: Braces
    Option 2: Crooked teeth
  • Baby.dollBaby.doll has been busy lately . Posts: 2,205Member
    edited May 2008
    Theres braces that go behind your teeth o.o
    so like you can't see them.
    they are more expensive than regular braces of course.
  • k1nkychinkyk1nkychinky lalalandPosts: 250Member
    i suggest yu get braces now cos theres no other alternative and you dont wanna wait nelonger. 17 is bad image

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