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[movie 2009] Haeundae 해운대 (7/23/2009)

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HaJiWon, SeolKyeongGu, UhmJungHwa, ParkJoongHoon, LeeMinKi...



Ha Ji Won as Kang Yeon Hee

Seol Kyeong Gu as Choi Man Shik

Uhm Jung Hwa as Lee Yoo Jin

Lee Min Ki as Choi Hyung Shik

Park Joong Hun as Kim Hwi
Oh Dong Chook (played by Kim In Kwon)

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Movie: Hauendae
Casting: Ha Ji Won(Hwang Jin Yi, Miracle on 1st Street, Babo), Seol Kyeong Gu (Public Enemy 3, Venus and Mars), Uhm Jung Hwa (Changing Partner, Get Karl! Oh Soo Jung, Seducing Mr.Perfect), Lee Min Ki (A Day for an Affair, Romantic Island, Oishii Man, Taerung's National Village, I Really Really Like You, Dalja's Spring)
Director &Executive Producer: Yoon Je-gyun (Miracle on 1st Street, Sex is Zero)
Producer: Lee Ji-seung
Screenplay/Original Story: Yoon Je-gyun
Cinematography: Kim Young-ho
Editing: Shin Min-kyeong (won the Best Editing Award for "Seven Days" at 2008's Grand Bell Awards)
Music: Lee Byeong-woo
Lighting: Hwang Soon-uk
Recording: Eun Hee-su
Sound: Choi Tae-young (LiveTone)
Art Direction: Hwang In-jun
Costumes: Kim Jung-won
Make-Up: Lee Sun-mi
Schedule to be premiere: July 2009 (unconfirmed)
Presented by CJ Entertainment
Produced by Doosaboo Film
Distributed by CJ Entertainment
Natural Disatster, 35mm, 2.35:1, Color, Dolby SRD
Brief Synopsis: It's South Korea’s first disaster movie and centers on a tsunami that wipes out South Korea’s most famous beach, Haeundae, in Busan City.

Located on the Southeast of the Korean peninsula is the international city of Busan. A popular vacation spot on the East Sea coast, Haeundae draws one milion visitors to its beaches every year. Man-sik, a native of Haeundae, went deep-sea fishing four years before and lost a co-workier in a tsunami; he has never returned. He now leads a simple life running a small sushi shop and is preparing to propose to his longtime girlfriend, Yeon-hee. While these seemingly banal domestic affairs unfold, geologist KIMHwi, an expert on tsunami research, discovers the East Sea is showing signs of activity similar to the Indian Ocean at the time of the 2004 tsunami. Despite his warnings, the Disaster Prevention Agency affirms that Korea is in no harm of being hit. When he discovers a super tsunami starting in Tsushima, Japan is headed stratight for the Korean peninsula, he quicklu heads down to Haeundae. Eventually, KIM gets a call about a deadly oncoming wave, with only ten minutes to spare! While the vacationers and citizens of Busan are enjoying a peaceful, hot summer day, a super-tsunami is headed straight for Haeundae.

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This beach is off limits! Korea enters disaster movie field with ‘Hauendae’

There is a lot of genre association with regions of Asian cinema. There are some films that one country
will do better than the rest. And when you think of Korea one of the first genres that come to mind certainly
would not be DISASTER MOVIE! But U.S.-based Polygon Entertainment has comes to terms with Korean
firm Doosabu Film to produce two effects-heavy Korean features.

The first is Haeundae, to be directed by Doosabu head Yoon Je-gyun. It is billed as South
Korea’s first disaster movie and centers on a tsunami that wipes out South Korea’s most
famous beach, Haeundae, in Busan City. Now why does that ring a bell? The name is familiar
to film industry players because Haeundae is also the location of the Pusan International Film Festival.
Actress Ha Ji-won [The Duelist, Sex is Zero] has reportedly been cast in the lead role and briefly
stolen my heart as I write this post. Polygon will oversee special effects on this film.

The second film is a sci-fi monster movie about the crew of an oil rig battling a deep sea monster.
Having already done the monster movie really, really, well we’ll see if Korea can do it again.
No director has been named yet and shooting should begin in 2008. Polygon will act as a full
co-producer on the second project, while also handling rights in North America. Firm will be involved in
both projects from the screenplay stage.

Original article at
Posted by Mack


'Kang Cheol-jung' Seol Kyeong-gu, next work is 10 billion won project "Haeundae"

Seol Kyeong-gu has returned in seven years as detective Kang Chul-joong in "Public Enemy Returns" which premieres on the 19th.
His next work will be the blockbuster "Haeundae".

The movie "Haeundae" will start test filming in August.

A representative of "Haeundae" said, "Seol Kyeong-gu's role has been confirmed.
We will start filming in Haeundae in August, when people start gathering there".

"Haeundae" is a blockbuster prepared by Director Yoon Je-kyoon, who directed "Sex Is Zero" and "Miracle on 1st Street".
It is about a tsunami that covers Pusan Haeundae. Ten billion won has been invested, and Ha Ji-won will be in it.

Seol Kyeong-gu plays a father with two children, and will act as a father once again
following "Voice of Murderer" and "Public Enemy Returns".

Hans Uhlig, the computer graphic supervisor for "The Perfect Storm" and "The Day After Tomorrow",
will help in "Haeundae". There is anticipation for a realistic portrayal.

Original article at Starnews
English Translation at HanCinema
Posted by kdramafanusa


Uhm Jung-hwa in the new movie "Haeundae"

Costarring with Ha Ji-won and Seol Kyeong-gu in the movie "Haeundae", Uhm Jung-hwa returns to the movie screens after a year.

Uhm Jung-hwa will be acting as one of the civilians who suffer under the great tsunami that hits Pusan seashore of Haeundae.
Filming for this high budget film will begin this month!

Last year, Uhm was in the movie "Changing Partners" and currently she is active as a singer for her song, "D.I.S.C.O".

Original article at cynews.cyworld
English Translation at HanCinema
Posted by creidesca


Huge Cast Battles Tsunami in 해운대 (Haeundae)

Just how big is this cast going to get?

Billed as Korea’s first ever disaster movie, Yoon Je-Gyun’s 해운대 (Haeundae) seems to be wasting little time in
attaching a huge list of stars to its blockbuster label. Ha Ji-Won being cast was a pretty predictable move,
as she’s been appearing in some way or form for the last few Yoon films—after 색즉시공 (Sex is Zero) anyway.
But the rest of the list is pretty impressive, starting from Lee Min-Gi to Lee Joon-Ki (the former might have
replaced the latter, though, as there was no word of Lee Joon-Ki in recent news), Hwang Jung-Min, Seol Gyeong-Gu,
and last in line Eom Jeong-Hwa and Park Joong-Hoon. Film is about a huge tsunami hitting the beaches of Haeundae,
Busan (anyone who ever went to the PIFF should be familiar with the place), and all the happenings surrounding the event.
Park will play the man who discovers the formation of this huge tsunami, and tries to alert the
Busan population, while Eom will be his divorced wife.

The 15 Billion won blockbuster will be produced by Yoon’s own Doosabu Film, while CG will be handled by
Hollywood’s Polygon Entertainment, one of the two projects Polygon will be involved with in the near future.
The film will start preliminary shooting (CG-related) later this month, and begin principal photography in September.
Yoon’s last film, the human dramedy 1번가의 기적 (Miracle on 1st Street), was one of the biggest
hits of 2007, with over 2.7 million tickets sold.

Original article at news.naver
English Translation at twitchfilm by X


Principal Photography Begins on Korean Tsunami Movie HAEUNDAEAll
Star Korean Cast Teams with US FX Crew for Large Scale Disaster Movie

The popular Haeundae Beach will be wiped out by a tsunami in the upcoming South
Korean disaster film HAEUNDAE. Photo courtesy of Polygon EntertainmentOn August 18, 2008, Doosaboo Film, Inc.
began principal photography on the motion picture HAEUNDAE at the beaches of Busan, South Korea.
In the upcoming film— billed as “South Korea’s first big-budget disaster movie”— Haeundae Beach and
the surrounding district will be utterly destroyed by a tsunami.

Besides serving as the name of the movie, Haeundae is one of the most popular beaches in Korea; on
any given day one can find more than 100,000 tourists packed on its narrow one-mile strip of sand.
The beach is also home to Korea’s world-famous Pusan International Film Festival.

HAEUNDAE is being directed by Youn Je-Kyoun, CEO of Doosaboo Film. Born in Busan in 1969, Youn
is a popular writer, producer and director whose credits include the hits MY BOSS, MY HERO (Doosaboo
Ilchae, 2001), SEX IS ZERO (Saek-jeung-si-gong, 2002), MY LOVELY WEEK (Naesaengae Gajang Areumdawun Iljuil,
2005), and MIRACLE ON 1St STREET (1 Beon-ga-eui Gi-jeok, 2006).
Youn is well known for translating his humorous and romantic nature into his films, and the press release for
HAEUNDAE states this will also be the case with this latest production.

HAEUNDAE star Sol Kyung-gu in a scene from the movie KANG CHUL-JUNG:
PUBLIC ENEMY 1-1 (Kang Chul-jung: Gonggongui Jeog 1-1). © 2008 Cinema
ServiceFollowing the “all-star cast” formula of American disaster movies of the 1970s, HAEUNDAE is
packed with A-list actors from the Korean film industry.

Lead actor Sol Kyung-gu plays the part of Choi Man-shik, a Haeundae Beach shop owner and the head of
an association called the “Haeundae Dock Shopping Street Prosperity Committee”. Sol is an internationally
acclaimed actor who has won the Korean Grand Bell Award and been named “Best Actor” at the Blue Dragon
Flim Festival, the Seattle International Film Festival, and the Bratislava International Film Festival. His credits
include the award-winning PEPPERMINT CANDY (Bakha Satang, 2000) and OASIS (2002) as well as the box
office hits PUBLIC ENEMY (Gonggongui Jeog, 2002) and SILMIDO (2003).

Popular actress Ha Ji-won in a scene from A FOOL (BA:BO).
© 2008 Wire to Wire FilmsActress and singer Ha Ji-won stars in HAEUNDAE as Kang Yeon-hee, the owner of
an unlicensed sashimi restaurant located on the Haeundae waterfront. Ha previously starred in the Korean
horror film PHONE (Pon, 2002), SEX IS ZERO, and MIRACLE ON 1St STREET. She won a “Best Actress”
award for her role in the television drama SOMETHING HAPPENED IN BALI (Ballieseo Saengkin Il, 2004).
Doosaboo Film recently announced, “We are excited to see actresses like Ha ji-Won, who is currently in the
mainstream of popularity in Korean movies, in our film”.

Ha Ji-won responded in kind. “I’ve worked with director Yoon Je-kyoun several times before,” she said,
“so now we can read each other’s minds with just an eye contact. I will do my best on HAEUNDAE.”

Veteran actor Park Joong-Hoon portrays Kim Hwi, a geologist working at an oceanographic institute. Park
has worked on dozens of Korean movies and also acted in the American film THE TRUTH ABOUT CHARLIE
(2002), which was directed by Jonathan Demme and starred Mark Wahlberg and Tim Robbins.

Eom Jeong-hwa returns to the big screen in HAEUNDAE. The actress/singer
is seen here is a still from SEDUCING MR. PERFECT (Miseuteo Robin Ggosigi).
© 2006 Sidus FNHPopular Korean actress/singer Eom Jeong-Hwa plays Lee Yu-jin, a career woman
coordinating an international event taking place in Busan. Her character is the ex-wife of geologist Kim Hwi.

Eom is one of the most successful K-pop singers of the 1990s, and is as well known for her revealing outfits
as she is for her roles in movies like MARRIAGE IS A CRAZY THING (Gyeolhoneun Michinjishida, 2002) and
PRINCESS AURORA (Orora Gongju, 2005). She is also the older sister of Eom Tae-woong, the star of the
Korean/American monster movie CHAW which is scheduled for release in December.

Rounding out the main cast are Lee Min-ki and Kim In-kwon. Lee has the part of Choi Hyeong-shik, a lifeguard
working with an ocean rescue unit. He is also the younger brother of Sol Kyung-gu’s character, Choi Man-shik.
Kim plays Oh Dong-choon, a local scamp and former elementary schoolmate of Kang Yeon-hee. The actor was most
recently seen playing a violent drug addict with a penchant for razor blades in FATE (Sookmyeong, 2008).

The first day’s filming for HAEUNDAE involved shooting a scene where Choi Man-shik delivers side dishes to Kang
Yeon-hee’s sashimi restaurant. It describes a peaceful day in Haeundae where the characters do not yet know that
a great disaster is headed their way. Actor Sol Kyung-gu said, “I’ve been worried about the bad weather,
but it seems that heaven helped us. It looks like a good omen for a smooth shoot.”

HAEUNDAE Director Youn Je-kyoun.Director Youn Je-kyoun added, “It is an honor to have a chance to work with this
great cast, and I feel very good because the first day of shooting was successful. I will do my best to a finish the film on schedule.”

After principal photography in Busan has wrapped, the crew will head to the US in November for special effects photography.
The American feature film production company Polygon Entertainment has taken on the challenge of producing
the tremendous special effects of water scenes and to provide the CGI for the picture.

Based in Marin County, California, Polygon was founded by Hans H. Uhlig (a digital artist and supervisor on such
TOMORROW) and Kim Doo-jin and provides a full suite of digital production services from live action to 3D
animation and visual effects. Youn Je-Kyoun enthusiatically announced, “With Polygon Entertainment’s founders’
impressive resume of past productions like THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW, THE PERFECT STORM, and
MASTER AND COMMANDER we are all excited to see what they come up with for this action-packed film.
We know it’s going to be footage never before seen!”

The budget for HAEUNDAE is reportedly 15 billion won (approximately $15 million US). The Korean film distributor
CJ Entertainment will provide all financing for the movie and act as co-producer. HAEUNDAE will wrap in December
2008 and be released in the summer of 2009.

Source: Sci Fi Japan
Polygon Entertainment official press release, official Korean press release
Translations and Additional Material: Kim Song-ho (Loomis)

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