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Fishbone In Throat.



  • xsmittenxsmitten <3 Vancouver, BCPosts: 1,691Member
    Go to the hospital.. emergency. That's what my sister did. It happened to her when she was young..
    We tried everything to make it go down, but yeah.. nothing work.
    When they took the x-ray, there was nothing there.. it was just damage from the fishbone (it scratched the inside of her throat and is causing discomfort..).
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  • STEPHOO--STEPHOO-- B.A.P SydneyPosts: 4,579Friend of Soompi
    QUOTE (aznpridegurl=_= @ Apr 15 2008, 01:57 PM) »
    That happened to me too before and my dad told
    me to drink some lemon juice and somehow the fishbone
    just melted away. Im not kidding! =]

    probably cuz lemon's acidic.

    but yeah, It happened to me once and I ate like 5 bananas in one sitting. It went away but I felt like puking afterwards O.O
  • krYstIikrYstIi swimming w/ the turtlesPosts: 400Member
    that happen to my cousin when she was young..
    her dad stuck his hand in her mouth to get it out which was pretty gross
    usually if that happen, i'll just eat clumps of rice,
    but i avoid fish with bones ever since it happen to my cousin lolz
  • precious4eprecious4e Posts: 5,980Member


    edited April 2008
    I had a bone stuck in my throat once. I tried everything to get it out. Then I had to stick my fingers down my throat to pluck it out because it annoyed the crap outta me hahah. Luckily it wasn't stuck too far down and I could reach it.

    But I agree with others, you may just be feeling the damage done by the fish bone.
    Good luck! hopefully you're better now.
    411 JAPAN Pics
  • KagerouKagerou Guelph OntarioPosts: 203Member
    My grandpa went to the hospital when that happened to him.

    soy sauce, I've been told that it works.

    Also, maybe coke?(the drink...) the acid might dissolve the bone
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  • bonbonsbonbons The MUA D.C. baby&#33;Posts: 5,754Member


    omg that happened to me like when I was really little, I freaked out crying because it hurt bad and thankfully my neighbor was a doctor so he helped me~ I don't remember exactly what he did XD (maybe it was a hook?? hahah) he was like "it went down probably"...
  • lacklusterlackluster a soul like mine nycPosts: 1,330Banned
    cool i had a bone stuck in my throat 2 weeks

    ate bread.
  • iya.donghaeiya.donghae I'm in college. Btw. somewhere humid.Posts: 2,714Member
    Thanks for all the replies. image I feel loved.

    It finally went down! >o< I was thinking of going to the doctor, and somehow, it just disappeared. .__. Maybe it's scared of doctors! XD
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  • xsilentangelxsilentangel BostonPosts: 6,534Member


    QUOTE (HeartOnHerSleeve @ Apr 10 2008, 10:39 PM) »
    Gack. The longest I've had something stuck in my throat was thirty seconds, and it was a piece of a Dorito.
    That does sound scary. I don't have any advice to give to you, but to get it checked out by the doctor.

    I had a Dorito stuck in my throat too!
    I gulped lots of water really quickly.
  • BAN`CHANBAN`CHAN ? ? ? 416/519Posts: 3,509Friend of Soompi
    edited April 2008
    if a fishbone gets stuck in your throat for a long time, most likely it's gonna become infected.
    i think u should go to a doctor. they can help you get it out for sure.

    nvm =) glad it went down!

  • DreamssDreamss Posts: 5,655Member


    oww..the most for mine to stick there is like 1 hr, and i was bout to cry
    cuz it wont come out..and oww..
    D: i feel bad for you. um well is it really ike deep down?
    if not, cant you pull it out?
    thats what i did LOLS. if it really wont come out you should go to docters? :[
    hope it comes out!
  • helenmelonhelenmelon they say it&#39;s quite windyPosts: 343Member
    Oh my goodnesss... That is so sadd!!! seriously!! I only had mine stuck for probably like 2 minutes once. whoa man. I think you should go see a doctor or something!! tell us when you get it out!!
  • kyuurei ★ Posts: 3,642Friend of Soompi
    edited April 2008
    OMG WTF. That's crazy!! Reading your situation just gave me this funny feeling in my throat. The longest for me was probably just 5 minutes LOL....I can't stand having something in my throat so I do everything I can to get it out.

    I think you should go to the doctors and get it removed. Goodluck!

  • I_broke_a_nail!I_broke_a_nail! Posts: 5,151Friend of Soompi


    edited April 2008
    - Did you try italian bread?
    that really helps. like a hard one. not a softly baked one.

    - and it really depends on how you cooked your rice.
    make sure its really really dryly cooked rice that has been cool for a couple of hours at room temperature. that is the stiffest rice that is edible. my mom says, superstitiously, rotate the plate three times and then take a tablespoonful of rice.

    ... that should work.
    if not... omg... go to the doctor. 3 weeks?! =/
  • Classic ExampleClassic Example Miscellaneous Los Angeles, CAPosts: 4,437Member
    Take a bite of really crunchy bread. Take like a whole mouthful, then chew a little until you're sure you won't choke on it. Chew as little as possible. Then swallow and gulp down a glass of water. Try it a couple times and if you're not successful, I think it's time for the doctor's.
  • forgottenmemoriesforgottenmemories Under the same blue skyPosts: 3,589Member
    Whatever you do, don't drink vinegar. I mean yeah, it can dissolve the bone but think about how much damage it can do your stomach. Vinegar is too acidic to drink it whole.

    But I'm glad it went away! I remember having a fish bone stuck in my throat for an hour. And it drove me insane!
  • apple.Biapple.Bi Posts: 154Member
    3 weeks?
    i'm pretty sure its not there anymore, it'll be the scratch or wound, the pain you feel in ur throat. just leave it to heal and consume liquid food like soup or porridge at the mean time.
    anyhow i heard vinegar should help =)
  • May930May930 MaY Posts: 171Member
    make sure that it was really a fish bone, cause my dad THOUGHT he had a ham yuer (the dried salty fish) bone..and he drank like vinegar..and guess wat?? my mom looked at it, he had an infection...tat must've hurt, the infection + vinegar
    Zhang Li Yin
  • sussus AussiE lANdPosts: 3,213Member
    i swallowed one once...
    thought it was stuck in mah throat for wks

    but it wasnt... it was just that the bone had scratched the insides of mah throat n thats why it felt like something was stuck inside....
    if u realli havin probs go to the doc and take an x ray

    but i think u should be fine ...
  • YuenieYuenie Leges sine moribus vanae Philadelphia, PAPosts: 1,164Member
    3 weeks? I think you should go to your doctor to get this checked out or so they can take it out for you. ><

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