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Red Hair After Dyeing?

dancingbymyselfdancingbymyself Delly-where?Posts: 3,099Member


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Does this happen to anyone else.

No matter what color I dye my hair (any shade of brown/black/even blue black), when the dye fades after a couple weeks it turns red. Not like crimson red, but It gets definate red tints. Like right not I have what started out as medium brown, but is now auburn, and when I stand out in the sun it has like red/gold tints and looks like I got highlights. I think this is weird because my natural hair color is pitch black, without even a brown/red sheen to it (If you hold it up to the sun it still looks black, and the light reflected off of it is kinda bluish/whitish) Does this happen to any of you guys, or am I just a freak.

And I haven't dyed my hair red, or any shade of reddish brown since like 3 years ago
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  • SakuxsanSakuxsan Northen CA =]Posts: 774Member
    maybe some chemical stuff happens to your hair o.o
    i never dyed my so ionno...

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  • xChristineeexChristineee VirginiaPosts: 3,711Member


    Omg, same thing happened to me. I dyed my hair light brown a lot, and after a while it turns a red tint. I don't know why either. My mom said its normal if it turns a reddish tint.

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  • `LANE`LANE ? ???? philadelphiaPosts: 8,227Friend of Soompi


    i think its like an asian thing probably ? like.. asians get these warm red tones/tints.. while white people get blonde/brown tones.

    but beforehand, i will let you know i bought this brand new for almost $400

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  • smilexsayumismilexsayumi ? ILLUSIONS ? ? washingtonPosts: 451Member
    I seem to get it too; like right after I dyed my hair to dark brown it started
    showing red tints and I was just like ahh- that was kind of a waste of money XD
    I think it happens a lot after you dye your hair quite a few times though; just a guess ^ ^
  • megan92megan92 NEPosts: 999Member
    yep i get that too. it's annoyinggg.
  • aznbabe214aznbabe214 Chicago SuburbsPosts: 114Member
    me too. my hair was suppose to be like a brunette color but turned out very auburnish. now my friends say i have red highlights.

    RAWR~ ^_^
  • Xx_ShatteredXx_Shattered s u p e r s t a r `? ! 828Member
    that happens to me too!
    it happens when I dye my hair blone-brunette colours ><
    but it's weird because.. when I dye my hair red.. it fades to brown haha xP
  • M$M$ XXVIIX ♥ Posts: 2,591Friend of Soompi


    I get that too, like right now, even if
    my hair is black, in the sun, there are
    some red tints, I'm planning to re-dye it
  • jj_butajj_buta AustraliaPosts: 218Member


    Yup, me too. Except my hair comes out brown, and red in the sun. It is a waste of money. Lol.
  • angels.disguiseangels.disguise Posts: 1,846Member
    mine does that too
    i dyed my hair blue back
    & after it faded their was like reddish brownish streaks in my hair

  • esayelesayel SFPosts: 110Member
    That's because your hair has layers of color. Once you start stripping your hair of color, it tends to go like this:
    Black -> red brown -> orange -> yellow -> white.

    each color is a layer that makes up your hair--which is why it's so hard to get blonde hair for many asians.

    Also, each layer contributes to the strength of your hair. Black/Natural hair is the strongest, obviously, while yellow/white tends to break quite easily, if not treated right.
  • liimegreeenliimegreeen new jersey (08558)Posts: 2,419Member


    QUOTE (candydive. @ Apr 2 2008, 07:30 PM) »
    i think its like an asian thing probably ? like.. asians get these warm red tones/tints.. while white people get blonde/brown tones.

    nope it happens to white people too :]
    if you dye your hair any shade of brown or black, it will get red under-tones as it fades and is exposed to sunlight. it's pretty inevitable, but you can delay the process by keeping your hair out of the sun and using hair products with sunblock in them.
  • gingerginger i'm a monster!!!!!!!!!&a Seoul, South KoreaPosts: 7,002Friend of Soompi


    It's because the base of Asian hair is red. When you strip your natural color, the red comes through easily. That's why when Asians bleach their hair, it doesn't bleach to a white/yellow as it does on Caucasians.

  • ti_nati_na Posts: 632Friend of Soompi
    ohh wow. no matter what color i dye my hair (besides black), it always fade to an ugly brownish blonde color. image i hate it.
    KEV NISH <3
  • RussianButterflyRussianButterfly Patience, young grasshopper Posts: 544Member
    Your hair is trying to tell you that it wants to be red. (word)


    yeah, I don't know why...
    You have angered the Sun god Ra, you must make amends immediately.
    I've heard that Ra is a fan of fondue parties.
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