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If You're Not Korean/asian...

g0bananasg0bananas Posts: 149Member
how'd you get interested in korean/asian music?
um lol. the title's pretty self explanatory.

i was really surprised to see so many nonkoreans (not that it's a bad thing) into korean music. i've honestly never met a person who wasn't korean, listening to korean music. i think it'd be really cool if people in my area did that lol XD
and i was really surprised when i saw that most of the soompi users aren't even korean when this is a kpop forum.
i'm korean myself, and i prefer listening to korean/american music because i can understand it.

so, if you're not korean, how'd you get interested in korean music?
and if you're not asian, how'd you get interested in asian music?


  • coffee.princessx3coffee.princessx3 NYCPosts: 538Member
    well, i got a penpal through this program at school, who happened to be from south korea.
    and she recommended to me some music and dramas, so i checked them out.
    and then i was like, "whoa! korean stuff is awesome!!" XD
    plus, there are a lot of koreans at my boarding school (who live in seoul),
    so yeah... i kind of got interested through my friends.^^
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  • ladolcevita.ladolcevita. I love me some Big Tuna Halpert Posts: 1,898Member


    Korean dramas -> Love Letter -> Lee Dong Hae -> Super Junior Facebook Group -> Soompi -> DBSK
    And everything else, I just began listening to other artists as I cruised around Soompi for a little bit.
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  • Yuna N.Yuna N. an epik state of mind your fridge`s iceboxPosts: 2,006Friend of Soompi
    1TYM's beats reeled me in.
    My bestfriend introduced me to them, and I just got hooked.
    Then came the kdrama, more kpop, etc.
    And now, my neighbor is korean. He introduces me to new artist, actors, actresses, and keeps me updated on stuff.
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  • hiswendyhiswendy one of those old soompiers from way back when Posts: 4,309Member


    I saw a part of SuJu Fullhouse & fell in love.
  • PDURRRPDURRR a dull boy. Your Wildest Dreams.Posts: 7,610Moderator


    a friend of mine mentioned boa and i did some research on her...5 years ago...
    so while i was looking for boa media...i found i think and then they went down for awhile and found my way to soompi

    and then started listening to other artists
    i'm not much into boa anymore, but she did spark my interest in this genre of music
  • pandacrackerspandacrackers USAPosts: 212Member
    Back in the day when I used to have a xanga (it's all about myspace and facebookie now), alot of my online friends were asian and had asian music on their pages. I think the first Korean song--actually the first asian song--I heard was by BoA. My addiction eventually branched out into Korean dramas and movies :x
  • elevatormusicelevatormusic l'esprit de escalier yesterdayPosts: 3,942Friend of Soompi


    ooh it's so interesting to see how people got into korean music XD
    i try doing that with even my korean friends, and they show now interest at all ._.
  • KanielKaniel CanadaPosts: 276Member
    Big Bang was recommended to me for workout music and then I got hooked.
  • insideMYheartinsideMYheart USAPosts: 2,521Friend of Soompi


    My dad borrowed a Korean drama from one of his friends and I watched it and loved the music so I got the OST... and that's how my love for Korean music started.
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  • xkrndreamerxkrndreamer BASKETBALL IS LIFE Cal State FullertonPosts: 6,295Friend of Soompi


    edited March 2008
    although i am korean, i'll answer anyway to enlighten everyone
    i was exposed to kpop through beautiful eugene noona
  • meilovemeilove For the love of Mei <3 Virginia *Posts: 8,572Friend of Soompi


    i think i discovered dbsk for the first time & then loved them..and went on soompi and branched out. i love asian stuff ! =D
  • amore.amore. Posts: 371Member
    edited March 2008
    I have a friend who is obsessed with Super Junior. Two years ago, she changed the lyrics to some random song for one of our assignments. I had never heard it before but I really liked it. Assuming that it was a Super Junior song, I downloaded Miracle on Limewire. Turns out that the song wasn't even by Super Junior. I never found out what that song was.
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  • emceejemceej beach, californiaPosts: 6,429Friend of Soompi


    big bang inspired me to get into the kpop world back in 2006
  • mikihikomikihiko The fantastic worldPosts: 40Member
    I've already loved Japanese stuff since like 5th grade. But I met my best friend later who was obsessed with Asian dramas and DBSK. She made me a drama lover, but i wasn't so much into Korean stuff at the time. Then she made me join soompi xP, and i saw someone's Big Bang signature picture. I was like "who's that?" and she said "oh that's just big bang." Then i went search happy and am now a Big Bang fanatic. This opened me up to other amazing artists like DBSK, Gummy, Epik High, and SuJu.
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  • SaekoSaeko Chansung's Wifey ♡ Hyun Joong&#39;s Heart &#9829;Posts: 636Member
    edited March 2008
    I'm not Korean/Asian & my story of how i got into Korean music is kinda complicated....but I'll try to explain as best as i can.

    (I'm not too sure how it started in the very beginning, but this is what i suspect happened lol)
    In primary school we had to learn Japanese for 7 & half years! its was heaps cool! I really enjoyed the lessons, it was always so interesting & fun(at least to me it was keke) & I loved making origami^^.

    Um then i guess i kind of had an interest in asian culture, but nothing really started till there was that
    tsunami in Phuket & they showed that MTV Asia aid global benefit in Bangkok concert. It was the first(and last T_T) time i had ever seen/heard asian artists performing on Australian TV. Sadly i had forgotten it was on & only got to see the last few people perform (which made it so i didn't see Rain/Bi's performance)...However i did get to see Jay Chou! He was so good! The very next day i looked him up on the internet & immediately got hooked to listening to his music image.

    After a while i became curious of what Japanese music was i found a website that had their own radio that played
    all japanese music, which led me to being a big fan of singers like Gackt, Arashi, KAT-TUN, Utada Hikaru, L'Arc en ciel, W-inds
    & Rag Fair etc. Then one day while looking at Gackt stuff on a forum, I saw a photo of Taebin & thought he was quite hot lol....uhh so then i found some of his music & loved it! And through Taebin i soon found 1TYM & Se7en...which then some how led to Dong Bang shin Gi! & every other korean singer/group in the world haha^^. And in the end i turned into a crazy DBSG fan kekeke.
    The End.

    (geez that was long)

    Edit: Oh! & since i started looking for Taebin videos when i discovered him...that made me find X-man, love letter, kdramas & singers that were on those shows.
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  • x0_saturn_0xx0_saturn_0x I'm heart sick; heal me; be crazy; can't let you go~ Posts: 4,299Member
    edited March 2008
    Well, for me, I've always liked Jpop music ever since I was really really young (probably since grade 3/4? Yea, really young ^__^) cuz my brother always listened to it, so I kinda just got hooked on it too.
    I got interested in kpop music when my friend discovered DBSK and told me to listen to 'Rising Sun'. =]
    Me, being too much of a jpop fan at the time, didn't bother to listen to it... until one day I happened to find myself watching the Rising Sun music video and falling in love with it! hahah
    So I became a hardcore DBSK fan >=] which eventually led to me finding out about soompi
    where I discovered other kpop artists (BIG BANG!! <3) and other related kpop stuff (game shows -Love Letter- & -XMan-) haha
    so pretty much from there I've become really into korean music/entertainment XD
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  • Peachdoll_OceanPeachdoll_Ocean GeorgiaPosts: 1,632Member


    edited March 2008
    At first, I didn't like Kpop or anything Korean. Why? Because I wasn't interested, I thought it was lame, and the fact that EVERYONE during grade school was totally obsessed with KPOP, it just didn't interest me.

    So, during college, a friend that used to really be into kpop FINALLY, got me to listen to a korean song. (Honestly, I ONLY gave kpop a chance because of my favorite idol, a Thai singer, was a huge fan of SE7EN) I'm still not entirely into kpop, nor am I crazy obsessed with it, but I do like Super Junior, Epik High, and just a few other artists. I like music that I don't understand, I guess because it just has this nice ring to it..

    Also, the game shows are hilarious! When I started to look up se7en, SUJU..that led to rain, 1tym..taebin..etc etc...and they appeared on game shows such as XMan, love letter, star king, etc..and others were on there..Tim, brian joo, tablo, yeh all of them..haha and that's how it began..yehhh..
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  • miss_vickymiss_vicky DREAMiN, since 060605 the bamboo forestPosts: 5,130Member


    I'm not Korean, but I love the music. For some reason it's really different and I like the styles, plus the male artists are hot and dorky. Anyways, to me, Korean music just seem to lured in people and keep those connected. Well that's my opinion. (^__^)
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  • pepprmintpepprmint Posts: 2,050Member


    a non-korean friend sent me se7en and taebin's songs through email, she just likes asian stuff in general
    so yea, she sent me songs, and then one artist led to another to another to another, and i was bait
  • Mellz-Mellz- The NetherlandsPosts: 436Member
    it alllllllllllll began with
    daaamn, that was such a great drama!
    Bi/Rain image ..
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