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Flat Noses...



  • Lara_FantaLara_Fanta Posts: 51Member
    edited February 2009
    it really depends on your facial features and
    the shape of the nose. flat doesn't mean flat.

    flat, but thin and pointy is probably just as
    pretty as a tall, thin nose. on the other hand
    a tall, but wide and hooked nose is not always
  • kiralz0mgkiralz0mg <3 Neverland~Posts: 1,484Member
    It depends on the person's face shape. My sister's nose is pretty flat but because of her face shape, it doesnt look that bad.. but the girl from Romance of Their Own.. that girl dangg her nose.. yeah.. LOL
  • yujunyujun Posts: 596Member


    edited February 2009
    what people consider to be flat noses all don't look flat to me..

    if you wanna know what a real flat nose, just see mine. it's so flat, almost no bridge, and worse still, upturned, just like a pig! ~.~

    however, though i don't like it, but ive learnt to accept it, at least 80% of the time. there are times it bothers me, but most of the time it doesn't really affect me. i don't go round photoshopping my pictures just to get rid of the flat nose. i guess it sort of blends into my flat face haha. people around me also don't make fun of my flat pig nose, which i am thankful for. and i won't consider myself ugly or anything, more than often it's bad hair days that make me look terrible, not my nose. (not that i would know how a straight nose would look like on me, so i guess i can't compare)
  • lovesicleslovesicles Posts: 2,825Member
    i don't have a flat nose, but i do have a bump on my nose.
    i hate it. -_____-;;
    oh hi.
  • Anything321Anything321 Posts: 7Member
    If a nose is simply flat then it wouldn't be ugly, but the problem is the typical flat nose normally comes in package with wide base, bulbous tip and look likes some kind of onion. We have to consider the origin of flat nose. In this world only 2 race have flat nose, that is Blacks and Southern Mongoloids.. and wide/big nose is also the typical trait of these 2 race. See? Flat + wide. That means if you've flat nose you've a high chance of inheriting the width and size as well. And I agree that some flat noses look attractive but mostly don't look that attractive.

    The second picture is what i consider the bulbous onion nose. She can be considered pretty, nice face, everything nice, but unfortunately the nose is spoiling her pretty face! At least that's what i feel about her. I'm pretty sure she'd look 100% better with a thinner and sharper nose.
  • kikkiekikkie Girl. L.A., CaliforniaPosts: 1,808Member


    well, it really depends. i mean, I think chanel iman's nose is pretty flat and kind of wide, but she's gorgeous.
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  • CourtkneeCourtknee Posts: 1,316Member
    I have a flat nose/flat face for the most part.

    I think it doesn't matter unless it's like... way flat, to the point where their nostrils looked like they're flared or something. Or if the nose is huge. o.o
  • rachelnracheln sydneyPosts: 228Member


    edited March 2010
    well, it cant be that bad. cyndee may has a hella flat nose and people still think shes goorgeous (i personally dont see the hype =/)

  • sparkerlysparkerly Apple&Cinnamon; bay area, caPosts: 1,459Member
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  • DarkDanger==DarkDanger== Holland...Posts: 147Member
    It all just depends on the rest of the face,
    Some people look ubercute with a flat nose. :],
    just like my friend, she has a flat nose, but she's just too cute :']

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  • Anything321Anything321 Posts: 7Member
    We can say that flat noses are somewhat unattractive but we can't say that the person with flat nose is unattractive, which is why we still get to see people who look good even with flat noses. This pretty much summarizes it all.
  • picopico Posts: 325Member


    edited March 2010
    its 100% cute, and a straight nose is not cute. Its pretty, bt not cute.
    People who have flat nose, normally have a baby face, and look younger cause of it.
    I have a flat nose, not very flat, but its cousin has a very flat nose, but shes super cute and adorable.
    and i think people who have flat nose normally look good anyways, like it suits them. maybe thats why we have it!
    Im sure we flat nose people have been called a 'doll' .. right? ... or a baby doll...

    Anyways, there are people who are attractive and have flat nose, and people who are unattractive and have straight nose, straight nose doesnt nessasarily makes a person attractive. You have to look at the whole image.
  • badbearbadbear Posts: 122Member
    Personally I don't really like the way flat noses look especially if they're wide and flat. I do think they make a person have a younger appearance, though.
  • mularicemularice London, UKPosts: 755Member
    Hmm.. I have a reallllly flat nose. I've always hated it. Got it from my Mum's side of the family, whereas my Dad has a really good nose. I think my nose looks like a piggy. However, I guess it looks alright with the rest of my face. If I had a taller nose/more pronounced bridge it might not make me any more attractive, it might make me looks weirder! So I'm happy for what I have and how I look, even if I may not be the most attractive girl around.

    Funny though 'cause my boyfriend has a flat and wide nose. We always joke that it's lucky we never want kids cuz they would end up with the flattest nose ever! (:

    TBH I think having an overly large nose is worse as it's more noticeable. But sometimes I think noses are like the most important feature of your face 'cause it's RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE and one of the most prominent features..
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  • shinhdeplolshinhdeplol εїз Woήdεŕ ßαηg ツ Cυвe fαмïly ♔ Posts: 45,051Friend of Soompi


    flat nose can look really unattractive on some people, but i usually dont care much
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  • HighSkiesHighSkies UKPosts: 1,195Member


    It depends on how it fits with the rest of the persons face- so no not always. Sometimes yeah though, I really hate my nose. T.T It really makes me want to have rhinoplasty, but tbh I think it may look weirder if it was thinner oddly enough! It really is all about proportion to other facial features.
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  • .flyhigh.flyhigh icon credit : mipsygosa Perth (:Posts: 2,969Member
    I've got a flat nose and people always tease me about it and push it down >o<; I really want a pointy nose because people say I look like a kid because of my nose

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  • sabbb.★sabbb.★ Posts: 62Member
    it depends on their overall face
    a flat nose can look cute on someone depending on their other features
  • darling-violettadarling-violetta Posts: 11Member
    In general, I think they're pretty unattractive, but I think it mostly depends on how large your nose is. I've seen a couple of pretty girls with very flat, but small noses.
  • tranceeeetranceeee C'est la vie! Posts: 1,487Member
    huh. alot of people voted for the poll.

    My vote goes towards the last one. To me, I personally don't really care 'cause at the end of the day, its the personality which attracts me to a person >_>
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