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Do Only Asians Have Single Eyelids ?



  • AestasAestas Posts: 2,282Member
    edited March 2008
    QUOTE (nanshi @ Mar 13 2008, 09:57 PM) »
    Even though they might not have a fold DIRECTLY above their eye like how "double eyelids" are most commonly thought of in Asian societies, most other races DO have recessed eye sockets (aka: a prominent browbone) which causes their eyes to be set deeper into their skull so they do have an appearance of depth in their eyes. Asians (or Mongoloid skulls) generally tend to NOT have that protruding browbone, so we tend to have virtually no recessed eyes and therefore the only way we can create the illusion of "depth" is through various cosmetic means.

    I think it has something to do with our bone structure (and the difference between Mongolid, Cacausoid, and Negroid skulls).

    Here are some examples of potential "single eyelids" in Cacausian females:
    *it's actually really cool because apparently they have double eyelid tape too!

    But for the most part, I still fail to see any non-Asian races that have single eyelids (mixed people aside) because they generally still tend to have recessed eye sockets which creates the illusion of depth and therefore, a "double eyelid".

    finally someone's talked about bone structure. i was about to but i didn't know how to phrase it. however the link you gave to the caucasian women, they already have creases. its just hidden by saggy skin.

    i think its extremely rare for non-asians to have single eyelids because of different bone structure of the eye socket. Native Americans are descended from Asiatic peoples long time ago so its possible they could have single eyelids. however with history and interracial marriage so likely, its probably very rare.

    some people who said they've seen non-asians with single eyelids may not have looked closely. because the non-asian could just have a hidden, deeper crease or a crease extremely close to the eyelashes.... that is NOT the same structure as an asian single eyelid.
  • JaepiwonJaepiwon The netherlandsPosts: 350Member
    edited March 2008
    ehrm i have a question,
    well a lot of asians have a "flat" face
    do other races have a flat face AND no double eyelids too?

    with flat face i mean ehr i'm bad at describing XD;;
    a lot of asians don't have a bone that's sticking out above their eyes ( i think this makes your face more 3D)
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  • ZIPzoomZAPZIPzoomZAP Posts: 585Member
    woahhh, i didnt know that O_O

    man, if i was white and i didnt have eyelids i'd be pissed.
  • Malice_KaiserMalice_Kaiser The Real ? Posts: 12,072Member


    My brother who is white kind of has single eyelids. My boyfriend who is half black half white has single folds. And I have Mexican friends with single eyelids. So no, it's definitely not just Asians. It's just most common with Asians. ^^
  • Mimi_182Mimi_182 HIGH POINT NCPosts: 797Member


    no i was born with double eyelid lol
    maybe becus i'm mix with white lol
  • [`Y u m m y][`Y u m m y] CaliforniaPosts: 878Member
    I have double eyelid, but is small. I think it depends what genes you have.
  • justlovely12justlovely12 Posts: 1,376Member
    i think the reason that some africans have it is because they have chinese blood in them. during the ming dynasty there were a couple expeditions to africa and many soldiers stayed there, as a result some of the african population are chinese descendents image but other than that i havent seen any other races with single eyelids yet.. i have double tho ^^

    do other races have a flat face AND no double eyelids too?

    i have a girl friend who's white and she has a flat face! first person i know who looks like that, but she has double eyelids, but her eyes aren't pretty.. they're kinda fish like image she's hecka awesome tho ^^
  • backseat_lovebackseat_love Posts: 163Member
    lol man this is such a serious topic...

    i've never seen any non-asians without creases in their eyes. idk maybe it has something to do with the bone structure around the brow.
  • x0_tiKKix0_tiKKi Posts: 258Member
    No, it's not just Asians. But Asians have it the most.
    My friend's Mom has single eyelids, and she's Mexican.
  • jxmodejxmode waltz in code. In front of my laptopPosts: 2,650Member
    Well I've seen some non-asians with single eyelids.
    It's just more commonly associated with Asians.
    I have double eyelids.
  • WendiiVWendiiV WonderlandPosts: 340Member
    edited March 2008
    nope. Not jsut them. I'm nto asian, i'm hispanic and alot of my friends say i have "asian eyes". But i don't have double eye lids. =] Then again i wouldn't exactly concider it a defenite single eye lid. hard to explain.
  • sarahx3sarahx3 Posts: 138Member
    edited March 2008
    does kobe bryant count as having single eyelids (referring the post on the first page)?
    because i think his eyes sink into the socket area under the eyebrow when he opens his eyes, which i still consider double eylid, or at least i dont consider it single eyelid... (i didnt read that post btw, haha oops)
  • iLOVEYB_xiLOVEYB_x PHILLYcheesesteakPosts: 736Member
    well non-asians have single eyelids too, like what almost everyone is saying.
    some asians don't even have single eyelids, like me. i'm double.
    i remember seeing some non-asians with single eyelids walking around.
    but its mostly asians that get picked on. image
  • fabrications.fabrications. i'm a ghost noPosts: 3,540Member


    I know a girl who is half Spanish and half Caucasian and she has single eyelids.
    So, nope. ^^
    But I'm Asian and I have double eyelids. No, it's not plastic surgery image
    It runs in my family! xP
  • PADRAEGPADRAEG Posts: 1Member
    QUOTE (meteorstarbb829 @ Mar 12 2008, 10:25 PM) »
    im asian but i have a double eyelid.
    im pretty sure there are other races w/ single eyelid

    I'm fully Irish, but my mother had CLEARLY Asian 'almond eyes,' & it ran in her family.... When I survey opinions displaying only my mom's eyes, almost 100% who express an opinon, state Asian eyes.

    I am trying to deduce origin, as Celtic 'LeTene Culture' covered Ireland, thru Hungary, and we have no clear path for Celts entry into Europe. I'll need to correlate Celt languages to Central Asians.... SOME DAY! image
  • x_priscillaaax_priscillaaa CaliforniaPosts: 2,005Member
    Idk. I never saw anyone else, but me & some Asians with single eyelids. I guess I don`t really pay attention to it. image
  • sara-tartsara-tart Posts: 352Member


    edited June 2008
    one of my best friends was 100% irish and she had single eyelids, her eyes looked more "asian" than mine and im part korean image

  • Zodiacgrl89Zodiacgrl89 Posts: 206Member
    Believe it or not there are millions of Indians who have single eyelid.
  • Honey.beeHoney.bee ? beepPosts: 6,094Member


    edited June 2008
    No, it's not just Asians. It's just the genes that passes around.

    Maybe you just see too many asians. They're fond with the "single eyelids". Lots of black and white people have those single eyelids, too.
  • Zodiacgrl89Zodiacgrl89 Posts: 206Member
    should I post pictures?
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