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Have You Ever Been Asked.....



  • touchtheskytouchthesky Posts: 6,417Member


    edited April 2008
    um nope. im asian and im studying spanish just like the majority of the asians at my school so no one has asked me that.
  • KateLoveKateLove BostonPosts: 800Member
    I'm studying Korean & I get asked "are you part Korean?" when I say "No, i'm part Japanese"
    they say .. "why arn't you studying Japanese then?" ... image
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  • MichelleysMichelleys ??????? Cerritos, CAPosts: 2,340Member
    Mm, people ask me if I'm Korean or they assume I am just because I sing Korean songs. Like the other day, this girl was like "I always thought you were Korean, until today."
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  • andyroxsandyroxs CanadaPosts: 729Member
    ppl think im from singapore coz i speak both chinese and english @ @
  • dbsuju_gummibeardbsuju_gummibear Ur MiiiND !! o0o0o0oPosts: 132Member
    edited April 2008
    lmaooo !!!! ppl r so oblivious to everything....but no that hasnt rly happened to me !!! but i have had ppl ask me if i spoke like WTF mexican isnt even a language !!! LMFAOOOOO !!!but ya since i speak spanish ppl always ask me why i dont take spanish in school.....and im like "y would i do that? i already know the language" bunch of under achievers!

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  • x_asianaddictx_asianaddict coconut pearl; pleeaaase. californiaPosts: 775Member
    they dont mistaken me for learning a foreign language
    mostly mistaken me for what i look like ..
    simply the same thing i'm guessing
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  • nanstarrrnanstarrr ★24 USAPosts: 3,996Friend of Soompi


    Nope, i guess you have to look alittle bit of japanese for that person to ask you that...i study japanese but i don't look japanese at all
  • butterflyeffectbutterflyeffect ... Los AngelesPosts: 11,910Friend of Soompi
    edited April 2008
    Yes. Someone's asked me if I was Japanese before.
    Funny though no one has asked me if I was Hispanic because I learn Spanish.
    Then again I am Asian. haha

  • qkrcjdflaqkrcjdfla 26976837 CaliforniaPosts: 1,430Member
    edited April 2008
    I'm learning Spanish but nobody asks me if I'm Mexican or from Spain...
  • lostlost une Your MemoriesPosts: 1,338Friend of Soompi
    I am currently studying Japanese, and yes I have been asked if I am Japanese because I speak the language. But people always mistake my nationality, so it's not a problem.
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  • AnnyonAnnyon サンキュー!^-^ アメリカPosts: 2,002Member
    People in my old Japanese class used to ask if I was Japanese, because I'm asian, and because I was really good at learning and comprehending Japanese. Haha! <3
  • i_heart_jaejoongi_heart_jaejoong Southern USA.(arkansas -_-)Posts: 60Member
    I'm taking Chinese next year, but wow, I'm pretty sure NO ONE will ask me whether I'm Chinese or not, because I think I quite obviously look hispanic. image
    I do predict that people will ask me why the heck i'm learning Chinese, because i'm "Mexican" image Geez, can't a person take whatever language they want without people judging them?? Actually, I HAVE been asked why I don't take spanish, since I'm hispanic. And to answer them, I just say,"Umm, I already know Spanish?" Why the heck would I take a language I already know how to speak?? Seriously, some people have NO common sense whatsoever. image
  • jhirokijhiroki ?????dance Posts: 228Member
    I'm Spanish/Filipino/Japanese, and people don't really ask .. but they just say some random phrase, just because I'm mixed.
    I don't look spanish, filipino or japanese too.

    For spanish, no hablo español, si, taco .. lol.
    For filipino, kamusta ka or salamat or some random traditional filipino food.
    For japanese, it's always .. konnichiwa, arigatou, sushi, nintendo, wii, etc. lol

    I'm like okay with both filipino and japanese, since both parents speak filipino and my dad speaks japanese to me.
    Unfortunately, my mom doesn't speak much spanish .. nor do I have a lot of spanish friends, so I can't really learn.
    I'm more of a self-learner, than I am a person that learns in classes. :x
  • <3 for six seasons<3 for six seasons THERE'S NO CHARGE FOR AWESOMENESS. >:D &#9834;Britain&#9675;Germanyy&#9834;Posts: 1,571Member
    i took up German and people asked me if i'm German to begin with. o____o
    and i tell them that i'm part German and taking taking it up will improve my German skills.

    But when we took up Japanese, no one really asked cause it's mandatory.
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  • getawaycargetawaycar ??? ; ?? ? Posts: 1,471Member
    My blockmate asked me when we first met "Are you korean(cos of my file case), so whats korean for {insert the f word here}?"

    I was like, LMAO?!
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  • loversixteenloversixteen Posts: 2,955Member


    I speak chinese, mandarin [just a little bit] and English and people always ask me how to say 'this' or 'that' in Mandarin (I was like I don't know)
  • JaepiwonJaepiwon The netherlandsPosts: 350Member
    it never rly happened to me before
    i study WAY too many languages though
    german, french, english, latin, greek and dutch at school
    and self studying chinese, korean, japanese and cantonese
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  • ???~ Posts: 974Member
    i'm learning spanish.. and i'm korean.. so.. no.. i don't think that'll ever happen.. lol

    japanese and asain.. is a totally different story
  • THiS ONE LOSERTHiS ONE LOSER ai ni de wo <3 Posts: 2,246Member
    No. I tell people I'm taking Mandarin and I get this: "But you're Chinese! Why are you still taking it?" image I speak Cantonese.
  • soheesocute011soheesocute011 korealand (wishing..XD)Posts: 611Member
    edited May 2008
    I'm learning Korean, and yes, people do ask me if I'm part Korean. I don't even look Korean.. image

    edit: Okay, before they didn't notice me much, but now since I usually speak Korean to my Korean friends, the other Koreans who don't know start asking if I'm Korean...image
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