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[Official] TaNyang (Empress Ki) Ji ChangWook and Ha JiWon - EK Guidebook pics p 1499-1500



  • ChelseaSChelseaS Once a Princess Posts: 4,329Member


    AppleP said:

    dear all, 
    please support our 'TaNyang Couple'
    on "Soompi's Valentines Event"

    1. Click this link : First Round
    2. Then click the "awesome" button

    thank you <3
    Yes please do! The final edit will be posted soon so please hold on. =)

    By the way, do we have writers on the thread? Please PM me if there are!
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  • KristineMarieKristineMarie Asia WorldPosts: 102Member


    @ChelseaS, I think your Welcoming banner in this TaNyang forum is better than the one posted in Shipper's Paradise Valentine's Day contest for TaNyang couple. It introduces well and captures the Best moments between SN&TH and the reason why we are rooting and crazily addicted abt this couple. IMO!
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  • morenaclaudiamorenaclaudia Posts: 119Member


    edited February 2014

    I just watched Ep 29's EK with some raw English subs. In the part before TH hugged SN he said that it's ok for him to use him for her revenge as long as she'll stay with TH, even though TH cannot win SN's love. Our Emperor seems to be that desperate. I hope SN's heart will be soften and open her heart to our dear Emperor. Who knows, maybe it will turn upside down. Please Nyangi, our Emperor is going to give up everything jus for you...


  • bebesheinbebeshein Posts: 153Member


    i totally agree with you @avocado.. HJW is the most beautiful when she has no/less make-up and less accessories.. what a natural beauty.. 
  • bebesheinbebeshein Posts: 153Member


    @sayadew yes, i would like to know too if jcw has always been that playful and comfortable with his co-stars.. hihihi!

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