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[OFFICIAL] ♡ Lee Seung Gi ♥ Im Yoona ♡ (Real Life Couple) YoonGi



  • dexter9dexter9 JeddahPosts: 5Member


    edited January 2014
    Lee seung gi is in japan with his family
    What kind of gift he will bring to yoona this time :>
  • -quiescent-quiescent #yoonaddicted Posts: 1,035Member


    edited January 2014
    Yoona 'I want to go on a normal date'


    Seunggi&Yoona Shipper.
  • iheartneimaniheartneiman Posts: 35Member


    @revolu Thanks a lot! I'm off to reading!!!
  • revolurevolu Posts: 308Member


    edited January 2014

    Yeah, that's why i chose the pic, it's like a subtle way of saying Seung Gi is with YoonA lol

    I think any place other then Korea would work. Though apparently in the first episode of Noona Over Flowers there were quite a lot of fans that recognized Seung Gi randomly on the street. And it was in Istanbul, not exactly a location known for it's Kpop fandom.

  • revolurevolu Posts: 308Member


    edited January 2014
    I am thoroughly convinced Seung Gi asked Lee teuk and Eunhyuk if he could go after YoonA

    Starts at 4:10

    Eunhyuk makes the comment that especially with YoonA, Seung Gi is very quick in approaching girls, implying the he is a player LOL

    The whole clip is hilarious because it's Sohee recounting how she bumped into Seung GI at the gym and was embarrassed cause her face was really puffy and she wasn't wearing any makeup.

    link and translation provided by the awesome lsgfan
  • -quiescent-quiescent #yoonaddicted Posts: 1,035Member


    @sonyeos lovely post <3 and yes, girls love her as much as boys. I've been a fan girl of Yoona since 2008! It's been nearly six years now XD

    About Seunggi buying a present for a friends nephew. Could it be Yoona's? I know she has a nephew.. But I don't know how old he is.

    Seunggi&Yoona Shipper.
  • zane87zane87 Wish 9-tendoPosts: 800Friend of Soompi


    edited January 2014
    yoona2007 said:
    SNSD's Yoona at the age of 18 already has an adopted child from Africa Do you know? Yoona at the age of 18 already has an adopted child from Africa ... He often gave envelopes and gifts for the child secretly. Until at last it was known and reported by SBS Hope TV. Where the black child are sending video via 3G for Yoona that he misses she and wants to meet. .. Yoona softly replied "are you okay?" He looked close with that child. Not many who know this, even after the SBS coverage. Yoona might not want this news is too exposed.;desktop_uri=/watch?v=jE3H6B2xPuk (Cr: And please read :)

    The adopted child part is a bit misguiding. To be more accurate, she's SPONSORING money to help the child. Adoption involves legal acts to take the child into her family's registry and has the child named as hers, as well as she as the child's mother by law, which I have not seen a proof of it.

    About the video sending and the parts that follow, do you have any materials or sources to support them? Not trying to be mean but I hope fans don't add up things without a slightest backing proof and just state what is available. I might have missed out those information so if you do have any materials on them, please kindly share, otherwise I hope you can leave those parts out.

  • revolurevolu Posts: 308Member


    @sonyeos lovely post <3 and yes, girls love her as much as boys. I've been a fan girl of Yoona since 2008! It's been nearly six years now XD About Seunggi buying a present for a friends nephew. Could it be Yoona's? I know she has a nephew.. But I don't know how old he is.
    I have a feeling it's for another nephew. But it's definitely alot more fun to imagine it was for YoonA.

    Can you imagine how much Seung GI would be teased though if he hadn't bought 9 presents? His sister-in-laws would be mad at him :p
  • iheartneimaniheartneiman Posts: 35Member


    @jamesbond426 Thanks for the vids. The first one is funny. It also shows us that he is extremely dedicated and he puts forth his best efforts. Now I am wondering how he his wooing Yoona!!! I bet he is making a big effort to match her likes and dislikes! @complete I notice that she tends to stand in the background when they win awards and that she always mention other members when she's interviewed. She is sweet and considerate like that. Other celebrity couples that are outed are not spotlighted much. I haven't heard nor have I seen much publicity about Kim bum and Moon Geun or Ji Sung and Won Bon since they've been outed. I wonder if it'll be the same for our YoonGi couple?!
  • StaRixStaRix Waiting4SJK Posts: 11,363Member


    Lee Seung Gi & Yoona’s Romance! 3 Reasons Why Fans Don’t Oppose Their Relationship


    On the first day of the year, Lee Seung Gi and Yoona admitted to be in a romantic relationship. From singer to entertainment TV personality to dramas, both Lee Seung Gi and Yoona are a top star couple.

    Lee Seung Gi and Yoona started dating in October, and both sides officially admitted to being in a relationship on New Year's Day. Net users and fans alike were surprised at this unexpected news, first thing in 2014. Curiously, jealous comments about the couple have been hard to come by.
    Considering that Lee Seung Gi is well-loved by women his age, as well as older auntie figure fans, it's quite rare that there aren't many people opposing his relationship with Yoona. The same goes for Girls' Generation Yoona. Her pretty and innocent charm has her pegged as a favorite for male fans, so it's odd that there are none who want to stop their relationship. Why could that be?

    Reason #1 - They chose each other as their ideal girlfriend/boyfriend.
    Since long before they ever started dating, the couple has publicly described each other as their ideal significant other. When their relationship was announced this year, the first related comment was, "Lee Seung GI's ideal woman was always Yoona." Even Yoona's ideal man, although she didn't explicitly state it was Lee Seung Gi, was pretty similar in description to him.
    On the other hand, Lee Seung Gi explicitly named Yoona by name. He's appeared on various TV programs and revealed that Yoona is his ideal, including KBS 2TV's "Ideal World Cup," MBC's "Come to Play," and SBS' "Strong Heart."
    Yoona never said Lee Seung Gi was her ideal man, but she was happy upon hearing that she was Lee Seung Gi's ideal woman. She stated, "I was happiest when Lee Seung Gi chose me as his ideal girlfriend." She added, "Lee Seung Gi is the ideal man for all the members of Girls' Generation.

    Reason #2 - It's their first relationship since their debuts.
    Lee Seung Gi debuted in 2004 with his 1st album, 11 years ago. Yoona debuted in 2007 as a n actress and girl group GIrls' Generation member, 8 years ago. During those long years, this is the first time they've admitted to being in a relationship.
    It's no wonder that the public is congratulating the couple. It's because the public just wants 'honesty' from their favorite stars.
    When their relationship came to light, they candidly stated, "We've been dating since October, and the relationship is still in its beginning stages." They didn't try to drag it out, or cover up the truth despite the photo evidences, like some couples do. They didn't make the public wonder or make them figure it out on their own.

    Reason #3 - Best male/female singer/actor.
    The two are perfect for each other! Although their dating photos haven't yet been revealed, one can imagine how good they'll look standing next to each other. For one, they're definitely not lacking in the looks department. After all, people are bound to say that so-and-so is better than so-and-so. With these two, it doesn't look like that'll be happening.
    Not only that, when we consider their experience, they really belong together too. That's because both Lee Seung Gi and Yoona are stars that excel in both music and acting.
    Lee Seung Gi made his name known to the music world with his title song "Because You're My Woman." He's become well known in the music, entertainment, and drama worlds. He especially received a lot of love for appearing on "1 Night 2 Days." He's also currently starring in tvN's "Nunas Over Flowers."
    Girls' Generation Yoona is going strong both as a member of her group and solo. They shook up the male fans' hearts with their hit songs "Gee," "Oh!" "The Boys" and "I Got a Boy." We can look forward to many more of their hits to come.
    Besides their obvious good looks and similar careers, the two have many more things in common. They're both alumni of Dongguk University. They both debuted in high school. Could one possibly jump ahead and say that the two are a match made in heaven? We can't say for sure, but it's a very plausible thing to say. We hope their romance continues to blossom beautifully as the days go by.

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