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❤Chilbong &Na Jeong❤ "Cider~Miracle" Couple: Our Beautiful Memories of Reply 1994



  • anooshaanoosha Moonlight's Mosquito Posts: 4,042Member


    edited December 2013
    Guys, our chingus on Baidu suddenly discovered this when listened to "Feeling only you", our wedding song and  Kim Min Jong has an album named "Dreams come true"

    Do you still remember the spoilers about Ep 21's title is Dream comes true? At first Baidu chingus didn't believe it cause it had no source. 

    Chilbong's theme song is Feeling only you, KMJ sang that song, and KMJ has "Dreams come true" album. Coincident?

    EP21 title is bothering me so much. Didn't NJ narrate in earlier episodes that "Her Childhood dream was always to get married to Oppa" Was Dream ever mentioned in ChilBong's narration? This title name really bothers me on so many levels.It's like They want T and NJ to get married and saying see NJ's childhood dream came true.
    It's getting Harder and Harder to keep up with Soompi Signature rules.
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  • alwaysfrhalwaysfrh Posts: 161Member


    edited December 2013
    잠...잠....잠...잠....잠깐만요 Did Binggare just confess to Trash? O.o

  • mangachickavamangachickava Posts: 180Member


    I stupidly went on the main thread and people kept saying that they know for sure that NJ and T are together even in ep 17...HOW do they know this?? and NJ parents are moving?? like where are these info/spoilers coming from 

  • killingtimekillingtime Posts: 111Member


    wow...just been on db reading some of the comments wow!
    I have no words to describe how I feel :|
     I'm literally drained out of energy and hopes.

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