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❤Chilbong &Na Jeong❤ "Cider~Miracle" Couple: Our Beautiful Memories of Reply 1994



  • smilingmusesmilingmuse Posts: 55Member


    edited December 2013
    zizi624 said:
      I believe the writer had CB in her mind as the husband from the beginning.

      They finished 10 eps and waiting for the viewers feedback. And rumors said that the end might change due to viewers' favor. Yes, I'm afraid of that because I saw JW is increasing his popularity. Then JW's date news, T shippers was afraid of that would make the writer change her mind and made CB husband instead. With the confirmation of no change with the ending from PD and writer, I believe they still stick with their original plan.

      I thought they would develop NJ's feeling toward CB after the NY kiss. But they still went for profit so fan service is acceptable. That's why they did time jump so much, why they didn't show how was NJ after her scenes with CB, why CB has less screen time like that and why they are dragging NJ and T scenes so much like this.

      Only 6 eps remain but they're still having a lot of time to develop our couple's love story and a reasonable answer for question why they chose CB is the husband. I believe that because they made some T shippers left their ship to join our ship, they made more people want to see a happy ending for CB(and their trolling work is working perfect till now).  I hope they can do it like the writer of "Lovers in Paris", she could make viewers change their mind from hate to love Lee Dong Gun's character with only 3 words "I love you".

    Now I want them to show "reply 1994",  not "Full T's life moments"

    Oh my... what's happening with the spoiler tag?
    WOW this made me think of ep. 9 when cb is in the phone booth after trying to confess to nj. It's his VoiceOver and he says something along the lines of "so what I wanted to say is..." And we never hear the end. But his VoiceOver before that talks about how you only need two or three words to say what you need to. ( could this be a link to an "I love you" scene in the future? ;) )
    Mmmh, for that particular scene, i think it is actually completed with the magic eye picture which appeared on the screen right afterward (troll right there, i need two days to finally see the heart shape). And really, all the mysteries or should i say scenes that they deliberately withheld are those Najung's.
    cr: cephyopeia
  • tiacosastiacosas Plucky PD Posts: 700Member


    elena1984 said:

    And if Oppa is the husband, it won't be because of some sort of "Korean thing", it'll be because the writers simply felt that helped the point the wanted to make regarding relationships, first love, and giving/not giving up. I personally want to think that they'll go for a reversal on the childhood love trope since it has so much potential for conflict and seems a little bit deeper and mature than "we grew up together, let's smooch now", however I can't know if that's what's gonna be. Misreading the message of the show just because it helps your point or ship is quite strange, but whatever floats their boats. I don't really care though, you know what they say.

    Sorry to cut your post (and LOL at the "we grew up together let's smooch now" )

    For me it's not even about the childhood love trope anymore because that would be ok. What irks me about Oppa being the husband is that I never connected with his love for NaJeong. Let me use a couple of examples:

    in Reply 1997 we are given a flashback of YoonJae and ShiWon's first day of high school: she dropped the glasses and is now wearing contacts and YoonJae totally blanks out.  In voiceover he says something along the lines of "It was like seeing her for the first time and she suddenly became pretty". And then for the remaining episodes we see him loving her and doing things for her even if she doesn't notice. We travel with him during his journey to win her over.

    in Reply 1994 we learn basically right away that NaJeong likes Oppa but for years he ignores her and her confessions. Then Chilbong kinda corners him and he's like: you know what? I may like her too. And BAM! He kisses her and they get together.Just like that. We are told to believe that he has liked for a long time but restrained for her sake. He just never made me feel his inner turmoil, his happiness while being with her even if just in an Oppa-dongsaeng way. I cant empathise with his feelings. 
    This is where I'm confused. Why did the PD made me see the whole process of Chilbong falling in love with NaJeong and consequently root for him if in the end he's gonna make her go to the other guy? Like many of you already said, why would the PD invest so much in Chilbong's character if he's not the endgame?

    aigoo... is it friday yet?   [-(
    I'm right there with you, it's just that I didn't want to give my opinion on "Oppa's restrained love" fiasco because I don't know if it is too OT and the moderator might come and scold us :P I love Jung Woo as an actor, but I'm really not feeling Oppa's love for NJ, he just takes her for granted all the time - I'll leave it at that before I turn into a bitter hater lol ;)

    We need friday to spice things up a little!!! Come ooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn weeeeeeeeeeekkkk
    ~Yoo Yeon Seok VICTORIOUS ~
  • smilingmusesmilingmuse Posts: 55Member


    edited December 2013
    I just got myself some AM1997, to get the feeling of upcoming cameo.
    It is clear that AM1997 is a story about first love that last, but in the side they also show us first love that doesn't. Since they said AM 1994 is different, so it would be the opposite, right? and i can totally see this drama going that way, and in the process they didn't focus on CB's story too much bec NJ is his  first love, his success first love story shouldn't be the main focus. If they want AM1994 differ from AM1997, then this story is about NJ and (by this imagery scenario and my wish) her first love that doesnt last. But of course, even so, they couldn't make NJ end up just with anyone, he has to be someone special, so this 'not NJ's first love' wouldn't be lacking when compared to the first love, so there is Chilbong right there. But if there are viewers who aren't convinced and satisfied with this 'not NJ's first love' it is their loss.

    Heol, tbh, i am #YooYeonSeokTeam first and foremost, I STILL WANT A FAIR AMOUNT OF CB IN EACH EP!!

    cr: cephyopeia
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