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[Official] Jung Joon Young ❤ Jung Yoo Mi : Jung-Jung Couple ❤ PocaGuri Thread❤

shiningpandashiningpanda Hawaii, United StatesPosts: 376Member


edited December 2013 in shippers' paradise

Jung Joon Young ❤ Jung Yoo Mi : Jung-Jung | 4D Couple -WGM


About This Couple

Jung Joon Yong and Jung Yoo Mi are one among the couples in the variety show MBC We Got Married Season 4. They first met in September 1, 2013 and were introduced as noona-dongsaeng couple to date. later on , they were tagged as Jung-Jung Couple | 4D Couple because of their cute bickering and chemistry in the WGM set. In October 10, Jung Yoo Mi supported her 'husband' Jung Joon Young's debut by appearing in one of his MV, 'Ten Minutes Before Break Up' 


♠ Name: Jung Joon Young
♠ English name: Andrew Jung
♠ Nickname: Raccoon
♠ Age: 24 years old
♠ Birth date: February 21, 1989
♠ Race: Korean

♠ Weight: 65 Kg

♠ Debut: 2010 digital album single, “Rock Trip”
♠ Hobbies: X-Sport, basketball.
♠ Bands: Flower Mist, SwitchOn (current)
♠ Favorite music/genre: Metal.
♠ Favorite musician: Guns and Roses.
♠ Ideal type: Eom Jee Won / Girls with short hair.
♠ Things to do with the prize money: Shopping / Traveling.
♠ Show: Ulzzang Shidae Season 5, Superstar K4
♠ Models for: ABOKI, Tomonari, BigPai, Pinkage, Elvandress
♠ Joon Young is an Ulzzang, a Superstar K4’s Finalist, a Model & a Singer.
♠ Joon Young is also fluent in English, Chinese, Tagalog and Japanese.
♠ Joon Young once lived in Indonesia from 0-5 years old then China after that, then France, England, Japan and in the Philippines. He was back in Korea at the age of 18 years old. 
♠ Before, Joon Young works for Park TaeJun’s Shopping mall, ABOKI, Bigpai and Pinkage.
♠ Joon young is friends with Lee ChiHoon, Park JiHo, Park TaeJun, Kang HyukMin (Ulzzangs), Actress Go EunAh, LedApple Youngjun, Superstar K4 co-finalist Roy Kim, Kim Jung Hwan and Yoo Seung Woo.
♠ Joon Young was an unofficial member of Led Apple between December 2010 - Aprill 2011, but never got to debut.
♠ Joon Young has been known for his similar appearance to actor Kang Dong Won.


Name: 정유미 / Jung Yoo Mi (Jeong Yu Mi)
Profession: Actress
Birthdate: February 23, 1984
Birthplace: Busan, South Korea
Height: 165cm
Weight: 45kg
Star sign: Pisces
Specialty: Chinese, Japanese, Sports Dance
Debut: 2003 CF Lotte Xylitol
Education: Yale Girls' High School, Hanyang University (Department of Theatre and Film)
 2011 Jay Music Video "Girlfriend"
2006 Easy life music video "Didn't you, sister"
2012 SBS Drama Award, Excellent Acting Award Women Division
2011 New Star Award
2004 KBS Terms of affection
2007 CCTV five-star hotel
2004-2005 Heaven's Fate
Painter of the Wind (2008)
King Sejong the Great (2008)
Friend, our Legend (2009)
Assorted Gems (2009-2010)
Dong Yi (2010)
A Thousand Days Promise (2011)
Rooftop Prince (2012)
Wonderful Mama (2013)
MBC We Got Married S4 (2013)
2003 Xylitol
2011 Saimdang Cosmetics
2012 Harry Tori



Episode Recap by @chrissy96 : Episode #4 | Episode 6

Joon Young's Music Box 
(His Life outside WGM)

Yoo Mi's Film Boulevard 
(Her life outside WGM)

Photos : 
Episode 5 : Set 1 2 3
Episode 7 Screencaps 1 | 2
Episode 8 Screencaps

Lemon Corner (Insights from Le_Sanguinea )

Review | Dating 101 | Coupledom Insights



9.1.13 Filming : WGM Filming ~ Andrew meets Elizabeth
9.21.13 Airing of Episode 2 ~ Alcohol Buddies, what?
9.28.14 Airing of Episode 3 ~ Shopping !
10.1.13 Jung Yoo Mi to appear in Jung Joon Young's MV 'Ten Minutes Before Break Up' (MV)
10.5.13 Episode 4 ~ Moving in the WGM House
10.9.13 Guerilla Concert - WGM Filming 
10. 12.13 Episode 5 ~ Poca and Guri + WGM Studio Participation
Nov 10 Gimpo-Osaka
Nov 11 Osaka-Okinawa
Nov 14 Okinawa-Seoul


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[Post edited by @lyrayoo. Please don't take out information, translations, photos, informations without permission . Give credit where the credit is due]

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  • T14503NGT14503NG JKT11460Posts: 542Member


    edited September 2013
    Yoomi with a marathon idea is so hilarious funny...
    Joon Young is a straight forwarded man also soooo funny...

    Door named eli?!?!?! :/


    @shiningpanda.. thank you for making this thread... :)
  • 1402miracle1402miracle Posts: 384Member


    Hello... I love all couples in WGM S4 :))) including this hilarious couple...

    First of all, thank you for making this thread ^___^

    I cant believe that this couple feel no awkwardness since their first meeting, lol.
    I kinda anticipate what will they do next hahahaa.....
  • Prussia OtakuPrussia Otaku Posts: 25Member


    Finally!!! Thanks for this thread.Lets all unite and see what will happen to this Couple :)
  • xblaaahxblaaah sunshiner Rock, Middle of the OceanPosts: 380Friend of Soompi


    This couple is pretty entertaining. There was no awkward moment..
    Thanks for making the thread :)
    "In the name of Dandyu, we will punish you TALL people!"
    _______________________________________ SunYeon
  • Prussia OtakuPrussia Otaku Posts: 25Member


    edited October 2013

    Joon Young for KBS World Chuseok Special Celebrity Babysitter 
    Where can I watch this?
  • shiningpandashiningpanda Hawaii, United StatesPosts: 376Member


    edited September 2013

    Text Preview for next week's episode.. Sorry guys, I can't translate this. I need someone that can translate this for us.

    서프라이즈한 첫 만남을 가진 준영♥유미!

    카페에서 대화를 나누던 중 카페 안 악기들을 함께 연주하는데.. 연주를 통해 점점 가까워진 두 사람~ 즐거워하는 유미에게 준영은 즉흥송을 제안하고~ 록스피릿 충만한~ 준영이 유미에게 들려준 “첫 만남송”은?

    아슬아슬했던 첫 만남이 끝나고 며칠 후, 신혼집 입주 미션을 받고 남편 준영의 집에 깜짝 방문한 유미! 예상치 못한 유미의 등장에 무방비 상태로 아내를 맞이하게 된 준영의 반응은?

    거실부터 주방, 침실까지~ 4차원 준영의 리얼 라이프를 두 눈으로 확인한 유미는 결혼생활이 걱정스러워지고... 그런 유미를 더욱 멘붕에 빠뜨린 준영의 비밀의 방! 과연 그 정체는?

    드디어 설레는 마음으로 신혼집을 향해 출발하는 두 사람! 설렘도 잠시~ 유미의 운전 실력에 대해 잔소리를 시작한 준영! 폭발직전 유미 vs 잔소리꾼 준영! 과연 두 사람은 무사히 신혼집에 갈 수 있을까?

    Joon Young for KBS World Chuseok Special Celebrity Babysitter 
    Where can I watch this?
    I just saw that on Tumblr. I'm still finding it.. 
  • colourgraecolourgrae Posts: 2,004Member


    edited September 2013
    Surprise the first meeting with a detached ♥ Yumi!

    Cafe of conversations in cafes nanudeon not to play with instruments.
    Two people getting closer by playing ~
    Yumi delighted to offer a detached and an impromptu song ~
    Spirit Rock played to the full-Grace gave a detached two "first encounter Song" is?
    Was barely a few days later at the end of the first meeting,
    Mission accommodate a detached home honeymoon husband received a surprise visit to the house of Grace!
    Yumi unexpected appearance of unprotected represents the dawn of a detached wife's reaction?
    Kitchen from living room, bedroom - to
    A detached four dimensions identified in the eyes of the real-life marriage Yumi is worried ...
    Then, a more elegant in menbung secret room of a detached missed! Indeed its identity?
    I finally set off throbbing heart honeymoon house two people!
    ~ Yumi's driving skills while also tingle for a detached starts nagging!
    Yumi vs a detached simmering Shrew! Really two people could safely go home honeymoon?

    Haha this is Google's translation.  It's good for a laugh.  From the short clip showing them playing a guitar and she is doing her own thing and he gets upset - I'm thinking the gist of it is that they are constantly butting heads.
    shiningpandaPrussia Otakuwishstarzeimimie
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