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Moon Geun Young And Kim Bum ♥GeunBum Couple Soompi Family of BB's (BongBummy's) Bunnies ♥ 2013.11.01



  • mgykbmgykb Posts: 1,697Member


    GeunBum Family (shippers) member's list, birthdates and location : (updated as of Dec. 12, 2013)

    @zurah90 - January 24, 1990
     @Wenah Favila- January 26 (Philippines)
    @clandestine0602  - February 6
    @dramagoodie  and @Moon0318 - Feb. 10 (BIRTHDAY TWINS!)
    @kimgeunchub _ Feb. 13, 1996 (Indonesia)
    @MoonForever - Feb. 18 (Philippines)
    @ranniran February 20 1995 
     @Tressia - March 10, 1982 (USA)
    @Maritha - March 15th (Indonesia)
      @meloli - March 28
     @jgbc0310 - April 13th (PHILIPPINES)
    @disneyfan April 18th (New York, USA)
     @mgyksb5677- April 25th
     @hasni and Moonie- May 6th
    @pipa - May 23rd (Philippines)
    @erigone - May 24
     @kiyokotsubasa - May 28
    @Riya988 - May, 30,1988
    @acemhel June 8th (California, USA)
    @rahmasaid June 13rd
     @matikya-june 15 ( HAWAII USA)
    @wilmaramirez-caibog -  June 26 (Philippines)
    @gitavagga (Indonesia) - June 27th
    Bummie - July 7th
    @NewKDramaAddict  -  July 23rd
    @elisluvmgy  -  Sep 28th
     @megamichan - Oct.09 
    @Aicitel Anne - Oct. 10, 1984 (Philippines)
    @lindadear2010 - Oct. 20 (Malaysia)
    @Tia_Lay - Oct. 25, 1982 (Canada,USA)
    @whiteroseforever - Oct. 26 (MÉXICO)
    @Athaya (1984/ Poland), GEUNBUM LOVE  Nov 01st 
    @peekaboo1917 - Nov. 04 (SINGAPORE)  
    @WenJinYingNov 12th  (France)   
    @mgykb - Nov. 23 (Hongkong)
    @glaizie December 7 and @Tk Best  December 7 (PERU)  Belated Happy Birthday sisters : Glazie and TK!!! Stay happily inlove and inspired with GeunBum!!!

    @Sengteng -Dec. 25 (Thailand) Coming up this Christmas day!!! Advance Happy Birthday sisters : @Sengteng and @Yokari

    @yokari - Dec. 25 ( Philippines )(We have 2 Christmas babies) 

     Please also visit :

    GB Official Facebook USA chapter by Admin Tia  :

    GB Official Tumbler account by @dramagoodie :geunbumcouple

    GB Official Twitter account : GeunBumCOUPLE

      Note: Sisters as advised by ADMIN, EVERYONE is welcome in our GB family!!! If you wish to disclose your birthday so can all celebrate with you, with your kind effort, please insert it on the above list yourself so we won't miss out greeting you. Please copy and paste on the next page so new members can see it. Thank you so much for your kind cooperation!:)

    Please kindly follow the signature rules to ensure that your signature does not exceed 40KB.

    TaeJung couple will live in my heart forever!!! 
  • tianaatianaa Posts: 93Member


    edited December 2013
      @mgykb  thank you
  • MGYloveMGYlove Posts: 4,661Member


    edited December 2013
    Nominees for the MBC couple award , sad they didn't nominate  Moonie and Lee Sang Yoon or  Bummie aich ......


    cr:as tagged
  • pipapipa Posts: 418Member


    edited December 2013
    Awee.. that's sad, they were not nominated, not even MGY & LSY? I guess, it not just the sad and the bad ending add to that the low ratings makes the difference.  :-q  Aiist..what a bummer.  ~X(

    Now that no nomination for couple for the three of them..i wonder bummie will attend? :-w
    GeunBum is Love!
    "One thing is certain, he was my one
         "Most people go on their whole lives and never find their one, but I found mine
    (by: Jennifer Edlund)
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