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Moon Geun Young And Kim Bum ♥GeunBum Couple Soompi Family of BB's (BongBummy's) Bunnies ♥ 2013.11.01



  • jgbc0310jgbc0310 Posts: 186Member


    Tressia said:
    Have you guys seen the yt clip of the press mobbing MGY a few years back during one graduation event or something? Good God  and it was just the press, no evident fans, it's a wonder how she got out alive. They literally swallowed her whole in the midst of their stampede. I doubt its gonna be a very dramatic welcome home (knock on wood) but I hope King Kong and Namoo has their reinforcements ready to go.   ;)


    If you mention that? Yes I remember it was in 2006, journalists broke into his establishment and Moonie was obliged to answer their question (she closed her eyes) .Require to call  the police !





    link pls :)
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