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[Official] Lee Hongki and Fujii Mina (Global We Got Married Couple) Thread Part 1



  • sayoung70sayoung70 Posts: 317Member


    edited December 2013
    lindas55 said:

    jazzria said:

    sayoung70 said:

    Been very busy lately. Anyway watching the vid of GWGM's producer I feel like they prefer the other couple cause when filming always had good weather meanwhile our couple always bad weather snowing, raining..anyhow I still love our couple.
    *Please don't get mad at me this is only my opinion

    Actually I felt the same. Specially after reading the comments that were left on GWGM fb page. BUT whether the other couple are their favorite or not, it's okay because what matters the most is that we have have a special place for hongmina in our hearts and they're OUR favorite couple. I don't want to bash the other couple, but rain or shine our hongki and mina never failed to show their feelings and made wonderful memories together. In my heart and mind, no matter what anyone thinks of it, Hongki and Mina went from reel to real and will forever remain in each others hearts.
    I know many of you are married and have so much experience in love and I don't have any at all, so I know that I can trust your insights. Watching this couple all this time made realize that falling in love with someone is not about finding the perfect person, but finding someone and accepting them for who they are and love them unconditionally even with their flaws. I feel pretty lucky to have witnessed hongmina in the show and I feel even more lucky and glad that I found this thread and became an active member

    while the show was still on I often felt the same as both of you.  I resented that the other couple got more time and that their part of the episodes seemed more well edited.  There didn't seem to be the types of poor editing and  with the other couple and that would drive me crazy.  But my ideas on this have changed.  Now that we are beginning to see the scenes that were edited out and hear about all the problems that they had trying to film Hongki and Mina I think that the staff GWGM did the best they could under the circumstances.  Looking back now that I know that many of the special events were indeed planned by Hongki  I realizes that he could not have pulled them off if he had not had the backing of the staff.  Remember  in the making of the last show how much the staff joked that they hoped Hongki was paying them overtime to set up the event at the movie theater.  They also had to help with the second wedding and Mina's surprise event at Hongki's press conference for his movie. All those things were not scripted or planned by GWGM but they ended up being some of the best things about the show.  Without going into detail, we also know that the staff let them have some measure of privacy and protected them by not airing all that went on.  That if nothing else is worth thanking the staff of GWGM.  The staff of GWGM provided time and space for our couple to met, get to know each other and fall in love.  They supported them and protected them and I thank them for that.  It must have be hard to decide what was ok to reveal to us and what was too personal and should not be shared.  As much as I want to know everything, I honor Hongki and Mina as people and realize that no one wants all their personal business air in public so I thank the staff of GWGM for caring enough about them as real people and not just characters in a show to understand were the line need to be drawn and having the courage to hold to it.

    Agree with both of you.
    I feel blessed to have a very kind heart family here.

    jazzriaaddictedtokdSyahmi Che Zulcookiesncream123
  • sayoung70sayoung70 Posts: 317Member


    sayoung70 said:

    Just celebrated my 17 year anniversary recently to a younger husband plus 2 years courting I can relate this couple to my experiences :) Just like Mina at first concerned about the age difference, felt like a brother rather than a boyfriend. Watching Hongki and Mina was like walking down the memory lane for me :D

    "A marriage anniversary is the celebration of love, trust, partnership, tolerance and tenacity. The order varies for any given year."

    @sayoung70 Happy 17th Anniversary!!
    <:-P <:-</p>

    Thank you. I hope and pray that each of us here will have a happy and prosperous life :)
  • jazzriajazzria California, USPosts: 587Member


    bechai18 said:

    Just checking in! :D and wow I need to catch up with u guys! ;) Seems like our couple are both busy nowadays.. Well, time for me to start reading ! Have a blessed day everyone!☺️ P.S. Got my FTI shirt , pens and phone case d other day! I got postcards of each member and won Jaejin's autograph ( rmember when soompihad a promo ) Dont knowhow to post pics here so yeah.. Thats why m just braggin! Hehe :D

    I remember! When you had to purchase a certain amount of $$ right?

    Congrats on winning Jaejin's autograph!
    Do catch up, there's tons of news!
    "We were born in different places and we were born in different sides of the earth, but because of music we met each other" - Takahiro Morita (Taka from One Ok Rock)
  • ismazira89ismazira89 Posts: 62Member


    meimei264 said:

    Just want to share Hongki's interview at the end of Japanese DVD making film.

    Q: You've been dated in a public place all day. How does it feel?

    A: I feel very good. Maybe because everyone already know our relationship so there's nothing bad about it. And maybe my wife is pround of it.  But there are still negative side.

    Q: You can't date freely?

    A: I personally don't mind about it but I afraid it may bring some trouble to her(Mina) so I have to think and act carefully.

    Q: Will you date secretly in the future?

    A: Yes, I will keep it as secret unless it was be found.



    make my day! <3 it........
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    Which broadcasting channel will Hongki drama be aired? Is TV Chosun is the channel?
    HK: It's forever, forever. If this ends, would it still be forever? FM: Yes!
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