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[Drama 2013] TV Novel: Eun Hee / TV소설 – 은희 티저



  • ilovenicoilovenico Posts: 143Member


    @timsha: thanks for the quick summary! Hurray hope LK knows that EH is the daughter!! @skara: tks for the screen shots!!! Is it just me or is EH is looking more spiffy w more makeup?! * fist in the air * yes! Finally?!
  • krgeekkrgeek Posts: 375Member


    edited September 2013
    @timsha thanks for the summary. Hope that they write out SJ and YJ or limited screen time. Seem like this pair is going down the same road as JS and YR in SMH. Plse give me EH/JT or EH/ VP pairing. I :x them both whichever I do not mind. I think that both these guys will give their blessing to each other whoever EH choose and be happy on her choice. Good loser and winners.
  • timshatimsha Posts: 1,017Member


    edited September 2013

    Secret not revealed by EH's mother to LK.  LK wants EH's mom to live together but she refused giving the excuse she is happy where she is when actually she wants to hide EH's existence from LK.  Guess it was a bit too early for secrets to be revealed.

    Edit:  Somethings I left out. Awkward situation in the morning, both VP and JT came to pick EH........ :D JT won. VP again lost to LK and EH accompanies LK for a visit to Tofu Factory.  While grandma and LK speak, SJ and EH spend some time alone together, he seems to know just by looking at her face that she is not feeling good (guess termination is still weighing heavily on her). Then the 2 oldies went for lunch, so EH decides to visit her mum.  Just then YJ walks in, immediately clings to SJ arm and insists on the 3 of them having lunch......lunch being a very awkward affair with YJ all smiles and talking about engagement and stuff...... SJ and EH on edge as YJ prattles on innocent like, finally EH has enough and gets up to leave, YJ tells SJ to stay put and that she will send EH off.  Once out of sight from SJ, off comes that sickly sweet candy like smile and she warns EH from meeting SJ.......I like EH response, she absolutely sees no reason to heed YJ's warning, and walks away.  EH meets mom....her mum not aware she is down with LK, agrees to go shopping at the market place........LK who was also looking around sees them together and wonders why her secretary is with her SIL......then gets a shock when she hears EH call her mum, and SIL refer to EH as daughter.

    Preview:  LK in office in shock, calls JT since she knows he grew up with EH.  YJ hands over some letter/package (???) that arrived for Seokgu from someone.

  • timshatimsha Posts: 1,017Member


    @atomickitty With u on this one.....yes YJ even when she discovers the truth (in Kdrama it is normally the evil one who knows everything first) will prevent the truth from being revealed so that she can marry the man she has loved from childhood and absolutely must have him anyway she can.......every Kdrama evil second female leads always does that.

    Agree LK will know/suspect EH is her daughter and from now on watch over her.  Even if EH's mum says otherwise, its still her younger brother Hyeongman daughter and that makes EH her niece.   So termination letter goes into the waste bin  =D>

  • kdramafan469kdramafan469 northern californiaPosts: 2,142Member


    edited September 2013
    hear, hear @atomickitty That BSC girl will find out her father is the culprit and get even worse. She will insist that a marriage take place immediately! She will then do everything in her paultry power to cover up or keep dads crime a secret.

  • atomickittyatomickitty Posts: 1,654Member


    edited September 2013
    I don't know @o. I want to think what you say about EH's mom is right but I have a feeling it might not be. Here's a chance to have someone who knew and cared about her husband (his sister, after all), someone with money and influence, the resources to finally clear EH's father's name. I think she would have told LK everything if that was a big concern.

    I understand she's human and that fear of losing EH probably kicked in. I understood the first time she lied but thought she would reflect on it and confess. She had a chance to tell the truth the second time, but didn't. I think as a mother, I would want to see my child have the best money can buy. It's not as though EH will cut ties with her when she finds out LK is her birth mother. From what we see, she raised EH to be a good person. She can let LK provide the money so EH can finish her education (I don't even think she finished high school) and dress better (Sorry, but that girl needs a makeover. What am I saying, most TV Novel heroines need makeovers). EH's mom can continue providing the love and moral support/guidance.

    Are we sure LK meant to leave EH with her brother forever? From the scene they showed, LK seemed really torn about leaving her kid. It's not like in some dramas (I love you, don't cry) where the bio mother leaves the kid with a note for her family to find. She might have meant to come back but the war broke out and people got lost. I know we get remorseful of past bad deeds as we get older, but I think she's been looking for them (EH's family) for a while now.

    I don't think LK is that great of a person. Her use of gangsters and the way she treats EH when she thinks EH is after VP is not cool. No matter her intention, I do think she deserves to know her daughter isn't dead. She probably feels (felt) terrible guilt that her child died because she left her. I think what EH's mom is doing is bad but it doesn't negate all the years she raised EH. It must have been hard to raise a baby with no husband during a war.

    I'm just glad the truth is out so LK has reason to stop treating EH the way she has. It was sad to watch that. I always hate seeing that in dramas; when people don't know who their family is and end up treating them badly, sometimes almost killing them. So sad...

  • OO Posts: 151Member
    edited September 2013

    @atomickitty, when Hyeongman spoke of the baby, he talked about being a father.  I'm sure that LK would have felt pain at leaving her baby and making a new start - if that is what happened - but so far, there's nothing in the drama that makes me think otherwise.  Only a heartless woman would not feel anguished at giving up her child.  LK realising that EH is her daughter and not confronting Ms Han with that seems to me more evidence that she had left her baby to Hyeongman to raise as his. There's nothing about LK that is demure and delicate.  She would have confronted Ms Han if she felt she had the right to do so. 

    I am not a mother so perhaps I don't qualify to talk about "see my child have the best money can buy". But I think there are much more important things that material comfort. It all boils down to why didn't LK raise EH herself. She had a close relationship with Hyeongman and Ms Han. They would have gladly stepped in and helped out. In fact, Ms Han told her landlord that LK loved EH very much. So when EH was young, she didn't mind being EH's aunt but now she wants to be a Mom. I have to know the reasons before I can think that EH should know the truth and accept LK as her Mom. I wouldn't want to comment on the raw scene of LK leaving EH behind until I've rewatched it, following the drama in a language that I can understand.  In the SMH thread, a lot of anger was expressed at the scene of JS kissing YR but rewatching that scene it turned out to be a figment of SY's imagination.  So I wouldn't jump to conclusions here right now until I have seen for myself and understand what I am watching.

    I agree that LK isn't that great a person.  I only think she is not as hard hearted as I thought since she turned the car around for JT.   And what's so sad about it is that now she is only nice to EH not because she recognises her good qualities but because EH is her daughter.  Not very commendable reason for the sudden switch!

  • tweetiaatweetiaa IndonesiaPosts: 224Member


    edited September 2013
    If EH is LK's daughter, is that mean that EH and VP are siblings?? but they're not blood related right?? Oh NO.... I really like her with VP :(
    "Time And Effort Will Not Betray Life" ~ Park Jungsoo
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