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(SHINee) Lee Taemin ♡ (APink) Son Naeun ♡ T A E U N: First Love Couple ♡



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    APink & BAP for Skooloks
    sns92nikkide verapcrsnore
  • bbblyzu3bbblyzu3 Posts: 934Jjongaholic


    viyra said:

    I think that Homme interview was done sometime in September - before the 'bad boy' episode.  That was already posted in this thread a while ago.

    @bubblyzu1018 - NaEun was still upset with TaeMin for losing his phone case - her response was to let him know she is still upset.  But that was fixed because when they went home after that lunch, they started talking about missing each other and ended up with TaeMin giving NaEun a (first) hug.

    I know she just said it like that to joke around taemin ;)

    that was so fast..thank you Gogisub for the unseen cut engsub :)

    ahhh saturday seem so far away... hope mbc will release text preview a bit early
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