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(SHINee) Lee Taemin ♡ (APink) Son Naeun ♡ T A E U N: First Love Couple ♡



  • nancyleenancylee Posts: 7Member


    edited May 2013
    I really wish this thread was more

    I can't wait until the next episode!! I always watch it raw on Saturday morning then watch it subbed on Sunday afternoon! It's basically the only thing I look forward to on the weekends.........! There hasn't been much updates about this couple lately..sadly.

    Here's a video I found with Shinee watching Apink's Hush performance in December 2012. Taemin looks really tired and bored though. Who would've thought they'd become husband and wife?!

    cr. fuku yama @ youtube
  • m31xinm31xin Posts: 11Member


    Hi..... I'm new in posting, so i didn't knew how to made comment.
    Song 너에게난 나에게넌, at Yongseo, sang by Jonghyun, when CNBlue came at their last meeting, ep 50.
    I'm goguma shipper, and i also like Taenun couple. I'm glad to find this thread.
  • call4angelacall4angela USAPosts: 146Member


    [ENG] 130502 SHINee's Fun Rankings on JYH Radio Pt 1/2

    Our Taemin talks about NAeun here in his rankings. Idk if this was shared but its soo cute!!!! <3 
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  • myheartskipsabeatmyheartskipsabeat Posts: 189Member


    Hello! I'm new here <3

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  • myheartskipsabeatmyheartskipsabeat Posts: 189Member


    noona2969 said:
    I AM A TAEMINT AS WELL AND I FREAKING LOVE THIS COUPLE!I have stopped watching WGM after the Goguma couple because I don't think any couple can be as interesting as the Goguma couple. But Taemin and Naeun are just too adorkable! I don't understand why people would bash any of them cos they're awesome! I didn't like Naeun at first but she seems like a pretty cool person. She seems softspoken, like the typical girly girl, but when I saw how she was on the speed boat, I'm instantly becoming her fan. LOLThese two made me feel so giddy. Never thought Taemin could make so much jokes when he is not surrounded by other SHINee members. It's so nice to see him taking care of other people after being taken care of by virtually EVERYONE around him. Love love love this couple. I NEED MORE OF TAEUN COUPLE!

    same here! i'm a yongseo fan and havent watched wgm after that couple ended. Watching Taemin and Naeun kinda brings back the similar feeling from when I watched Yongseo. Taeun is definitely worth watching. They're so cute together ^^
    Wow! Me too :)

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  • barbaradwibarbaradwi Posts: 61Member


    Hai guys..
    want to share a news about our Taeun couple :

    A Pink’s Na Eun and SHINee’s Tae Min exchange coming-of-age gifts on ‘We Got Married 4’

    In the upcoming June 1st episode of MBC TV ‘We Got Married 4’, virtual married couple A Pink’s Na Eun and SHINee’s Tae Min will be picking out presents for each other to commemorate their coming-of-age day recently.

    Son Na Eun who has never been in a relationship, said shyly after receiving Tae Min’s gift, “You are the first man who gave me perfume.” This was followed by Na Eun presenting Tae Min with her gift to commemorate his coming-of-age day, where she revealed that it was something special.

    Before presenting Tae Min with the gift, Na Eun tried to up the suspense even further by saying, “This is a gift that can only be given to 1 person or shared by a couple. It’s really thrilling and had happened before in movies,” which sparked much curiosity from Tae Min.

    This particular episode will be shown from 5:10PM (KST) on June 1st, where viewers will get to find out for themselves what Na Eun had gotten as a gift for Tae Min.

    By: Jo Hae Jin

    cant wait until tomorrow!!
    I live in Netherland btw and tomorrow morning I will start my day with watching WGM streaming!!
    Hope we can spazz together tomorrow..
    Have a nice weekend everyone!!
  • viyraviyra Posts: 3,932Member


    First off - welcome to the newbies!

    @ice308 - well said - 'planned' not 'scripted'.

    @kirane -  thank you once again - now I can hardly wait to watch the next episode.

  • noona2969noona2969 IndonesiaPosts: 70Member


    @kirane: thank you so much for your confirmation. I thought so too because that account looks fishy. But somehow I really thought it was him *silly me heol..* Anyway, thanks for the spill on this week's episode. Can't watch to watch them ^^
  • shirunsaadonshirunsaadon Johor Bahru, MalaysiaPosts: 271Member


    Hiiii!!!!! Everyone..... Finally it Saturday here....yeaahhhhh....Am so bz this few days both my sons are not feeling well but am glad they slowly recovered...^^ Actually I just finished browing my FB and found post regarding today episode...goshhh am sooooooo anticipate and I bet it gonna gooooddddd, better and upgrade fom last weekkk.....our couple are progressing slowly but progresss....kekeke Are they going to kiss today?....hope NaEun will give a kiss to Taemin....yaaahhhhh am so excited.....but to think again isnt to early for them to kiss....woaahhhh this spoiler really killing me slowly and aging me quickly....kekekeke Am still wondering what kind of gift she will give to her hubby.... :x :-/ :x :\">
  • viyraviyra Posts: 3,932Member


    Looks like our young wife is beginning to feel the same way her husband is feeling towards her.  This means, our young husband need not worry about 'NaEun making him cry in the future'.

    Good to know that NaEun admitting the  awkwardness between them is gone and that she  appreciates everything TaeMin is doing for her.  I love her statement about getting married for real - that she may no longer feel fluttery when it is time for her to get married since she (might or already) feel it here in WGM.

  • shirunsaadonshirunsaadon Johor Bahru, MalaysiaPosts: 271Member


    Hai everone!!! What do you think this week episode....^^

    For me am enjoying every second of their air time, happy to see them are more comfortable with each other...and their first skinship holding hand (even it look like the play game or something but who cares as long as the hold their hand together):\">...the most shocking scene for me when NaEun confess that she 'Miss Him"...yaahhhhh even me blushing...LOL....don't you guys think that both of them look chubby in the cafe scene...I don't know but they look chubby for me.....they must be really happy now...haha

    I agree with @barbaradwi the third present from Na Eun is Bungee Jumping...

    Oh, before I stop can anyone explain what are they talking about when they show Lip on Na Eun shirt...

    Thank you and happy spazzing everyone...
  • myheartskipsabeatmyheartskipsabeat Posts: 189Member


    @kirane Thank you for the text preview. It made my day :)

    I envy those people who already watch today's episode. I'm still waiting for someone to upload it. Even there is no sub yet I want to watch it, like badly. Hehe. I cannot contain my hapiness everytime I watch this couple. They make me addict. I never made any accounts to forums, this is my first time. Every time I read posts I feel like, Oh I want to comment. Hihi.

    Good afternoon everyone.

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  • barbaradwibarbaradwi Posts: 61Member


    hi guys..
    I got link in youtube for today episode :
    part 1 : image
    part 2 : image
    part 3 : image
    preview next week : image

    i think part 2 already blocked by MBC!
    you can see it on facebook and join this group:
    Their update is really the best!!!

  • noona2969noona2969 IndonesiaPosts: 70Member


    Seriously... both of them are hopeless in the kitchen ~X( But they seemed like they were having a good time. I love how both of them has become more comfortable with each other. Can't wait for next Saturday :x
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