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[OFFICIAL]《Spring♡Couple》 Park Yoochun ♥ Han Ji Min 《YCJM》



  • 300love300love Posts: 127Member


    aarees said:
    @300 love

    It could have end really this way because it was LG who came to meet PH...When LG wrote a letter for PH that if dying would make her see again...he"d rather die...Even if it was not shown or mentioned in the drama, LG  have died after writing the letter and TY came back to his senses right away and he got the memories of PH....The picture says it all that it was LG who end up with PH...
    I kind of like the beautiful ending at the uncut scene, closure with the yellow butterfly, and the final photo really confirms LG is back.  Watching all these uncut scenes....really make me feel that if all these scenes are not cut, maybe extend to ep 21, the plot is more defined and less confusing (since there was lots of wild speculation to the truth while it was showing) and bring more fullfillment (an extra ep on our sweet GakHa couple) , and maybe bring in higher viewership.  One good example will be young Bu Yong actually has an elder brother who appeared in ep 1.  However, the actual RTP we have been watching, the elder brother only appears in the last ep 20. Anyway, RTP fans and shippers, RTP still stole our hearts, right? 
    : )
  • aareesaarees CanadaPosts: 267Member


    I agree that RTP should have extended for few more episodes...Never a boring moment when I watched it could have been better that the uncut scenes were shown...

    @Star: YC was really cute in the PC and JM was stunning but one thing that so obvious was the happiness and excitement for their drama and being together interacting comfortably even people`s eyes were all overfor them...they don`t seemed to mind....matters was their cuteness together....
    StarshariechanPark JiminAnsOlga
  • berryliteberrylite Posts: 137Member


    YC really loves to look at JM...
    he can't seem to take his eyes off her even has to turn his head...hahaha...
    I'm so excited what will be the analysis of YC new song...must be more evidence...
  • paecyapaecya spring→micky❤jimin malaysia,kuala lumpurPosts: 47Member


    edited April 2013

    anyone, is it the background song is the same song micky sing at sbs award?

    who knows the title n who sing the background song?

    i fall in love with that song already......

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