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[Drama 2013] Monstar 몬스타

dee09dee09 Posts: 61Member


edited September 2013 in k-dramas & movies

Writer: Kim Tae-Hee
Director:  Kim Won Suk
Production Company: CJ E&M
Chief Producers: Kang Hee Jung &  Lee Chan Ho
Producer: Yoon Hyun Ki
Episodes: 12
Network: Mnet
Release Date: May 17, 2013
Air Time: Fridays @ 21:50 KST
Genre: Musicals / Romantic Comedy
Trailers: Teaser 1 | Teaser 2
Live Streaming Links: kpopstream #1 | kpopstream #2
Streaming with English subs: Viki and DramaFever
Recaps websites:  Softy


Yong Joon Hyung as Yoon Sul Chan
Ha Yeon Soo as Min Se Yi
Kang Ha Neul as Jung Sun Woo
Ahn Nae Sang as Han Ji Woong
Kim Min Young as Sim Eun Ha
Park Kyu Sun as Cha Do Nam
Kang Ui Sik as Park Kyu Dong
Da Hee as Kim Na Na
Moon Yong Suk as Ma Joon Hee
Kim Yoo Hyun as Ma Hyo Rin
Yoon Jong Hoon as Shin Jae Rok

CHARACTERS' DESCRIPTIONS (credits to innolife)

Role of Yoon Seol-Chan (Yong Joon-Hyeong)
He is the vocalist of Man in Black, a Korean 6-member boy group. He is abrasive, chic and his words often stabs others heart. Of course, he doesn’t regret that. He is an idol who lives by fans’ love, but he has no mind to put away his self-respect for fans. He is a hot idol and his family is rich, so there is no weak point to him and he is always confident. When fanatic fans bothered him, he could not bear, so he is misunderstood as hitting fans. Because of his agency’s order that he should do model school life, he goes to school but cannot adapt to school. To such Seol-Chan, Sey is interesting. She is a girl who doesn’t know his songs at all and has stories as much as him.

Role of Min Sey (Ha Yeon-Soo)
She is a transfer student who came to Bukchon High school from New Zealand. She seems pure and kind, but has tenacity of purpose. She is usually indifferent, but has a sharp edge clearly to someone who is sharp. She is quiet as her closed mind, and tells calmly the word only she has to say without flowery words. The day she first came to 2nd class in Bukchon High school 2nd grade, she met Yoon Seol-Chan in bad luck. With such Seol-Chan, one day she became sit together. She is busy to adapt to school, deal with a bad boy and fight thinking about mom. What’s this?

Role of Jeong Seon-Woo (Gang Ha-Neul)
He has a natural charisma that can make other feel oppressed with a word. He plays cello in All For One, a famous club in Bukchon High school, but he is good at playing other instrument. He sings very well but does not want to show off. He is a young master from a distinguished novel family. His parents want him to be a doctor and he was sure that his dream is the same. However, an event that causes a crack in his mind happened. The girl transferred. Seon-Woo recognized the girl who is from New Zealand at a glance; Min Sey. Sey is the same class when they were 5th grade at elementary school, and he remembers that she was a pure girl who sings well. He liked her clear ringing voice, pure face and bright, sometimes whimsical behavior. It was jus a feeling of a boy in 5th grade. However…

Role of Han Ji-Woong (Ahn Nae-Sang)
He is a cold, chic man whose heart is frozen as hard as ice. He is like the lonely wind blowing in mountain Himalaya topped with snow. Once he was a famous composer and session musician, but now he lives shutting up from the world. One day, monsters descended on his house. These cheeky monsters were seeking at his warehouse. He got mad and kicked them out, but before he knew, they occupied his warehouse again. Finally, he gave up.

Role of Park Gyoo-Dong (Gang Il-Sik)
He is a pet in the class who has charming voice and cute appearance. However, the classmates bully him. They play and harass him easily, and send him on an errand, treating him as a younger boy. Always he says ‘Ok’, ‘I’m fine’, so everyone thinks that Gyoo-Dong is really OK.

Role of Kim Nana (Da-Hee)
She is the bad student who is famous in Bukchon High school. She was raised by her father’s second mistress who is from tenpro hostess. Therefore, she was listed on neither her farther nor mother family register, and lived with her maternal grandmother. Unlike her mother who is indifferent to Nana, her father is special to her. Because when she has a problem, he behaves enthusiastically. Of course, the way is little bit excessive. Therefore, there is nothing Nana fears.


"Monstar" depicts the lives of ordinary teens who are injured psychologically and heal themselves through the power of music.

Yoon Sul-Chan (Yong Joon-Hyung) is the vocalist for the group "Man in Black". He carries deep wounds within his mind, but doesn't express his feelings. Because of his hot temper, he causes trouble. His management company then orders him to carry himself as an ideal student. He joins a music band at school, while facing unexpected events.

ARTICLES (updated 8/29)
Which Scenes Did the Cast of “Monstar” Pick as Their Favorites? (has clips)
"Among 'Monstar' Men, Kang Eui-Shik Oppa is Best" Ha YeonSoo Interview (Seyi's speaking)
Ha Yeon-Soo: "I'm Staking My Life On "Potato Star 2013QR3"
[Interview] How Ha Yeon Soo Grew to Become the Biggest Rookie Around

(updated 8/29)
Press Conference Clips

BTS Videos 1-10 & Others (whole page)
Music Performance Scene Cut Episodes 1-2  more detail/no subs
Music Performance Scene Cut Episodes 3-5  more detail, but no subs
Music Performance Scene Cut Episode 6 (scroll down & find all JAYwalkers' videos)
Music Performance Cut Episodes 1-2 with English subs

Music Performance Cut Episodes 3-4 with English subs

Music Performance Cut Episode 5 with English subs
Seol Chan and Se Yi fan made mvs
Music Performance Cut Episode 7 (scroll down & find all JAYwalkers' videos)

Behind the Scene July 4, 2013
Music Performance Cut Episode 8 (Sul Chan & Se Yi)
Music Performance Cut Episode 8: Park Kyu Dong

Music Performance Cut for Episode 9 (look for iheartyou1518's and JAYwalkers' posts)
BTS main cast 7.14.2013
Music Performance Cut for Episode 10 (JAYwalkers' post @ bottom of page)
Music Performance Cut for episode 11 (JAYwalkers' post with 3 videos)
Kang Ha Neul's interview with English Subs after drama ended added 8/7/13
Music Performance Cut Episode 12 Part 1
Music Performance Cut Episode 12 Part 2


Press Conference #1
Press Conference #2
Monstar Premiere
Pictures of the Cast on episode 7 (full page)
Pictures of Cast (full page)
Filming Locations' Pictures (on page)
Press Conference after episode 9 pages 105-107 added 07-18-2013


Junhyung, BTOB, Ha Yeon Soo - Monstar OST Part.1

Junhyung & BTOB - Monstar OST Part.2

Ha Yeon Soo, Kang Ha Neul, Kim Cho Eun - Monstar OST Part.3

J Rabbit - Monstar OST Part.4

Monstar Colorbar OST 5 Cry with English subs

Kang Eui Sik - For You Who Want My Desperation OST/MV  / English Lyrics of the OST

Monstar OST Part 7 (Yong Jun Hyung of BEAST),(BTOB) (First Love) MVEnglish Lyrics

Monstar Ost Part 8 (Monstar Colorbar - Only That Is My World / March)

DramaWiki (scroll down towards end)


JAYwalkers (for providing the majority of the information)
jjsweeter0211 (character's chart)
(live streaming links)
(characters, plot & cast)

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  • Miss-ChocoMiss-Choco Posts: 7Member


    All the actors are new

    The story line  is repeated but I'll give it a try
  • vondyvondy Posts: 37Member


    today this drama  started
  • miky88miky88 RomaniaPosts: 3,441Member


    Hope that the episodes will be found...looks a fun story :D

  • Crazy LuLuCrazy LuLu I am the Avatar. Posts: 1,441Friend of Soompi


    WHY CAN I NOT FIND THIS SHOW?!?!?!?!!?!!! :'(!!!!!!!!!!!! someone please direct us there if you've found it. much appreciated. ^^


  • Crazy LuLuCrazy LuLu I am the Avatar. Posts: 1,441Friend of Soompi


    GOOD NEWS!!!

    i figured it out for myself.

    Monstar airs May 17, on Mnet.


  • eternaltortureeternaltorture Posts: 230Member


    edited April 2013
    Omg......... I stumbled onto this thread since I wanted to check out the upcoming dramas and I have to say, I am really impressed with the photos of the cast!
    I normally hate idols in dramas but I'm willing to give this one a try because of Ha Yeon Soo! She looks like a doll !!! And she does not look like she's in her 20s!!

    Will there be romance in this?
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  • wangnyeowangnyeo ELF & My BFF Cassie NeurologistPosts: 3,053Member


    among the cast , krystal , is she
    F(x) Krystal ??
    sorry I did not got it !
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  • little_genielittle_genie ♥ let's fly! Posts: 744Member


    oh wow the casts look interesting. looking forward for this drama.
  • irishi68irishi68 Posts: 62Member


    is anyone recapping this drama
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