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Your favorite LIfe quotes

musiklovermusiklover Posts: 225Member


The miracle is not that we do this work but that we are happy to do it-forgot the origin

Don't look back but look forward-me

I can accomplish anything if I put my mind to it-me

I'm a great believer in luck and I find that the harder I work the more I have of it-forgot origin

Happiness is not having what you want but wanting what you have-forgot origin

feel free to leave any more quotes because I hope it helps


  • SunniRiseSunniRise Someone... feed me. Baker StreetPosts: 3,301Member


    The guy in the pic is my husband. The quote isn't from him as his name is not Stephen Hawking but Neil Tyson.

    People come and go but cookies are forever. 

    Don't be afraid of change for when you are out of money, pennies can be found everywhere. 


    Feel free to follow. 
  • NinsharkNinshark I like crabs Posts: 1,826Member


    from myself:
    "Allow NOTHING to be unintelligible."
    "Don't carry your skateboard downhill..."

    one of my math instructors Ivan Ventura:
    "It's never a waste of time to get points on an exam" <- refers to spending a long time just on one problem given that you know you will eventually get the answer.

    heard this in a Bruce Lee movie (The Big Boss) but Shushang
    "Oh well.." or "算了"

    From my dad - omg he is an evil genius...:
    哪里有中国人不讲中文的? What kind of Chinese person can't speak Chinese? (refers to me when I rebel against learning it)
    不读书就是这样的。If you don't go to school, you'll end up like him. (points to a homeless guy or someone with minimum wage)
    你想做你去做,只要你赚的到钱。 Do whatever you want in life, as long as it can support you.
    你玩这些东西换不到钱的。 You'll never amount to anything if you do these things. (refers to me when I'm playing video games or doing other useless hobbies)
    我是从中国来的,你应该比我还强。 I came all the way from China, you were born in America and did not have to invest in making the immigration- you should be more successful than I am. (-__- refers to himself as the Asian parent)
    你问我要钱,哪我问谁呢? If you're asking me for help, then who the xx do I ask? <- this is the sickest quote, it's such a manly way of saying no.
  • jojo16jojo16 Posts: 386Member


    Sometimes bad things happen so better things can fall into place.
  • xkrndreamerxkrndreamer BASKETBALL IS LIFE Cal State FullertonPosts: 6,295Friend of Soompi


    "Hard work beats talent, when talent fails to work hard." 
    - Kevin Durant
    -Kevin Durant's former coach
  • hb_jackpothb_jackpot Posts: 421Member


    edited March 2013
    I have many favorite quotes from Lao Tzu... Probably all.

    "You get what you give"

    "don't worry, be happy"

    "You may be just someone in the world but you may meant the world to someone"- ?? Something like that.

    "Don't go through life, Grow through life" -?

    "Life is like photography, you take the negatives to develope" - Heard it from Cloud Campos

    "Quit. Don't quit. Noodles. Don't noodles. You are too concerned with what was and what will be. There's a saying. Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called the 'present'." - Master Oogway from Kung Fu Panda

    ^ one of my fav. Noodles. don't noodles.
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  • brokenmachinebrokenmachine Posts: 280Member


    few are made for independence; it's a privilege of the strong. 
    - good old Nietzche 
  • khyamaykhyamay Posts: 68Member

    "Don't go through life, Grow through life" -?

    hear hear, i like this one.. simple yet encouraging..
  • prechuz_aznprechuz_azn Posts: 3,043Member


    edited March 2013
    Throughout life people will make you mad, disrespect you and treat you bad. Let God deal with the thing they do cause
    hate in your heart will consume you too  - Will Smith
    credits to serenityx3 
  • vintageousvintageous who's that?! Posts: 481Member


    edited March 2013
    you want to give up when you got it, don't give up when you don't have anything
    -my boss

  • fastpurplemediafastpurplemedia DoncasterPosts: 24Member


    Life has no limitations, except the ones you make.

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  • ajummaipajummaip Posts: 11Member
    "If you are afraid of failing, you won't get very far"- Jia Jiang
  • damianndamiann Australia, MelbournePosts: 19Member


    edited March 2013
    Every adversity brings with it the seed of an equivalent advantage - Napoleon Hill
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