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Taeyeon - And One Cover

xx_sunshine_xxxx_sunshine_xx Posts: 163Member


edited March 2013 in performers
Hi :)

This is my cover of Taeyeon's And One 

Please give me some feedback^^ 

Instagram : oiyinxue


  • kiet455kiet455 Posts: 12Member


    I like it! Nice Job!
  • bliZZard -xbliZZard -x Perth/SGPosts: 434Member


    Those high notes were pretty strenuous, weren't they? lol

    I like the quality of your voice - there's enough breath on it. There's a pitch problem though - almost like a semitone off at some parts (1:23+ etc). Try a mix between chest and head voice - sounds like you're singing too much from the chest at that point when belting the high notes.

    It should feel a little effortless. Make sure you don't strain your cords - there's a tendency to try and sing louder as you go higher. Just keep the voice at the same volume, pretend you're yawning ("aa"), and sing with that kind of relaxation in your throat. For head voice, try to imagine the sound going up at the back of your head and you should be able to hit the high notes.

  • chellemchellem Posts: 7Member


    Nice cover! I like your voice color :D
    The only critique I have is that sometimes the feeling is kinda taken away from when you strain for the higher notes because the sudden increase in volume is kind of too "shocking" for the song?

    Maybe try falsetto when you can't reach those high notes?

    Besides that, I think this was a good start!  Keep it up! :)
  • Ria HayuningtyasRia Hayuningtyas Posts: 2New Member


    I think you lost the feeling of the song... Try to learn cressendo and decressendo so your voice wont be that much plain Overall you really have a nice voice but i think it is still plain and you need to learn a lot of techniques to color it up :)
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